Lucero Galindo – Biography of Lucero Galindo

Lucero Galindo, whose real name was Luz Helena Galindo Díaz He was born in Bogotá on October 4, 1939 and by demonstrating a great artistic talent from his childhood, started doing theater with the group of actors, poets and priests called Little Parnassus, who were in charge of staging at the Colón Theater.

Like Lucero, this group included other prominent actors such as Carlos de la Fuente, Silvio Ángel and Aldemar García.

Thanks to the support of all of them, Galindo can make his debut on the small screen since he met Bernardo Romero Lozano, the first Colombian television director. Like many other actresses of those years, she had to carry out a series of tests in different genres such as drama, tragedy, comedy and drama.

His first character got it in 1969 and half a year later, he was protagonist of the production Love Scam, sharing credits with Judy Henríquez.

Her career became very prodigious and in 1975 she was the star in La Vorágine, a role that for her was the most important of her entire career, since in addition to acting, she was able to sing llanera music and dance joropo.

That year, the newspaper El Tiempo, awarded her an important award for considering her artist of the year. And it continues with other participations in You will remember my name; The fair of the vanities; The knight of Rairzan; He was also in Damned Souls and in La abuela.

For more than ten years his career was highly applauded collaborating on a series of productions for television as The Viceroy; The crows, El fercho; Zarabanda y calamar, the last production in which he could be seen, since before concluding the recordings, he decided to get away from the cameras for a while.

In the nineties, Lucero had to start his career from scratch performing roles on television as Bendita mentira and then he was in La caula de las locas, a musical theater show.

His last years were dedicated to lend your voice for the realization of several Colombian commercials and he was the one who dubbed the voice of Joan Collins in the production translated into Spanish as Did someone report a fire?

With somewhat deteriorated health, Lucero passed away at the age of 73 in Bogotá, on January 13, 2013.