Ludmilla Tcherina – Biography of Ludmilla Tcherina

The actress Ludmilla tcherina whose real name was Monique tchemerzine, was born in the city of Paris, the October 10, 1924. Her father was Prince Avenir Tchemerzine, a military man who had married the beautiful French woman Stephane Finette.

Still a teenager, the beautiful Ludmilla makes her debut as a dancer, later studying dance at the Parisian Opera. She danced under the pseudonym of Tcherzina and it was presented in various cities such as Monte Carlo, New York, Paris and in the Moscow Bolshoi.

While engaged in dance, she falls in love and marries the dancer and actor Edmond audran, but due to a tragic traffic accident, Ludmilla is widowed in 1951.

Two years later, he again marries Raymond Roi and begins her career as an actress in French cinema with the film Un revenant which was directed by Christian-jacque. His first participation in an English production was The red slippers, a musical they directed Michael Powell Y Emeric pressburger.

With the directors mentioned, the actress continued to make other appearances such as The Hoffman Tales Y Oh … Rosalinda. In 1959 it appears in Honeymoon, a film co-produced between Spain and the United Kingdom.
Ludmilla participated in many other productions such as Clara de Montargis shot in 1951 and that came from the hands of the French director Henri Decoin. He was also in Parsifal, Espartaco and in the Grand Gala of Fran├žois Campaux.

In 1954 he shot Attila, king of the Huns, a film that marked its first appearance in the world of Hollywood and was directed by Douglas sirk. Mata Hari’s daughter 1954 and who was in charge of Renzo merusi Y Carmine gallone, as well as The Lovers of Teruel of 1962, became his last appearances in the cinema.

After her retirement, Ludmilla Tcherina continued dedicating herself to dance and kept in mind the desire to continue with the interpretation, as well as the sculpture closely linked. Very dedicated to everything that had to do with art, she died at the age of 79, the March 21, 2004.