Male Haircuts For Round Faces

As a man, for good looks you’re not just walking to the barber. For round faces, there are great haircuts and not just that simple getting one. Not that by any means it’s a bad face, but it’s trickier to fit any hairstyle out there than the rest. There’s a way you can refresh it every other time you want something different, if you’re always with one kind of cut. Read here and make a couple of picks to work for you.


If you’re looking for a clear cut line at the back of your neck, the V-back style should give you the feeling. This style is finished with a V-cut at the end of the back hairline with the sides shaved clean and a medium patch left at the top. It adds to your round front by synchronizing it with a similar effect on the back. From both the back and the front, you’ll be outstanding.

Classic Short

Short hair is timeless and flexible, making it easy for many men to choose from. Over time, the classic short haircut has grown and is even more impressive than ever before. The sides are trimmed to one inch long while the top remains one inch or two longer. It may be a simple style, but it will give you the finesse of a gentlemanTM.

Close Cut

If you want something nice and simple, the close cut will be the perfect style for you. The sides are shaved to less than one inch while the top is 2-3 inches long. The best for this cut would be black and curly hair. Your top is left with waves only running across to the point where the hair becomes shorter. It’s an easy but one style that will give you a fantastic look.


This is one of the greatest men’s hairstyles. It dims their faces ‘ roundness and draws attention to a good image sense. From the front to the back, the sides were shaved clean and a single line painted on one side. The top hair is a part of pairs of inches that are combed back into a smooth wave at the back of the head.

You can’t sit back and curse your round features anymore when there are countless round face haircuts. It’s time from year to year to stop the single hairstyle. To you, there are great types, and that was just a good start. Go out with faith today and change your look to one of these top cuts and put your sense of fashion to a revolution.

Fountain Curls

In the popular hairstyles, fountain curls would never be missing in the top 10. They are suitable for long hair that naturally grows and forms curls. At the tips, it will never be trimmed and will be allowed to rest on the shoulders. The front side is left with a clear view guarded by strong curls against the sides.

Medium Plough Back

This plough back should be a good option if you’re looking for a style to make your otherwise long hair look medium. The sides are shaved from the scalp to nearly an inch. The roof has two layers: a smaller top with a thinner base. Then the top is stripped backwards and falls towards the neck at the bottom of the fall.

Long side part fall

Doesn’t mean you can’t hold your long hair if you have a round face. You can keep it long, of course, and look fabulous. The long side portion is one of the best cuts to be made by round-faced guys. You just leave your hair to grow down and then divide it into two different falls on one side: one is longer than the other. This is a style that allows free growth of your hair and gives you an enviable appeal.

Long and untangled This is a great looking style that complements the shape of your round faces. With its curls all around the head, the maneis let it grow wild. At the back of the ear, one side is secured, while the other side is allowed to cover nearly the entire cheek. The face is left with plenty of breathing space and reveals confidence.

Bald Man Cut

Well, don’t confuse the name to mean the bald men are cut. It’s a clean cut that leaves over your head less than an inch of your hair. For men who want to pull a beautiful look, it’s a simple but acceptable style. If you have a thick beard, it’s even better that you just touch a little but leave the rest. This is the top lookfor men with thick moustaches, but without a thick beard, you can still have it.

Simple side part

This is one of the most flexible haircuts for men. It complements your round features and gives you a timeless beauty that would earn the first date from a lady that you may have been chasing for years. One of the lower sides is shaved clean and a layer of longer strands followed by a long stripe where the part that falls on the other side starts. It’s a great look for any event that you may attend.


Hence the name is popular with celebrities. To achieve a shorter length than at the top, the sides are trimmed or simply combed downwards. The top is peeled upwards and then rounded up around the corners to form solid walls. A touch of a few spikes may be given to the front, but the rest point to the front. In this fashion, you look like a star.

Long Back Haul

Are you the person who doesn’t want to cut their long hair but doesn’t want it to be that long? The long-back journey is for you a definite answer. To give it a smoothing effect, you just need to comb your hair backwards. You can tuck in the thick churns formed by the top layers the lower side hair. ThatTMs a look for lots of girls, and you may end up with her.

