30 Medium long hairstyles for Men

Textured Side Swept Angular Fringe

Side Brushed Open Puff

Almost Elephant Trunked Blonde Hair

Bulls Horns

Wavy Hair with Taper Fade

Dirty Blonde Side Swept

Undercut Swaving Hair

Side Quiff with Taper

Undercut and hard Line Design

Medium Length Top with Undercut

Mid Fade with Voluminous Quiff

Side Swept Taper Fade

Disconnected Side Swept Undercut

Low Fade with Styled Medium Top

Long Quiff

Bed Head Elephant Trunk and High Fade

Side Swept Undercut + Faux Hawk

Medium Side Swept Undercut

Undercut Side Swept Strands

Side Swept Tapered Undercut

Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut with Moustache

Wavy Top with Classic Undercut

Zero Back and Sides Undercut

Undercut Disconnected With Fringe

Angular Fringe Bleached

Side Swept Undercut Shorter

Undercut Brush Up

Long Side Fringe

Side Swept Undercut Wet

Zacharys Side Swept Undercut

Simple Side Swept

Burst Fade and Natural Part

Side Fade and Long Half

Clean Undercut Fade with High Volume Top Undercuts

Spiked Up Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Similar to a fake hawk, the spiked-up model has short hair on the sides with much more hair on the top. The difference here is that the hair is spiked in bits with a strong hold gel instead of a line. Such spikes can be rendered as subtle and dramatic as you want.

Untouched Hairstyles

Running Wild: + Tousled and Stylishly Disheveled Hairstyles You Should Try

The Blunt Push Back Blowout Go for the cartel look by letting your hair grow down below the ears. Brush it all back and apply a little pomade, and you look perfect for the party in Latin America.

Heres another short-sided blowout, this time combined with some light facial hair. Notice how the temple hairline has a defined notch trimmed-in for extra angularity.

Messy Blowout In this blowout hairstyle, the sides are also left to grow out long. This carefully combed, precisely trimmed cut is a blowout ready for the dinner table.

Blow-out Undercut Most blowouts radiate from the center of the hairline, but this is not one of them. The outcome is an incredibly unique, geometric look with the long top hair all falling towards one side.

While the blowout is too intense for you, why not pair it with a standard quiff? By puffing up your quiff a tad more than usual, you can get the best of both worlds.

Harry Styles Casual Blowout

am Hubers Casual Casual Blow Out

Finger Combed Blow Out

Blonde Mo Hawk

Shaved Neckline with Temple Fade

Blow out Blonde

Spiky Blow

Blow with Cowlick

Textured Blow

Messy Blow with Glasses

Full Blow Out Hairstyle

Ocean Blue Textured Hairstyles

Gelled Side Part Hairstyles

To be worn with either a buzzed or a natural part, the gelled side part reveals hair that has been separated into one shape or another and gelled down to lie more flat against the head crown. The more liquid, the more textured the look.

Haircuts For Fine Hair

For additional weight, men with fine locks should choose shorter haircuts for fine straight hair and medium to long haircuts for fine wavy and curly hair. Here weve picked the most attractive haircuts youve got to try on for fine hair!

Hi Lo Skin Fade + Messy Hair + Neckline Design

Neckline designs are becoming more popular these days and these crossing lines are not disappointing.


Side-sliced Bangs hairstyles

You now know that bangs play a major role in short-sided and long-sided hairstyles. So what if youve wanted to polish the hand of yours? The result would be a casual business haircut also appropriate for a black-tie case.


Quiff Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles for Thick Hair

A long quiff that suit you best for people with long, thick hair up. Brushing back the length with the size you have gives it height and makes a statement in comparison to the short sides as well. Go for a fade or a sharp edge component for extra effect.

How to get the haircut line up

Youll have to settle down on a hairstyle first. If youre unsure what to get, let that be known to your barber or stylist, and you can work together to find a style that suits your hair type, face shape, and personal style.

First, if you can find a picture of the line-up haircut style you like, its a great help to your barber or stylist. Because there are many different types of line-ups, a photo will help your stylist understand the type you are looking for. Your stylist should use short clippers to get the line-up effect and a straight razor to clean it all up and give a uniform look. Request for the hair at the temples to stretch a little for the front of the head, creating an angle of 90 degrees. The hairline itself is a little lower.

The area above and around the ears should be closely and tightly clipped. The clipping occurs around the back of the head, so the neckline is closely and tightly trimmed, generally blocked or rounded in this case. The haircut line-up often fits well with a fade body. When it comes to integrating the line up in your current fashion, the sky is the limit.

Hair Patterns in Men Hairstyles

If you want to be hip and trendy, there are a few things you need to check out your list. Hair patterns are one of those things. So long so your scalp tells a story, it doesnt matter what pattern you choose or what inspires you.

Justin Biebers Side Swept Dyed Fringe Justin Bieber has had his fair share of haircuts over the years, including the stunning swept undercut side. Instantly noticeable are the long strands of hair hanging in front and giving this style a unique effect.

