Long To Bob Haircut

Long, Side-Parted & Messy Pixie

Jaguar PS / Kristen Stewart appears to have signed a layered haircut permanent contract. Even Bella, Twilight’s favourite long-haired character, was athletic layers! The actress remains faithful to brief haircuts like bobs and pixies in true life. She lets layers talk to improve her texture and add more fun to her chaotic styling thoughts.

Long, Straight & Side-Parted Style

Tinseltown/ Here you can see how Cameron Diaz slays long-haired cameras. As a matter of reality, thin hair becomes even softer as long as it develops. There’s a way out, though. Ingredients of a remarkably tasteful hairstyle are some brief layers at the front and some longer layers at the mid-shaft.

Mahogany Middle Part

There’s so much to love about this vibrant and artsy look, from the beautiful mahogany color to the beautiful layers from front to back. Certainly this textured hairstyle pairs well with your favourite jeans or a little black dress in a flash.

Medium length haircut

Medium layer haircuts will fit those of you who are unable to make up their minds, whether they are brief or long. The thing is that it certainly solves the problem by adding layers of a distinct length. Besides, you will definitely kill two birds with one stone if you opt for lilac highlights! Just look at the juicy layered haircut.

Messy A-Line Lob

has always been the happy medium between classic brief bobs and lengthy hairstyles. Therefore, females who seek practicality and stylishness in every manner are the number one option. And this picture is here to demonstrate how creative the common concept can be with you. Get choppy layers, do some alluring, and take a look at your lob amp.

Messy Layered Lob With Side Bangs

Tinseltown / It’s difficult to think that this girl has thin hair. She always manages to be up-to-date with her hair, irrespective of the scene she appears at. If this chaotic lob with face-framing bangs is not the evidence of layers ‘ eternal strength, then what is it?


Do you want a chaotic look to rock? It’s for you this one. The sexy look we’ve all attempted at one stage is just-rolled-out – of-bed. But it seems so difficult to get right, isn’t it? The solution was finally found. Layers. It’s so easy. Think about it, adding volume when you add layers. And there’s a nice amount. Now throw a bit of color and your once lifeless hair has been thoroughly refurbished.

Middle Haircut

Never underestimate the beautiful authority of separation! Despite the manner, you sweep your hair, it has a wonderful visual effect. So if you’ve got very prominent cheeks or broad jawline, take your hair forward and divide it in the middle. In this manner, you will have plenty of space for framing that will offer a pleasant silhouette to your face and make your look even more appealing.

Long Layered Waves

Another amazing Rihanna hair look! Or, let’s say wearing layers is another way to profit. They function a bit differently on lengthy hair: instead of density, they balance all out with the excellent dimension and motion that stretches along the mane. A straightforward wavy hairstyle turns into a red-carpet look as a consequence.

Ombre Inverted Bob: Women Short Hairstyle

Talk about some color INTENSE! Using some vibrant shades, this long bob is brought to life with a shockingly bright purple up to some distinctive white ends. A’ fairytale’ style that will take over the space for sure!

Pixie Layered Haircut

A layered pixie looks quite saturated and daring with smaller sides and longer tops. When it comes to coloring choices, the cut is quite flexible.

Racy Razored Layers

This funky cut with strongly rasped edges contributes a lot of texture to medium dense hair. This look is both natural and enjoyable with a longer side fringe cut in proportion to the razored edges of the shoulder width. Start with a dramatic color like mahogany or blue-black and add a few colorful streaks to take this look to a new level of boldness.

To style, dry your hair with the towel and apply a smoothing cream beginning at the ends and then decontaminating your hair. Blow-dry with your fingers or a paddle brush on one side. You don’t have to concentrate on brushing your hair until it’s sleek as you go for a funkier look. Add some pomade and a shine serum when it’s dry and then use a flat iron to add twists and turns if desired.

You can add additional volume by cutting your hair close to your chin. Medium-long layers will increase your quantity as well. This fun and flirty cut operate fantastically with a bold color like a platinum blonde or fiery red, or highlighted hair. Add a heat-protective volumizer to your hair. Then roll your hair down and back on top of your head for maximum volume and texture with-inch warm rollers. Remove your curls and enable them to cool before you use your fingers to softly break them and spray them with a powerful spray.

This smooth and chic cut with smaller and medium-length layers adds volume and size to natural waves and curls. Longer side-swept bangs beautifully mix with this classic layered haircut shoulder length. Use a paddle brush to remove any surplus moisture by applying your favorite volumizer to damp hair and then blow-dry. Switch to a round brush when almost dry to produce flips in the layers and swoop the bangs to one side. Spritz with a light spray and scrunch your curls for beachy waves and an allied, carefree appearance.

