low fade hairstyles

High skin Fade

Low Fade With Curls

Versatility is one of the best low fade stuff. For black men, you can tailor this low-fade hairstyle to your tastes and likes. One approach is to add a thin, twisted line to make it your own and pair your hairstyle with a longer beard.


Hipster Low Fade Haircut

Without a hipster edition, no hairstyle idea list is complete. In this case, a long and wavy top with waves that remind one of the s and s is the hipster option. The moustache is also part of that era.

Men neck style

High Skin Drop Fade with Design

Low Fade vs High Fade Haircuts

Low fade vs high fade haircuts, although very similar in cut and design, can make a difference in your overall hairstyle and look. The thing is–many people don’t know exactly what a low-fade haircut is and where a high-fade haircut begins. Essentially, the main difference between low-fade vs. high-fadevs. mid-fade is where the cut tapers appear and how short the sides hair looks.

Flat Top Fade

Low Fade Haircut

Medium Fade

Mid Skin Fade

Connor McGregor

Medium Fade

Medium Fade

Mid Skin Fade

That’s a low-fade haircut with a traditional side part and an Ivy League going on.

Low Skin Fade with Messy Top

Try a messy top for a sleek, thick-haired, simple men’s hairstyle.

Man Bun

Wherever you turn your head, pun intended, the man bun has undoubtedly been the king of all hairstyles in recent years. Here’s an idea with a messy and casual man bun and a low fade haircut for a disconnected hairstyle.

Low Taper Fade with Shape Up and Beard

This textured hairstyle enables you to smooth or brush your hair in many different ways. For instance, with the right pomade, for a more relaxed appearance, guys with longer hair on top can always style a comb over for a classy look or messy hair.

Best low-fade haircuts

You can find quickly that low-fade haircuts fit well with short, medium and long hair, as well as a range of texture and hair styles.

Slicked Back Fade

Longer hair looks stunning when cut back from the face and placed softly on the sides of the head and back. This look is ideal for the weekend and matches with most of the styles a man wants. We love Mohawks!

Low Fade

What’s not to love, in fact? This long, messy, low-fade hair is bold, daring, wild and edgy. For any sort of face and hair texture, there is a great Mohawk. If you have long hair, more voluminous will be your Mohawk; which is practically like hitting the jackpot in hairstyle.

Buzz Cut With Beard

If you want to through your curls to a minimum, then you may want to try super short curly top and low fade. Combine the hairstyle with a longer beard to make a complete look. The contrast between your low curly fading hairstyle and the length of your beard is awesome.

Edgy Low Fade Haircut

So why not take a risk and take your haircut to the next level? Go big or go home, you know? This is a punkish, defiant, and trendy dyed platinum blonde back textured slick with a natural low fade.

Curly Mohawk

Curls add a lot of mohawk size and counter a sharp fad. To straight lines around the head, this low taper fade style is highlighted and emphasized with a good beard.

Spiky Hair

Do you gravitate to ruffian and rebellious hairstyles? Then a spiky top with a low fade skin is a perfect match for you. Make sure you have enough material for styling to make the spikes very distinctive. Use a hair gel to add flair, which will bring a crunchy look to your thorns.

Boy Haircuts Fade

If you want a low-fade haircut look as young and fresh as you can, we recommend you go for a non-conventional shade. We love this stony, rainy gray day, but you can choose one that calls to you more.

Low Fade With Curls

Criztofferson Longer curly hairstyles for guys, low fade cleans the edges for a cool look to wear. Go down to the skin all the way, or ultra short.

Military haircut

Clearly defined facial lines help to pop this look. To men who want something to make them look clean and fresh, it’s a great low bald fade choice and pairs really well with a small beard.

Cool Haircut Fades

How about mixing it with a subtly slanted pompadour as if the low fade haircut wasn’t cool enough on its own. It gives a careless, but dapper gentleman’s wind, who definitely knows how to swoop off her feet a woman.

Low Tapered Afro

magic, but Afro is taking things to a completely new level. Try that. Men’s Fashion

Keep it Angular

in a low-fade haircut adds focus, especially when compared to softer curls. To people who want something to make them stand out, this is a great look.

Ivy League Cut

Due to the hard part and the clear lines around the eyes, this low top fade attracts a lot of attention. These are good features that the brand highlights and will make a man look awesome.

Keep Things Fresh With Texture And Movement

People would enjoy adding ondulating movement to their hair if they want something fresh and revised. When shaped in shape and when the hair style draws attention, a low taper fade looks new and exciting.


Here is another example of a combination of two different haircuts producing a fresh new look with a low-fade undercut. The undercut fade is a new modern look that has burst into the scene to give men’s hairstyles an additional option. There’s a key to getting the fade undercut to make it look the right way. There should be three separate sections of the hair. The longest part of the undercut skin fade will be on top, the undercut segment will be under the crown and fade around the temples and ears. It offers a smooth, well-mixed cut that looks amazing.

Pompadour Fade

Pompadours do not need a lot of volumes, making them a great option for anybody. A low-fade haircut with sliced back pomp is a fun take on the traditional style and keeps the hair from being too short or too tall off the face.

Comb Over

is a prime example of how vital it is for a man’s hair to look fantastic from any angle. The contrast of the comb over low fade provides a clean and interesting look, especially when looking at this hairstyle from the back. More from Fade Haircut

A Full Guide

Dense volume with Bright Low Fade Low Fades help to balance hairstyles with extremely high volume. As you can see with this fohawk-inspired look, they create a great contrast.

High Volume Top with Subtle Low Fade Here’s another voluminous hairstyle with a low fade. It’s a sleek, youthful cut that fits well with virtually every type of hair.

Side Swept Strands Parts and fades like peanut butter and jelly go together! This trendy combination makes the hairstyle easy to step up.