Fall Fade with Afro Disconnection This trendy Afro and undercut combination is an excellent look. The two distinct styles are separated by a large shaved section and the haircut unifies.

Side Brushed Beaches with Undercut Taper Elegant and fun, this fashionable side swept look is the perfect option for those who want a generous dose of personality haircut.

Skin Fade with Layers This is a more severe look that almost drops into fake hawk territory. A dramatic divergence is created by the high fade and side-swept hair that defines this style.

Taper Faded Blonde Hair This preppy look is a perfect haircut to spend the day (or night) out.

for people with thin hair (d More volume)

Unruly Hair

Does your hair care take too much effort? Does it refuse to stay when you say straight or flat? And, we bet the heck rough surface of your cuticula. Congratulations, youve got unruly hair. But dont get angry too early. Your hair style has a bright side. Because youve got such textured hair, its going to be quite impressive to see your full look.

Hot V-Shaped Neckline Haircuts for an Unconventional Man

The once “rockstar exclusive” is now an all-time high, and it is an amazing way to give your hair that bad boy look you might be looking for. Youre calling it. The sky is the limit as long as its groundbreaking.

or oval, you can easily get a fresh edgy mens haircut after a 5-minute talk with your hair stylist. We prepared a special selection of examples of edgy mens haircuts that you can use to inspire your own exclusive cut. Check it out.

Medium Shaggy The secret here is to keep it messy! Anyone can pull this one off as long as you have a strong jawline, people with a rounder face may first have to grow some facial hair, otherwise you may end up looking like a balloon. The shaggy and messy combination, known as the favorite of the rockstar, is not only super easy to maintain, but it also makes you look much cooler at once.

Faux Hawk has been around for a long time, but its wild and funky style has recently gained a lot of space. Recommended especially for those with round faces, the faux gives your head more shape and definition, contrasting with the roundness of your head, helping to avoid the “baby face” stigma.

Dont bring me home to mom This is a very daring style that will definitely enable you to make a statement wherever you go. This look challenges the Mushroom Cut rules with sharp edges but keeps the shape, and that coupled with shaved sides gives the desired peak to compliment the style.

Men Ponytail Only for people with blessed genes. A simple low pony will work as a cool accessory in your look if you have a healthy thick hair. Its easy to do, its low maintenance and it looks great. Before choosing a haircut, we recommend you to always ask your hairdresser for his opinion since he probably knows what will suit better your face shape and hair type.

Disconnected undercut Starting with the most overly present style in the world, every men and boy out there seems to be getting one, from Hollywoods finest Jude Law, to worldwide known football star David Beckham. The undercut is perfect for those who have square shaped faces, contrasting greatly with strong jawlines, making them look sharper and stronger.


Peak Hairstyles of Best Widow For Men



Messy Side Part Hairstyles

Any hair form or texture can be used in the messy side part. Without a product, split it to the side; just let your hair do what it wants. And, with a little spray, you can make it so that it has some structure in the hair break.

Modern Punk Mens Hairstyles

Barbers have, in addition, managed to put a new spin on everything nowadays, even old-fashioned cuts like punk cuts. Heres how it looks now. It also requires a beard, by the way, so you should start growing one better.

Spiky Crop Haircut + Disconnected Beard

Ryan Cullen is not the typical cut and style. It is a contrasting exercise with textured volume at the back and straight cross fringe. This fashion look forward is completed by a high-low fade and pointed sideburn.

Wave Hairstyles for straight hair

The wave is similar to a hair flip but is better suited for straight hair. Flip over one side of your long top and let it cascade down your heads shaved sides, just as a wave falls as it twists and drops. The look is more appropriate for layered hair.

See the gallery below for more inspirations:

Wavy Texture with High Volume This messy mop is an easy surfer hairstyle thatll look great by the water. As always, sunglasses are optional, but they really do complete the look!

Messy Bun and Highlights Man buns are both the best and worst thing to happen to mens hair in the 21st century, depending on who you ask. In any case, this messy bun is certainly a clean, modern hairstyle suitable for any surf-lover.

Touseled hairstyle So, you want a hairstyle surfer, but also a pretty convenient one. Why dont you choose a short-length cut such as this easy, allled undercut?

Comb Over + Shaved Sides

Starting on the short sides, this style customizes the fresh comb over fade.


Wavy Regulation Cut This swoopy style demonstrates how the elements of an undercut can be stylishly modified. The dangling hair at the front perfectly suits the wavy motion of the cut.

Crown Taper Fade Thanks to a high side part, this style exposes the crown of the head, creating a unique circular focal point.

Traditional Elephant Trunk Elephant trunk has become its own classification, defined as a trunk-like front-hanging hair line. This undercut uses a trunk to continue the motion created by the finger-combed hair.

Beard Side Swept Undercut If youre in a really long and fashionable fashion, dont look any further. The severe skin fade highlights the hair and long beard of the cheek-length.

Curly Long Hair Undercut Another long, eye-catching style, this undercut is based on both length and size. Once, a skin fade is used to emphasize on the front and top of the body.

Blonde Highlights with Undercut