Malena Alterio – Biography of Malena Alterio

Malena Alterio born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 21, 1974. She is the daughter of the actor Hector Alterio and his mother is a prominent psychoanalyst named Tita Bacaicoa, his brother Ernesto is also an actor.

From a very young age, her family decided to settle in Spain and studied acting in Cristina Rota’s workshop, making her film debut with comedy The stick, where he shared roles with Carmen Maura, Maribel verdu Y Adriana ozores. Her participation in this first film made her a candidate for a Goya award in the category of best new actress.

A year later, Malena continued her career in Torremolinos 73, a film starring Javier Chamber, which also earned him rave reviews. Some years later, in 2007, Malena appears in Miguel and William, a period comedy that was directed by Ines Paris; and that same year, he participated in Max Lemke’s debut production entitled Casual Day.

Although, he had a respectable career in the cinema, it was surely television that has given him the most joys and successes, especially when he gave life to Belén in the soap opera called There is no one living here.

Alterio was in The Commissioner with the character of Lorena and then next to the same team of Here there is no one alive, he got into the skin of Christina Aguilera in the production The one that is coming.

2007 was the year in which Malena had the most television participation, since she was also seen in The Suso tower like Marta. In 2008 he returned to the big screen with A word from you, where he shared credits with Esperanza Pedreño, an adaptation of the novel by Elvira Lindo. In this production, Malena was Rosario, a woman in search of her own happiness.

In 2009, it appears in At the end of the road next to Fernando Tejero placeholder imageHer role was that of Pilar, a journalist in charge of reporting on the Camino de Santiago.

He again worked alongside Tejero in 2011 in the production 5 square meters, a film whose central theme is the problem of housing.

Alterio maintains a relationship with the actor Luis Bermejo, who became Father Lorenzo in the 2008 film Una palabra tuya, where they met.