low-maintenance haircuts for guys

Looking for low-maintenance haircuts for trendy, effortless guys? It can be challenging to find simple hairstyles for men that still look good. While there are plenty of easy haircuts requiring little grooming and no maintenance, picking the right cut and style for you is the challenge. We know the hair of a man is vital to him, but no one wants to spend so much time preparing in the mornings. Read our guide for some cool, low-maintenance haircut types.


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Outstanding Quiff Hairstyle Ideas–A Comprehensive Guide

Casual Brush Up’

Thin Part with Combed Side Brush ‘

Thinly PartedSweep’

Informal Regulation with Taper Faded Temple ‘

Modern Regulation Cut with Hard Part ‘

Close-cut sides and clean shave make it functional, while pure flare is the slick on top!

Red Hair Neatly Swept Hairstyle Long on top is a classic short on the hands. For a slightly more modern look, this slicked-back hairstyle is also swept sideways.

Brushed Hairstyle Side Check out this beautifully swept side hairstyle. The hair is surprisingly short and looks not greasy at all, so it feels surprisingly contemporary in fact!

Undercut and Relaxed Slick-Back Here’s a more modern take on a pompadour-gone-undercut sliced-back haircut. For a hipsteric twist, let your facial hair grow long.

Side Slicked Back to Elegant Man This youthful slicked-back look also features long sides, a common Asian men’s style. The glasses and clean-shave give a comfortable, luxurious atmosphere.

Slicked Back Hairstyle Glasses Check out this simple slick that has all the side parts it wants, some length on top, short sides and light sideburns. It’s a s slice, but today it doesn’t feel out of place.

Ben Hollingsworth’s Slick Back How about a fresh take on the slicked-back side? This is really a st-century cut with a large part and an unusually high fade.

Combed Push Back with Thin Part Check out this slick-back take with plenty of straight hairline lines. One feature that really catches the eye is the curved hairline just above the eyes.

Undercut and Styled Top Disconnected The sliced-back side part is a common starting point for thousands of haircuts like this. Notice how easily with a fade, an earring, and some facial hair you can refresh this old style.

Dapper Cut and Beard Here’s another sliced-back hairstyle traditional version. It’s the fade on the sides which makes this classic much lighter. Clean Taper Fade

This textured, slicked-back pompadour really stands out. Is that part of the side? Is that fading? Is that the hairline? We’re never going to know that.

Medium to High Fade with Textured Top

Classic Slicked Back Credits Braid Barbers

Low Key Side Side Swept

Colin Farrel with Slick Back

Temple Fade with Combed Side Brush

If you are lucky and have thick, straight hair, we strongly recommend an undercut or high skin fade combined with a peb over or smooth backwards. Although curly or wavy hair is a bit more complicated, the trick will be done by any short haircut. Finally, if you thought the buzz cut was the only simple haircut you could get, check out our gallery below to find a low-maintenance hairstyle that might suit you!


How to Cut Style

A Full Guide


Neckline Hair Patterns and patterns for any Cut

d flare to any style. Aug, They sometimes talk of haircuts as if they are special types that can not be changed. This is certainly not the case, of course, and unusual hair patterns for the neckline are just one of the ways to spice up a cut. We’ve collected pictures of some fun and inventive neckline hair cuts in this gallery that you can apply to your favorite look.

Straight neckline cuts These straight neckline cuts are carefully placed to add new angles to a sleek and flowing haircut otherwise. That little curl is also a beautiful touch!

Low-fade marginal neckline This particular neckline hair model is another solution to sharp-closing any cut. The cuts added build a novel, layered look to nicely break down the theme.

Double Disconnected Design Probably the most common neckline hair design is a clean cut; in this case, a little added cut above the neckline adds robustness to a manly look. Clean Swipes Model

There are endless possibilities for neckline hair designs. In this case, for a style that is a bit out of the ordinary, plenty of long and furious sweeping cuts are trimmed into a sharp, curved neckline.