Pompadour Classic

Another classic cut for a casual or formal person. From where the top starts, the sides are separated and combed downwards. To form a rounded effect, the top is combed upwards and grooved. This is a top style that is favored all over the world by celebrities.

Relaxed medium

There is no shortage of styles for black hair. The medium relaxed cut has been a trend for ages, and its appeal has never been lost. Long hair is cut to medium size and then combed to relax its texture. To achieve a softer tone, you can add relaxers, but do not overdo it. It’s easy to maintain and keep your hair all the time looking fresh.

Top Mop

This is a top style often attempted by Leo DiCaprio. It’s combing the hair backwards, but the fineness of the top and sides is variable. The sides were combed to make them more elegant and tucked underneath the top mop. The hair is mixed at the tip with a not-so-fine comb, making it bumpy and some tangles. It’s a top look that even in huge crowds will keep you distinctive for sure.

Thick-Short Haircut

Some men enjoy short hair. No one can fault them for keeping that kind of locks free. If that’s your liking, your game is the thick short haircut. You just evenly cut the hair and then brush down the sides. You can groom the top with a blunt tip on the front to get the impression of lying flat. Any men are going to get a super look for around the face with this kind of style.

Slight Top Sweep

A sweep of medium or long hair is not needed. Even with short hair, you can have your desire for a sweep. The sides were designed to be shorter than the rest. You can then choose to tilt your top slightly on the side to create a sweeping look. This is a style that reveals your moustache and tames your face’s roundness.

This is yet another timeless style that is going to be a good addition to your round face. The sides are shaved to the starting point of the head drop. A patch begins to form from the back hairline and continues to rise to the front. The ascent continues to the top until the front hairline is reached. On the front, a tip is pulled to form what appears to be a cave beyond the face. It’s an excellent style that will make you look cool and score highly with the ladies.

Half-Side part

This is another part-sided family that you will love because of its simplicity. Both the lower sides are shaved clean, followed by one layer more than one inch or so. A stripe that ends in the middle of the head is carved on the side that originates from the portion. The part starts from this row and drops to the opposite side and continues to cover the second layer, leaving the area exposed to plain shaven. It’s a simple style, but every time you want to go out, it will give you a fresh look.

Simple Classical Cut

If you’re the kind that doesn’t want long hair and complex styles, the best bet for you is a simple classical cut. From the scalp, the hair is reduced evenly to nearly 2 inches. To finish the great look, you can comb the top to the front and the sides down. With this slice, it never disappoints, and you can match anywhere.

Scattered Wild Top

This is for those who prefer a rough-looking top with hair strands pointing in different directions. The sides are trimmed downwards and combed to create the striking contrast to the wild top. It’s a casual cut that’s easy to maintain.

Wild-tangled Top

A sophisticated look with a thick top that seems to have challenged any recent cuts. One way to give you such sophistication is the wild tangled top. The low sides are shaved clean and a layer of one inch long has been successful. Unless it’s too long to give a contained appearance, the top is not trimmed. The top patch is combed to the front, allowing the tangles to turn into the inside until they hit the front line.

Slanting Top Cut

This is one of the looks you can take off your round face and let people guess what your face is like. The sides are shaved clean or to an inch length, the top is reduced to a medium size but slanting from front to back. The final impression is that it seems that the front is higher than any other part. It would be tricky for someone to have an oval face. It’s a great cut that turns heads as soon as you walk along.

Backwards Undercut

Undercut should not always be a downward impression; it may run backwards. The bottom sides are rasped clean, followed by a layer between 0.5-1 inches. The top should never be trimmed, but only reversed. It creates an effect in the longer upper patch that dissolves the middle layer.

Parted bundles

In this case the hair is split into three parts: the top and two sides. We are all separated on both sides of the front by straight drawn lines. The side bundles are peeled downward and seem to thin towards their ends. A rounded heap with a flat top is combed into the top bundle.