Rose Curly Layered Bob

Curly bob hairstyles may differ. We’re not talking about the variation of tight and loose curls by’ different;’ we’re talking about the visual effect and mood they can produce. And it goes without stating that her greatest weapon is a shadow of bright color when a female is about to stand out. A smooth rose tint will help you see the distinction over layered curly bob, that’s for sure.

Sexy Stacked Layers

This long-layered sultry compliments those with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces and really adds good hair volume. Start with a curl-boosting item on your humid hair and blow dry for lighter volume with a round brush. Then create big vertical curls using a big curling iron, alternating each other’s direction curls. For complete volume and motion, shake loose and softly separate with your fingers and finish with a light holding spray.

If you prefer a style to be a bit retro-chic inspired by’s Boho Chic then add a burst of color or subtle scanning tones for a contemporary touch. Prepare with a smoothing cream your wet hair and then blow dry using a smooth volume round brush. Next use a flat iron to spin your hair for additional quantity and back the crown region behind your fringe. The complete fringe emphasizes this look for a fun take on a classic Bohemian style.

A fun, bright color like cherry red or copper blonde with side-swept bangs will create any style really pop. A drastic shadow or two-tone balayage adds depth and size to a more contemporary twist.

Shaggy Layers For Long Hair

Long hair can meet whole lotta issues; anything from knots that cause breakage to blow wind that spoils the look is what makes growing a long mane a difficult task. Fortunately, you can create a barrier to prevent you from such an unpleasant routine, and the basics are periodic conditioning plus shaggy layers. Layering will make your hair less heavy so you won’t be bothered by knots. You will only profit from it when it comes to humid weather, as wind will set your layers in movement once it falls on them.

Shaggy Layers With Bangs

It is difficult to see where the bangs end and the long layers start: the look is perfectly blended. To achieve this, your hairstylist will adjust both levels of hair to a single texture, making them a single whole full of harmony and dynamics.

Sharp Angled Inverted Bob:

Sharp angled bob may be brief and lengthy depending on the preference of the individual. It is vital, however, that the hairdresser understands his job well and is able to correctly angle your hair. A poorly angled inverted bob cut could completely spoil your look. Therefore, you have this as an alternative if you want to take the risk.

Short & Messy Layered Bob

Wet-hair appears only flatter women who know how to do it right. Obviously, all the secrets about the trendy fashion concept have been disclosed by Jenna Dewan. It’s now your turn. And layers are not only an indication; they are the key. To produce that effortless, chaotic but harmonic moist hairstyle, some layered finish to bob is enough.

Short & Tousled Layered Pixie

Featureflash Photo Agency / Halle Berry is another woman who does not like to be separated from layers. The wonderful actress has made dozens of haircuts and hairstyles change, jumping from brief to lengthy thoughts. But her style has always had one steady thing–layers.

She understands that when it comes to adding some dynamics to the look, no styling products can cope with layers. And another evidence is this allled pixie spotted on the iconic celeb.


Is it really more fun for blondes? If they have this hairstyle, we bet they do! While this cut is quite brief, the integrated ombre method still makes it soft and playful. And you can also take it away. It’s your only task to preserve this look by taking care of the color and shine. You don’t even have to worry about expanding through your roots–it just adds to the look.

Short Gradual Bob

We talked about how good a bob appears at all lengths. This is an excellent illustration of our next model. She wears a very brief, very gradual bob. With her face’s natural curves, it operates very well.

Short Bob

This form of bob should not be used with lengthy hair. That’s why it’s so flexible. Our bellows model displays a brief reversed bob. It still provides layering around the neck’s back. To make this hairstyle even less maintenance, the front is trimmed short. It’s good for females with brief and round faces as well. It offers the same “framing” impact we addressed previously as the round bob.

Inverted Bob short:



This is all the natural redheads. Oh, how we want your hair to be possible. Fortunately, we’re in with a shot right now. Well, we’re going to have to keep the color and get our roots done once in a while, but it’s worth it altogether. For spring and summer months, this oh-so-striking orange is ideal. Imagine walking down the road shining hair under the hot rays of the sun.

Short Red Bob With Dark Roots

The correct coloring may show the complete potential of layered haircuts. They can improve strand motion, add more dynamics, and simply add more personality to the look. Okay, the theory is enough. Let this layered brief bob show with dark origins the magic of vibrant color.

Short straight bob

One of the primary purposes of layers is to provide a heavy twist to all manes with dull, flat appearance. It’s no secret that whatever they are, bob haircuts can’t do without tons of volume turning off the look. And that’s another reason to let your life into layers. Unless you want, of course, to wear such an intriguing and advanced straight bob.

Bob Short Wavy Layered

Waves look best on layers. Regardless of how long or short, your hair is, the soft texture that cuts off your tresses ‘ extra weight will give the ageless waves a new life. Just look at how sensitive and subtle this brief layered bob is! The crown is so airy it looks like flying away. Isn’t that any lady dreams of a harmonic casual look?


