Mark Davis Net Worth 2020 Education and CareerGodswill Emmanuel 20 January 2020 Celebrity Sports Profile Mark Davis Net Worth 2020 –Mark Davis is an American professional sports promoter. Mark Davis is Al Davisand’s son, who inherited the Oakland Raiders when his father died in 2011.


Mark Davis was at the forefront of the NFL attempting to get franchises to relocate to Los Angeles California and was in charge of trying to set up a new stadium for the Raiders but preferred to stay in Oakland. He graduated from Chico State University in California.


Davis inherited the team in 2011 after his father Al Davis died. Davis holds a 47 percent share of the Raiders with his mother Carol, which is contractually arranged to allow them interest in controlling. Davis has squad power day-to-day.• Only the 2020 rk Dv–• h• n •t – mtd f $700 m – l – n.



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