Lucas Grabeel – Biography of Lucas Grabeel

Actor, musician and producer Lucas Stephen Grabeel He was born on November 23, 1984 in the city of Springfield (Missouri), in the United States.

At age 19, Lucas moved to Los Angeles to become an actor. A few months later he was hired for his first Disney Channel original movie “Halloweentown High – Books and Magic“.

His great leap to fame was, without a doubt, the role of Ryan evans that made him famous in the movie saga “High School Musical“, in which he sang three duets with Ashley Tisdale, in addition to singing the song with Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens”I can not take my eyes off You“, which was not included in the movie, but was added as a bonus track on the soundtrack.

In 2005 he filmed the pilot episode of “Halley’s comet“which tells the story of a boy suffering from cancer. The series was ultimately not produced and Grabeel, without this commitment, was able to audition for”High School Musical“.

Lucas also worked on numerous television series such as “Boston Legal“,”Smallville“,”Til Death” Y “Veronica mars“.

He successively participated in the film “Alice Upside Down“playing the character of Lester mckinley and filmed “High School Musical: The Concert“Lucas also recorded the song.”You know i will” For the movie “The Fox and the Hound 2“He later acted in the sequels.”High School Musical 2“(2007) and”High school musical 3 – End of course“(2008), playing again Ryan evans.

His next big screen job was in the Gus Van Sant film “Milk“and in the musical”I Kissed a Vampire“, a film version of the television series of the same name, also starring Grabeel.

In 2008 Lucas launched the “Act Out Loud” campaign committed to helping young victims of traffic accidents.

Currently the young actor is playing the stellar role of Toby Kennish in the series “Switched at Birth“, which is broadcasting its second season.