Low and high Skin Fade Ideas

Anyone looking for a trendy and up-to-date haircut should be aiming for a skin fade. Its a fashionable hairdo, and it stands out from the traditional haircuts, helping a man keep up with the times. The contrast that the faded sides create is attention-grabbing with the sleek strands on the crown, and it is the real definition of what a stylish and contemporary man should look like.
Elegant Curly Bangs

This is one of the most beautiful haircuts you can wear if you have natural curly hair. This involves cutting the sides short and fading them while making them slightly messy while leaving some longer curly bangs on the crown and shaping.

Extra Long Side Swept Bangs

No models would look more beautiful than this, and some extra-long bangs would be left on the top. A rough side part should be produced and the long bangs should be styled with a side sweep. The only other thing you need to do is taper the sides to create a disconnect with the massive beard of the chin curtain.

Upscale Gray Blonde Coiffure

If you prefer to keep some length then heres a sleek haircut for you and you can build it by keeping a few long bangs on the crown and giving them a gray, blonde dye job. Then the sides and style should be faded with an up and side sweep.

hard part

Dramatic Up and Side Sweep Anyone seeking a decent and unique haircut should try this one. You should leave a long hair on the crown in order to replicate it, create a hard side part and taper the rest of the head. The model at the top includes sweeping the front and brushing sideways to create a dramatic look for the rest of the longer strands.

high Skin Fade and Mohawk

The main feature of a high fade is that the hair is only a few centimeters away from the head. This model also has a stunning Mohawk with some sleek strands that should be styled with subtle layers.

V-Fade Mohawk

Fabulous Spiky Locks

Spiky locks are very stylish, and this is more true if they are clean and have such a beautiful sound. And if you give it a smooth bald tapering on the sides, you can be sure of an elegant and eye-catching look.

Diagonal Side Sweep and Layering

Male haircuts come in all shapes and sizes and theres nothing you need to change to create a perfect look. All you need to do in this style is to leave a few inches of hair on the crown and then style it by layering and sweeping it diagonally to the sides.

Clear and Blurry Fade

This hair may look very complicated, but its very easy if you know how to build it. This involves keeping the crown strands very short and shaping by brushing them forward and finishing on the sides and back with a blurred fade.

Slick Back with

The slick back at the top is fantastic, making a man look really stylish. It has a smooth taper as well, but the cuts highlight is the fading which causes a disconnection with large facial strings.

Sassy Twisted Man Ponytail

Ponytails even work for men, which proves this without doubt. It has two twisted locks that end in the fishtail, but they are on the crown only from the roots, and the style also has a rough side line and on the sides a skin fade.

Magnificent Curly V-Style

The V-shape at the back of this haircut is incredible and one of the things that makes it stand out. The headdress has some beautiful textured curls on the crown as well as an incredible fade on the sides.

Peaky Golden Blinders

This haircut is more than just fading the sides as you also have to look right at the wedge. You will leave a few inches of hair for this to be possible and then give them a golden shade and finish by making them wavy and sweeping them over the fading region to the left.

Tapered Man Bun

You should leave longer hair on the crown and style to create this beautiful design by pulling it into a nice little man bun. Then you should build a side line and give a skin taper to the sides and back to finish the gorgeous look.

Simple and bumpy

Some men prefer easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain hairdos, making this one perfect for them. This includes blowing the crown strands to make them extra short and finishing on the sides with a bald fade.

Natural Textured Up-Sweep

In this design, the volume and natural texture of the long upswept strands are exceptional and sufficient to create a refined headdress. The bald fade on the sides, however, and the sexy full-face whiskers help take the look a little higher.

Classic Textured Curls and Fade

This model involves leaving some extra short textured curls at the top and making a very trendy look for the rest of the face. For a man who wants something quick that doesnt require maintenance, its a good haircut.

Extra high Flat Top

high maintenance is the only problem youre going to have with this haircut because its easy to create if you have long, bulky hair. You should leave the long hair on the crown to make this hairdo and style it into an extra high flat top and finish on the sides with fading.

Cute Blonde Line Up

Blonde is a beautiful color, but this hairdo is not the only thing that stands out. The cut is also fantastic, leaving some upswept and textured strands on the crown and giving a stylish tapering and line-up to the sides.

Faded hawk

This haircut is a Mohawk variation but has a very original shape. And it involves cutting the hairs in order to make them a little spiky so tapering the long hair towards the back in the middle. Then finish by fading the sides of the skin and making them a smooth line up.

Golden Blonde Curls and Skin Taper

This look is what you get when you browse your beautiful curls and give them a beautiful golden blonde shade. The cut and style is very simple, and on the sides you just need a fade and finish by sweeping the front curls out of the comb.

Skin Fade Pompadour with Rough Part

This is a medium-sized pompadour with a polished back fringe. You can see clearly the marks left by the brush. On both sides as well as in the back, it also has a rough side part and a strong skin fade.

How to Fade SkinHaving a skin fade haircut with a good barber should be a simple process. The physical part of the process is the sides ‘ slow clicking with a hair clipper, so it helps to have a barber experience and a good understanding of how you want to do this. There are some things you can do to make your stylist’s style easier to create. Approximately 2-3 inches of hair length is perfect for a better contrast between the fade and longer hair on top. Otherwise, for the bald fade, the most important thing to remember is how quickly you want to fade–medium, low, or mid. Note, the hair is shaved at the base of the taper.

Many would like a low skin fade that only fades at the bottom of the hair (just above the ear) and underestimates the rest of the body. Some people prefer a fade of high skin that leaves no hair on the hands. The selection is primarily due to individual preference, but carrying along a picture of the kind of bald fade you want will help your barber get the right style.

Undercut Fade with Pomp

Mid Skin Fade and Line Up with Short Curly Hair

Skin Fade Pompadour with Design

When you look closely at this haircut you will find that it has a thin, straight line-shaped hair on the hand. It’s a bit of sophistication and dignity that balances the pompadour’s rebelliousness.

The Gray Pompadour

Here’s a great color you can even try to pass on to your real one. It’s a dark blonde that merges on the sides and back into the skin where you can see the taper. Fantastic!

Green Skin Fade Pompadour

Green is the perfect summer hair color. It looks incredibly new and suits the setting.


Here’s what happens when a pompadour hits a quiff. You get a pompadour with a pointed tip and the layers that we’re all used to seeing now. It looks badass and like something Elvis is going to wear.