Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

I can’t yet say battery life or other features without attachments other than the razor, but that’s great. It’s a little busy, but the pros are far above that. Three times I’ve experienced brain surgery and my head regions are very tender.

This little guy effortlessly cleanses my head’s sensitive areas without discomfort or missing regions. It is easy to hold due to its size and makes a more precise shave, but rushing and cracking lines were yesterday. At least four other rasers have I tried and this one is coming out on top. I was somewhat uncertain about the reassembly but otherwise very simple and comfortable. I swear by Phillips (I was with a cord one year ago and I loved it), and I would recommend it to all. I want it to come with a case or a box, but when everything is said and finished, this only means less waste. For what it does, the cost is unbeatable.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer

I’ve had this trimer for about two months and no problems so far. I was ready to give up at the start, because it was difficult to get it to match my bear as close as adversely, and it was a bit frustrating, but I was able to get it to do what it does for it after a few mishaps, which is very similar, obviously it never will substitute the razor, but it wasn’t their intention.
I guess the trick is you should use against the grain, I have a beard that grows in all directions so I have to change the angle constantly. If used correctly, it produces what is being advertised.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Since my old man died during a trip abroad, I purchased this grooming kit. I decided I was going to get a more premium product and I’m so pleased with that phone, I can promise! The consistency and ease of cleaning is fantastic, and the quality of the cuts is comparable to any other trimmer that I have ever used. It is also a big bonus to be able to wash this.

Easy to use ?

So far so fine, but have used it only a few times. Love speed and every accessory. The only thing I didn’t like was when I got the service. The outside box was closed but once I opened it, it was opened and all stuff fell off. It looked like anyone opened the package and gave it back, and then Amazon packed it all in an empty plastic bag and sent it to me. Great thing my husband wasn’t a present.


Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100

This is a good rasper, I use it for my legs and underarms rather than a typical rasher as a woman and I find it far less time consuming and cost-effective in the long term. The use of these on the underarms is an ability in itself because you just have to tip it in an angle and don’t keep it flat on your body.


Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000


The groomer is quite nice. I’m shaving Everything, with no cuts or marks. It leaves my skin smooth and sweet. It tugs and pulls hair once in a while, but it doesn’t hack.
Nevertheless, the other hand is useless. I never use the trimmer because it’s 3 mm shortest. This is absurd. This is crazy. I’m used to trimmers with a thickness of 5 mm. Perhaps 1 mm. Or 1 mm.
3 mm is completely useless at the shortest unless you have a long beard. I never use the trimmer, therefore.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100

Great product. Great product. Gets are shipped really quickly and already comes with a battery. This drug doesn’t slice hair, but I used it only once. That said, you really have to go a long way across some areas to get this near smooth shave you like. It is supplied with a guard to make this longer. Easy to clean, easy to clean. I’m not going to use this to cut your side burns. I purchased this idea to replace my current clippers, but I still need one because it does not slice side burns as I want it. Perhaps I have to change it and learn how to use it as I wish. Good product so far. Good product. You have to run through it a bit, as I said, because there will be a couple of hairs missing. But not a big deal.



It took several passes to shave my belly or chest or arm pits to really get all the hair. The hair was very irregular and the length was the same. The body groom really works much better and I’ve done with that. I think that might work if you were a kid or if someone’s hair is spars. But someone with less than normal chest hair. That’s not the best choice. A Norelco facial trimmer with the built in guards work better than this. This was for short periods, I understand. But it ought not to take many passes to get the guard’s distance. This may not be intended to be used for everything. For simple trimming or touchups, maybe.


MANGROOMER – Lithium Max Plus+ 

This is currently the best body shaver on the market. The directions are very thorough. If the shaver is properly handled, no pinching or pulling works. Lithium battery charges fast and long. The kit is also provided with an optional blade that I think makes a really nice package deal. Search no further! Look no further!

Another opinion

It’s all this body groomer and my girlfriend and love it. The boys were quickly trimmed and no fear of nicks was noticed with the guard on the side of the trimmer. The battery is well packed and black looks sleek and manly. Five stars throughout the day.


 Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver

Does what it would say. In about ten minutes, I went from complete gorilla to clean shaven. DRY! DRY! NO WATER and CREAM SHAVING! I used to waste 45 minutes with a puny razor trying to reach anything. This sucker is gigantic. Like a back scratcher with usva. Should that have been purchased eons ago. No more sightings of Skunk ape in my area!

vs negative

I had BakBlade initial and it worked great. Instead of replacement razors, I decided to order the BakBlade 2.0, and I regret it absolutely. It sliced my back and shoulders full. The initial would give me the opportunity to slice… but nothing like that. The saddest part is that I throw the old one back and they’re not selling them. :-()


General shaving

The word “manscaping” is almost self-explanatory, but not entirely. A “man” and “landscaping” portmanteau, it basically refers to unnecessary body hair grooming (or removing) on men— wherever it may appear. And it’s not that easy to grab whatever razor you’ve got in your bathroom. “Guys who[ with razors] shave their chest— at least when they first start — often talk about how bad it was,” says Mike Gilman, owner of the Grooming Lounge Barbershop and Men’s Spa, “or their skin broke out or they cut themselves.” But, Gilman tells us, it’s easy to avoid these pitfalls with the right tools. To find everything you need, from body-hair groomers and wax supplies to nose-hair trimmers and tweezers, we spoke with five experts.

There are several ways to remove unwanted body hair. Some straight-forward; some eye-watering plain. Below are the best options for you.
Body Groomers 21 percent of men now own a body grooming product, according to Braun, and you can see why. Easy to use, trimmers have complete control over how much hair you remove, get the job done in minutes, and rarely cause nicks, cuts, or discomfort.
Laser Hair Removal This procedure is the best option for long-term hair removal and manscaping, particularly for problem areas such as the back and shoulders. Best done by a specialist, this is the most costly and time-consuming choice as you will most likely need multiple sessions to get the job done. And although treatments often continuously decrease the number of hairs they do not completely stop regrowth.
Waxing Waxing rips hair out of the root and gives longer lasting results than shaving (for about four weeks you will be relatively hair-free). And there is less risk of itchiness so discomfort because hairs grow back to fine ends. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it’s because a back wax has reduced grown men to tears.
Plucking Manual removal with tweezers of individual hairs. Plucking is suitable for errant eyebrows but is not a procedure that you want to use in close proximity to your lower regions.
Depilatory creams Depilatory creams Depilatory creams Safe and easy to use (apply, leave on for a few minutes and wash off) contain chemicals that weaken hair at the root, leaving skin super-smooth. What’s more, Veet says that their depilation creams result in fewer incoming hairs up to 80 percent. These are particularly useful for arms, necks, shoulders and legs, but they should not be used on your man bits unless you have a high pain threshold or a good sense of humor.

Shaving Easy

simple and cheap, shaving is probably the easiest way to get the fur out of stage. Yet you run the risk of razor burning, cuts and incubated hairs, as with shaving your head. You’ll also need a steady hand and steel nerves if you’re shaving down below.
Epilators By removing them from the root en masse, using an epilator is a bit like having your own private army of hair pluckers waging war on unwanted hair. Results last about a month, as with waxing. Although for years people have used handheld epilators for legs and axes, they have never really taken off with men. Possibly because epilation is not completely painless, like waxing.

Sugaring An ancient method of hair removal using a sugar paste for hair removal. Sugaring is somewhat like waxing–but generally a little less eye-watering–and is good for larger areas. Although home kits are available, a professional does it best.
Me? It’s not that much. Sure, I may be considered an “expert” in shaving the face, but I’m headed to the top end of “middle age” and, culturally speaking, regularly shaving other parts of the body is just not something that I’m used to doing on a regular basis. So over the past few months I have been learning-by-doing with the help of the internet and Mrs. Mantic59….
The first thing I found immediately is that there are a lot of other people who seem to be in the same ship, although they are mostly from the younger age group. One of Google’s biggest “long tail” shaving searches is “how to shave your butt” and their variants.


Thorough, explicit instructions on how to properly groom your body (other than some whimsical tips printed on their “Magic Mat”) are something that is not included with the Manscaped body grooming kit: they assume you’ve done this before.
I feel I’ve managed to distill the system into a reasonably simple method by collecting a lot of information and learning-by-doing. Now if I can keep the discussion of different parts of the body to a point of “PG.”..
Few general ideas Doing is… well… doing in many respects, regardless of what you’re shaving. There are fundamental principles that apply: • The area to be rasped should be clean; • The area to be rasped should be well-hydrated;• The hair should be minimized in stages rather than attempting to remove it all at once.
• When the skin is flattened for the most effective slice, the best outcomes from a shaving stroke.
• After shaving, moisturize and protect the area.
Culture And Religion Are women in the back like body hair?
“For me, this isn’t a deal breaker. I’m not sure how I’d look at a full-on Wolfman, but nobody’s impaired by a little back hair. Perhaps heavy hair should be trimmed. “–Abbi*.

If you’re thinking of de-Wolfmanning your back hair, there’s no shame in a hairy back, you don’t have to go to a salon. And despite the fact that back hair in action is a sign of extra testosterone, our volunteers didn’t love back hair.

“It’s not appealing. How can you look back at the male’s contours when it’s covered with a fur rug? –Lucy*, once more.

Others have been more pardoning:




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