If the volume is what you’re looking for, volume is certainly what you’re going to get. There’s so much boost in this hairstyle, we’re super jealous. But most of it is natural volume, we’re fairly sure. Although some backbiting could definitely also be in the mix. This style is made up of many brief layers. Also, they are the reason for all that volume–well, some of it anyway.

Inverted Shoulder length Bob

This sort of bob does not necessarily require lengthy hair use. It can also be used with shoulder-length hair as illustrated by the model here. Bobs also don’t have to be flat. The model shows well that this hairstyle gives a complete look with a little teasing. Whether you’re in the boardroom or out in the city, it’s fantastic. Making the shift is very simple.

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Side Parted Haircut

Nothing operates better than side partitioning when dealing with lengthy, slim, and pointed face forms. Yes, here is another instance of how it impacts the look of the meeting. Make sure one side is outweighed by the other and there’s enough volume on the heavy side. The heavy part will attract attention from the slender body of your style, balancing everything out with a touch of asymmetry, whether it’s wavy or straight styling.

Side-Parted Layered Lob

Styled by Carolynn Find the concept to call your hairstylist right now and ask for layers. Have you ever seen anything as advanced as this side-parted bob? Yes, the wonders of layers are working. They create the waves flow so dynamically, in addition to add volume on top, that it’s difficult to take eyes off. The cake’s icing?

Side-Parted Layered Pixie-Bob

How about a different side of the favorite pixie bob for everyone? With its spectacular volume burst on the crown, you may remember it as a well-groomed, completely straight haircut. And the truth is, in spite of being the exact opposite, the classic idea has a sister that is as good as it is. A trend-setting, side-parted pixie bob with carefree layers running through the length is an amazing fresh take.

Side-Parted Straight Bob + Layers

Function Flash Photo Agency/ It’s no secret that sexy Cameron Diaz has a very slender sort of hair. But what do you understand? For her, as she understands how to get the most out of her locks, it was never a issue. And it goes without stating it was nothing but a win – win choice to get a lively brief bob. The lightened ends add to her hair more depth while her bob’s curvy body generates a volumetric shape.

Side-Parted Wavy Lob

Krista Kennell/ There is no better way to improve wave beauty than to get layers. Well, there’s no better instance than the hairstyle of this Miley Cyrus, too. Horizontal layers creating a sweeping impact can distinguish every single wave. If you believe waves are easy, pick up layers and believe again.

Side-Swept Wavy Pixie

jordi renee Do not forget to recreate this easy but eye-catching and flexible concept when you have time for beauty transformations. There are so many amazing styles you can do with your pixie of medium length, but this concept fits all occasions: from a walk with your friend to a wedding ceremony. Sweep your hair, wave every strand, and put a coat of hairspray in place. In addition, the lightness and manageable layer texture will enable you to forget numerous touch-ups.

Silky Inverted Bob with Volumizing Back

Screaming with modern fashion and finishing with a contemporary look, this edgy and artsy look will surely be a hit any moment of the day. She leaves a straight stick of her brown and black locks, adding some product for a silky look. She’s just teasing the back a bit to show off her unique angled haircut.

Simple Angle: Side View

Not too severe but not too subtle, this simple angled inverted bob hairstyle is ideal for females over or females who merely want a tame style that’s still on the trend.

“Sleek Curly Medium” Bob

Super Long Bob Cuts

Everyone believes a bob haircut has to be ridiculously brief; well, it demonstrates otherwise! This beautiful super-long bob, while still bouncy and fresh, keeps her guy plenty of duration. Her angle is ideal and the light brown highlights we love, completely complementing her skin tone.

Super Short Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

Hairstyle that looks great for round faces, her inverted bob is sliced in front of her chin and left extra short in the back. Her side bangs are cute, and her eye is wispy enough to look sultry from behind.

Textured And Shaggy Layers

” Very Short Pixie “

strength.n.dignity Pixies are never boring, whether they are super short or exceedingly long and watery. And yes, they can also be layered: the nice ancient layers do not have any length constraints. Layering will provide the brief tresses with dynamics on shorter haircuts, making the whole look more organic and harmonic.

Voluminous Bob Curled

The curls are simply glamorous. Thanks to a large-barrel curling iron, tons of volume, it’s a fantastic look for prom or any other fancy occasion where it’s a must to look like a queen.

Voluminous Inverted Bob:

A nice quantity of short hair looks really nice and can make you self-confident. Some indoor hair chopping will increase the quantity of your ordinary hair. This inverted bob hairstyle is an even better option for you if you have dense hair than females with good hair.

Ideal Age Group: In their early years, this fits females better.