Disconnected neckline with Fade Aside from clean cutting, fade is one of the most popular neckline hair design patterns. Here’s a simple fade to break up the simple rear of this theme with a few disconnects.

Ideas (Trend)

We’re going to tell you how to style this sort of haircut like a pro. But let’s think about how to get a comb over hairstyle with skin fade first and how to ask your barber precisely what you want to get done before we get into it.

Glorious Hairstyles for Men With Gray Hair (a.k.a. Silver Foxes)

Crew Cut While Caesar, butch and burr cuts produce a uniform look, the crew cut (which gave way to the Ivy League) has a cool fading pattern that separates it from other low-maintenance haircuts for men. The hair at the front of the head is shorter in a crew cut and falls away, hitting its shortest point at the back of the crown. The hair is then tapered to a shorter length on the sides and back. A crew cut accentuates and describes facial characteristics, so it’s perfect for square and oval face shapes men. This could be stopped by guys with round heads.

Textured Good option for straight-haired guys who tend to keep themselves up with ease. There’s more skin on top than Caesar or Taper. Easy to do cutting that will only need a little brush in the morning, use your hand to do it, and we’re ready to rock.

Regulation Cut inches on top and look entrepreneurial. While the top is left long enough to separate, the sides and back fade into the body, which ensures that the fade can gradually disappear until it blends into the neck’s hair. The regulation cut looks polished and clean like the classic taper haircut.

Induction Cut If none of these low-maintenance haircuts are short enough for you, consider cutting the induction. This super short cut also comes from the military, and on this list it’s probably the most serious. Without a blade guard, also known as a, the hair is swirling around the head. This looks like stubble after the hair is trimmed. For the weak of heart, it’s not a style, but if you want to go almost all the way to a fully shaved head, it’s for you to cut the induction.

Shorter Top with Tousled Texture This close-cropped cut may be short, but loads of texture are available. This is a great example of how to take advantage of a frizzy look. Chris Evans ‘ Butch Cut

Butch cut is a classic men’s hairstyle that has remained popular since its debut. Because the hair is all over the same length, a butch cut offers a very clean look.

Low Key Taper Fade Here’s a look to consider if you’re after something classy and elegant. A gently textured top for a polished look meets fading sides.

Shaved hairline with Shaved Taper Shaved lines has appeared more and more recently in hairstyles. As shown here, you can opt for a subtle line to bring a little more flair to your haircut.

Casual Brushed Up Top Longer models, too! These cut-up brushes of medium length can be worn messy or simply combed in place.

Short Length Textured Fringes There are plenty of low maintenance options available for fringe haircuts. This textured style is short but eye-catching with a choppy fringe. Jpg

Great straight beach guys with great, straight hair can often enjoy a shorter, low maintenance look. This style emphasizes the hair’s natural texture while keeping it all smooth.

Easy Low Volume Texture If your hair appears to be flat on your face, this may be the perfect style for you. Rather than trying to combat the natural behavior of the body, it supports this haircut.

High and tight Another classic cut that never went out of favor is close and wide. It’s a great choice to show texture because the hair on top of the head is drawn to all attention.

Frizzled Top with Tapered Sides Here’s a hairstyle suitable for men with thick or coarse hair who want something low-maintenance but trendy as well.

Blonde French Crop One of the best low-maintenance haircuts to show off dyed hair is the French crop. Due to the spiky plant, blonde highlights pop out here.

French Crop with Undercut Skin Fade Another variation on the French crop, this tidy style uses a high fade to contrast the even hair on top dramatically, with a thin shaved line serving as the finishing touch to this look.

Irregular Fringes with Textured Top This asymmetrical, punky style is full of personality and attitude. The hair is layered to create a dynamic sense of movement that produces a bold statement of style.

Sleek Taper Fade French crop This crop focuses on neatness. The smooth fade and straight fringe ensure that the hair still remains where it should.

Twice Disconnected Buzz Cut The buzz cut is simple and timeless, but with some changes you can also spice it up. The dual shaved lines shown here add a great deal of visual interest to the cut without being too high above it.

