Mark Wahlberg – Biography of Mark Wahlberg

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg was born in 1971 in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

His family is made up of his mother Alma Elaine, an administrative clerk at a bank and a nurse assistant, and her father Donald Edward Wahlberg, a sports team coach who used to work as a delivery man for a company.

Besides them, there are also his eight siblings: Arthur, Jim, Paul, Robert, Tracey, Michelle, Debbie Y Donnie.
They all grew up in a family with a strong Catholic tradition, thanks to their Irish, Swedish and French ancestry.

In 1982 his parents divorced, leaving the 9 siblings in the custody of their mother. In part, this affected his youth, causing that, shortly before finishing high school in the Copley Square High School, Mark decided to abandon her.

This problematic youth is fully registered in his police record, since he remembers having between 20 and 30 different encounters with the law.
The most notable occurred from the age of 13, when he was addicted to cocaine and other substances.

At the age of fifteen, he attacked a school of African-American children by throwing rocks and yelling racist insults. The following year, he robbed a pharmacy under the influence of the PCP and knocked out an elderly Vietnamese man with a baseball bat.
Also at the pharmacy was his assistant, who was left permanently blind in one eye, and a security guard who could do nothing to stop him.
Mark he says he remembers nothing of the incident, since he fainted shortly before the police arrived.

He was sentenced to two years in prison on the charge of attempted murder. He did his service in the Deer Island House of Correction, in the city of Boston and later returned there after breaking a neighbor’s jaw for no reason.

Upon leaving prison, and trying to reform himself and lead a peaceful life, he tried to join his brother’s gang Donnie, who at that time was about to participate in an ensemble in the style Backstreet boys.
The effeminate aspect of the group did not like him and decided to start other directions in music.

In 1991 he began to have fame as a musician for his rap band “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch”. Together with them he released an album called “Music for the People“, Which went platinum. Later, in 1992, he launched “You gotta believeWhich was a commercial failure.

Despite this, the fame he had achieved with his band took him through new winds, since the media had made public his impressive physique, displayed on stage. It wasn’t long before she was offered to be a model.

Since 1992 he became the main face of the brand Calvin klein, being portrayed in underwear on multiple occasions for the most varied magazines.
Also, the publicists made him match the model Kate moss, forming a duo that generated excellent sales.

In 1993 he made his first foray in front of the cameras, with the television movie “The Substitute”(The substitute). However, his rise to fame in the world of Hollywood made him as the soldier Tommy lee haywood in the movie “Renaissance man”(The Renaissance), together with Danny DeVito.

Immediately afterwards, in 1995, he shared the stage with Leonardo Dicaprio, in the terribly dramatic “The Basketball Diaries”(Basketball Diary).
It was based on a novel of the same name and even featured original music by Flea, the bassist of the Red hot chili peppers.

Continuing with his successful career, in 1996 he was part of the cast of “Fear”(Fear), where they also performed William petersen What Steve Walker, Alyssa Milano What Margo masse Y Reese witherspoon in the role of Nicole walker.

After a year, in 1997, he saw success again with “Boogie nights”, The story of a young pornographic actor, who suffered ups and downs in the industry in the 1980s. Julianne Moore Y Burt reynolds they also acted in the movie.

Following in his line of man of action, Mark starred in “The Big Hit”(El gran coup), a feature film that also included many hints of comedy. On this occasion, his scene partner was the sensual Christina applegate.

Already in 1999, he returned to fill the ticket offices with “Three kings”(Three kings), this time yielding the main role to the experienced actor George Clooney. Rapper Ice cube closed this trio trying to steal a billion dollars from an Iraqi bunker.

Later, in 2000, he presented a story of political corruption that was named “The Yards”(The yards). There he worked with Charlize Theron Y Joaquin phoenix, with the special participation of Faye dunaway.

That same year, he returned to partner with George Clooney by sharing “The Perfect Storm” (The perfect Storm). Diane lane Y John C. Reilly they were also part of the cast.

The following year, it was led by Tim Burton on “Planet of Apes”(Planet of the Apes), where it was also Helena Bonham.

In that same 2001, he also participated as the protagonist in the film “Rock star”(Rock Star), where he fulfills the dream of every amateur artist, to become the lead singer of his favorite band. Jennifer Aniston acted as his girlfriend in this production.

In 2003, with the rise of master theft movies, he released “The Italian Job” (The master scam). The supporting cast that accompanied him was made up of Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Donald sutherland Y Seth green.

Moving a bit away from the action scenes, in 2004 he gave up his leading role to Dustin Hoffman in the comedy “I love huckabees”(I love huckabees). Naomi watts He also participated in the film, playing Dawn Campbell.

After this one, Mark He went through two films that did not have any impact at the box office.
Only in 2006, and thanks to the participation of actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson Y Martin Sheen he was able to overcome his slight fall. The movie in question was “The departed”(The infiltrators).

Already in 2007 he recovered his action hero tattoos, when filming “Shooter”(Sniper), sharing the scene with the long-lived Danny glover.
It reached profits close to 100 million dollars, leaving it very well placed before the critics.

Later that year, he was the protagonist of “We Own the Night”(The night is ours), where Joaquin phoenix, Eva mendes Y Robert Duvall they accompanied him.
Once again, he was a huge box office success, guaranteed by his acting quality.

In 2008 he will present three films: “The Happening”(The event) with John leguizamo, “Max Payne: The Movie“(Max Payne, the movie) and”The Lovely Bones”(The loving bones) with Rachel Weisz Y Susan Sarandon.