Casual Wavy Taper This hairstyle might be your next look if you have thicker hair and prefer to look more comfortable.

Classy Temple Fade It’s easy to modify because the low fade is so flexible. This unique variant features a rasped line that tends to move under (or through) the mouth, producing an impressive visual effect.

Exceptionally High Volume Top with Clear Mid Fade This low fade produces tons of negative space around the ear that contrasts beautifully with heavy, bulky top and messy facial hair.

Great Low Fade Short Wavy Top Here’s a short, curly hairstyle with low fade. Elegant, quick to maintain, this style works for anyone!

Fringe Or Low Fade Or Both of these messy crops are made special by growing the fade by about one inch. The consequence is that we love a chic, hipsteric style.

With the low fade, Neat Short Pompadour with Extreme Low Fade d spice to your pompadour. This fantastic example has some facial hair associated, but we guarantee that is optional.

Shaved Neckline Low Faded Band Isn’t the low fade enough spice alone? Why don’t any hairline or neckline trends be incorporated? A basic band is a convenient extra around the chest.

Puffed Quiff with Neat Low Fade This light quiff is balanced on the sides by a low fade. The tidy hairlines show the importance of contrast on this cut.

Practically Hipstered Plain Top with Drop Fade This plain top hairstyle features dropped, low sides and back fade. Were we talking about the low fade that gives you a good place to put tattoos?

Short Drop Fade This is another crop with a low sides fade. Note the hairline curvature on the side as it swoops back and down towards the neckline.

Cozy Low Fade with Silky Push Back Create a beautiful look just like this one with just a few sliced-back features, low sides fade, and some facial hair attached.

Low Fade and Quiff This is a very long and wavy young style. You’d think it doesn’t fit with a low fade, but here you can see the side hair is sliced back to the top, with the lower hair cut into a fade.

Hardline Side Style and Textured Waves We described earlier hairline patterns, which is a great example! The shaved design contrasts with the thick side hair.

Medium Pompadour Styled This plain yet elegant pompadour has a low sides fade. There’s nothing remarkable about this style, but there’s no denying it’s a great look.

Natural part side brush We believe this angled, split hairstyle is really cool. What makes it so distinctive is the razor-straight hairline trim and exclusive pattern of the neckline.

Low fade and Curly Top This is a curly top with low sides fade. This chic, youthful look really represents an undercut’s basic principles— and everyone knows that the undercut is a great look.

Low fade and Side Line Model Another pompadour with carefully cut hairlines and a neckline design. Compare, compare, gap!

Low Fade and Lineup’

Super Cool Low Fade with Brush Up’

Low Fade and Neat Medium Top’

Low Fade and Side Part ‘

Low Fade with Shaved Line’

Great Low Fade Taper Fade’

The low fade haircut plus a long top makes a lot of imagination possible. To produce some exterior waves, you can use a curling iron to give the illusion of volume and length.

Gentleman’s Low Fade

The low fade of a gentleman consists of a small but very well-groomed pompadour with plenty of hair product to keep it in place. Obviously, to create those perfect side parts that make it so gentlemanly, you will need a special brush.

Curly Fohawk

You’re a curly-haired man who loves and wants to show off his hair? It’s not a problem! Use a given faded hairstyle to accentuate your curls. This curly low hairstyle is so impressive.

Undercut Top With Style

Allowing the top to grow a bit longer and then undercutting it to add some shape and volume is a nice fresh take on this style. If you want to match your head, men who accept this style can easily wear it with a small beard.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Having a short haircut is a very low-key way to wear hair and allows men to enjoy a look without having to spend time in the morning taking care of their skin.

Best Low Fades

To a low bald fade with any cool short hairstyle, try one of these hot haircuts for guys in

Tattoos Galore

A low fade haircut will allow you to show your skull tattoos. If you’re interested in finding out more hairstyles, we’ve written a whole article on Viking haircuts just for you. Skol!

Comb Over Low Fade

Men’s hair is about looking great from every perspective. Longer hair combed from the back to one side contrasts all around with short hair.

The Long Comb Over

This is a low taper fade haircut with a long comb on one side and a beard to match. Here are a couple of tips–don’t go with this cut for any sort of parting and keep your beard well-cut.

Combovers are becoming increasingly popular, check out more pebbles!

Textured Crop

On so many levels, this hairstyle is just as amazing. First and foremost, the light. It’s a very natural, sandy blonde that looks almost invisible on the sides of the taper. Second, the top layering gives it a great deal of structuring and scope.

Low Drop Fade with Hard Part Comb Over

One way to adjust the low taper fade is by inserting a drop curving around the ear to the neckline. Cut a hard part and put a comb over on top, and you’ve got an amazing haircut!

Mid Fade Comb Over

Slicker comb overlays are well defined and will never look fuzzy, flippant or uncempt. This is a great style for a man who wants to spend a little more time in the morning on his hair and want something that looks clean and fresh.

Low Skin Fade with Line Up and Quiff

Another retro look that has been redesigned for modern men is the queff hairstyle. This hot cut and style is definitely worth getting with a clean skin fade, line up, and hair design part on the side!

All About A Low Fade Haircut A to Z Guide

One of the most trendy hair cuts right now is a low fade hair cut. To men of all ages, it is a good haircut and usually fits well for various hair and facial shapes. We’re going to explore different styles of fades and some pros of having them in this photo gallery.

Tips How to cut Guide

Low Neck FadeTaper

A low neck taper spreads the fade to the neckline. Guys can keep their hair shorter for longer by fading down to your body.

Low Fade Buzz Cut

The low fade haircut was paired with military-based cuts only a matter of time. Here’s a mix between the cut of the induction, the basic cut of the buzz, and the low fade. It also has a beautiful shape.