Wavy Top with Tapered Head ‘

Buzz Cut ‘

Medium Fade ‘

Short French Crop with Disconnected Fade’

Messy Curly Fringes with Undercut Fade’

Pierce Brosnan’s Long Brushed Back’

We have therefore chosen to create a comprehensive list of people who do not have the space, expertise or resources to maintain hair. Styling Tips for Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men The rules are simple when it comes to styling your hair as a guy who really doesn’t know about it. Essentially, they can be categorized according to your hair length and summarized in one sentence–stop every once in a while by your barber for a maintenance cut. > –Buy a styling material (wax, cream or gel) and use a small amount of your hair when raking your hands. >–Buy some hair ties to pull your hair up and off your face when it becomes awkward. > Fast Low Maintenance

men’s haircuts are the go-to. In a nutshell, apart from the occasional haircut, they do not need any effort at all to deal with it. Play Video A standard, short haircut is the best choice for men who have a busy schedule but still want a polished look. Straight Low Maintenance Mens Haircuts can be difficult for Thick Hair

, particularly if you’re not a grooming enthusiast. Simultaneously, razor short haircuts are not everybody’s flattering alternative. A look with—inch long hair, cut into piecey layers, is recommended here. Your locks should style themselves essentially. For many men, Buzz Cut Low Maintenance Haircuts to Men

is a fine idea. Regular low-maintenance haircuts for men

You can always rely on easy haircut whenever you have no idea what low-maintenance hairstyle to follow. As the name suggests, the daily haircut is the one you can see in most countries around the globe on the average men. Cut the sides and back much shorter, leaving a bit of space on top if you’re ever going to be up for some styling.

has gone from a fascinating silhouette to one of the most common men hairstyles. The eponymous haircut features tiny bangs clipped at the hairline, modeled after the hairstyle depicted in many statues of Julius Caesar. Slicked Back Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

For men who prefer to rock a few inches of hair, an undercut will help with the maintenance side at all times. With regard to the longer top, it will be enough to have a casually swept back or slicked back hairstyle. Use a styling material dab to easily spread it with your fingers through your hair. Effortless Braids

Braids are a great way to make sure you don’t have to style your hair for a few weeks at all. Whether you prefer long sporting your natural textured hair, it will help with protection as well as braiding. Yes, when you get them finished, you can end up stuck in a chair for hours, but after that, you won’t have to do everyday styling. For the classy man, Ivy League Low Maintenance Haircuts

was a fashion staple. While it comes in a decent range of shapes and sizes, the cut from the Ivy League usually features a neatly trimmed contour, while the style is generally combed and separated. Men’s

high and tight low maintenance haircutsIt’s a standard military haircut. The high and tight haircut has shaved the back and sides in its basic shape. The top is left just a tad bit longer from there, hence the hairstyle’s high and tight name. Wavy Low Maintenance Men’s Haircuts for Thick Hair

With the right haircut, wavy hair can be an amazing physical feature. We encourage you to wear it a little longer if you like the texture of your skin, as in the picture above. Because it is naturally wavy, it should fall on a daily basis loosely into loose curls. Strong part low maintenance haircuts for men will help you out in the process

. You’re not going to have to go through the daily struggle of combing it in a similar way by asking your barber to shave in your section. Easygoing

skin stream body. In terms of style, there’s not that much involved, except brushing it before going out the door. Afro-Textured Low Maintenance Mens Haircuts for Thick Hair

Instead of sporting your thick afro-textured waves, you can take the easy route with a tightly cropped haircut in safe braids. Your barber is going to make sure you get the right silhouette so your curly locks will grow nicely again. The shape up gives an enticing touch to the overall hairstyle as a side note. Men’s Taper Haircuts

Countless traditional hairstyles are based on a methodical taper haircut. It is a common technique of cutting that serves as the basis for almost every haircut with shorter sides and back. If you’ve got thick hair, it’s a quick fix that’s going to work every time. Burr Cut Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

