Maldita Nerea – Biography of Maldita Nerea

Maldita Nerea is a pop musical group that was born in 2003 in Murcia, Spain.

The promoter was Jorge Ruiz, who while studying at the University of Salamanca began to compose singles. These circulated among the university students, and the young man, seeing that they were successful, decided to form the group, for which he had the musicians Luis Gómez, Carlos Molina and Sergio Bernal.

Shortly after forming the group, the record company “Universal Music” immediately offered them a contract, and the band released their first album, which they named “Fourth Crescent.” They presented it by doing some tours and concerts, starting the group to become known.

In 2007 the group had problems with the record company and, due to their discrepancies, they broke the contract, deciding the members of the band to release an album produced by themselves, which they titled “The secret of the turtles.” The album did not reach the expectations of the group by far, which was not discouraged and immediately began to prepare their next work.

This one saw the light in 2009, and it was the album “It’s a secret …, don’t tell anyone.” This work was well received, and with it they performed several concerts in different cities of the country, filling all of them. But it is above all a theme included in the album that has an overwhelming success and consolidates the group. It is about the song “Things that sound like”, which also makes them win the award for the best song in The Forty Main.

In 2010, the concerts that Maldita Nerea gave were very successful everywhere, and in this same year they managed to fill both the Sports Palace of the Community of Madrid and the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

Their next album, which they call “Fácil”, and which they released in 2011, gets a large number of downloads online, and with it they tour more than 60 Spanish cities, in addition to providing them with a contract to perform in London.

Currently, the group is finalizing its new album, which will soon be available for download on the usual internet portals.