No less maintenance can be achieved than with a burr cut. Essentially, it takes to the next stage the conventional buzz cut, with hardly any hair left behind. It’s basically the last step before a cleanly shaved head is reached, which is another easy all-on – one option. Small Sides Long Top Low Maintenance Haircuts are popular for men

. And it is fully comprehensible. You will need to cut the sides shorter if you want to wear medium-length hair without going full bro flow. We endorse the look as a simple but effective hairstyle complementing most shapes of the head. Curly low maintenance men’s haircuts can be a veiled blessing for thick hair

thin. Even though it may seem like a hassle to deal with at first, with the proper cut, the hair style may look exceptional. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider the short sides long top solution we’ve talked about before or even an angled fringe.

If you think of the idea of silver fox, George Clooney’s likes immediately come to mind. If you’ve been able to age like a fine wine, you can get almost any haircut and look amazing. Try a regular short haircut with just a little bangs action for a conservative approach. Man Bun Low Maintenance Men’s Long Hairstyles

Time and time again, the man bun saves the day for long locked dudes. No things are simpler when it comes to grooming than wrapping your hair in a loose, messy bun. Remember you’re expected to store up on hair ties. Trust us–they’re more likely to get lost than all the socks that seem to disappear into thin air. Cornrows Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Classic s-s cornrows remain as common as ever, as far as different braid styles go. Although they will take more time than easier to introduce-braid hairstyles, cornrows are timeless and look good. However, make sure you reserve some time for braiding because it may take a couple of hours depending on how long your hair is. Medium-length low-maintenance haircuts are effortlessly cool for men

. They are alluring to them by this bad boy, not to mention that they are ridiculously easy to style. Toss your hair to any hand and it’s perfect for you to go. Easy to maintain Fade Haircuts

If you are poor in time, a fade haircut is a lifesaver. The hair will grow back uniformly, depending on the fading scale, thanks to the way it is done. If you want to keep your haircut high, medium or low, all you need to do is check in with your barber whenever you want to brush it. Formal low-maintenance haircuts for men

You’re not going to attend weddings or black-tie functions every day, but you may be on the run when you do. Through getting an easily adaptable haircut to begin with, you can save time and stress. Shorter sides, a longer bottom, and a comb that will help you get your red carpet ready in minutes. Low Maintenance Mohawks

While the hairstyle of a fanned punk mohawk or freedom spikes requires a lot of effort to nail, a short mohawk doesn’t. For an edgy but stylish look that is easy to maintain, you can get your hair cut in the style shown above. Only shave the sides and mark them one day. Men’s

Choppy Low Maintenance Hairstyles Another trick you can pull out of the hat is to get a choppy haircut. In other words, tell your hairstylist for choppy, jagged layers to cut your hair. The result will be a naturally messy hairstyle you won’t have to spend every single day working on. The same idea is adopted by Shaggy Low Maintenance Haircuts for men

. Everything is in the cutting technique. The same choppy layering method is used by a shaggy haircut, with the difference that the hair is cut into thinner pieces. With one, we’re sure you’re going to look and feel your best. For black men, the high top fade is a painless haircut that is appropriate for any environment. You can use the high top fade as an easy-to-maintain hairstyle solution regardless of your profession, curl pattern, or personal style in particular. As always, it is highly recommended to employ a professional barber. Shaved Sides Low maintenance haircuts for men

or a completely detached undercut followed by a long top looks amazing on rebellious guys. You should feel free as long as you want to allow the top to rise in time. Therefore, the only upkeep that you will have to deal with is to trim the sides and/or back from time to time. Simple Business Casual Haircuts

Easy Business Casual Haircuts

Occasionally swept back and nonchalantly trimmed. The bottom line is they look good, feel good, and exude confidence that you’ll appreciate those around you. Crew Cut Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Unless you want to make the extra effort, you won’t have to style your hair that much. Army Flat Top

They also have the army-specific version of the flat top when it comes to military cuts. The military flat top may or may not be a challenging hairstyle, depending on how strict you are with your desired length. If your hair is rough, though, the bristles are going to stand up on their own. Comb Over Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men