40 Best Long Hairstyle

Back Undercut with Hooked Top

Undercut is a excellent way to maintain your hair long while reducing drying time and styling time. This cut works well with the loose buzzed back style. You can wear the hair in a knot as well.

Blonde Long Top Haircut

In addition to summer highlights, long hair and tiny divided tails are evident. The middle portion is more of a classic or messylook while the side portion blends in completely for most facial characteristics as well as flattering.


 Braided Sides with Long Top’

The cool thing about braids is that they can be added to the hairstyle of any man. This new style combines two side braids with lengthy hair worn over into a knot to accentuate the allledhairdo.

Casual Long Hair

One of the coolest and most natural ways for people to wear long hair. It’s also simple to style, just use a smooth product that fits your sort of hair and just style it with your fingers.

Classic Native American Hair

This is a classic Native American hairstyle with no parting. Native American males are now renowned for their lengthy flowing locks that make us all really jealous.

Creative long haircut

The creative long haircut breaks from its conservative mold when styled with different hair length. It’s all about making wavesall with lots of volume and texture across the head.

Men’s Curly Long Hairstyle

If you have natural curly hair then attempt this awesome curly hairstyle. This style can be achieved by cutting the hair to the length of the shoulder.

Elegant side parts

The most popular side parts of men’s lengthy hairstyles. They look awesome and require very little product and effort from the hair.

Extra Long Hairstyle for Men with Beard

If you have the time and patience to arrange your hair every day, attempt this famous lengthy hairstyle. The hair length also raises the amount of time you need to spend on styling it.

hair style dreads

It makes a declaration and will make you stand out most definitely. Give it a large smile and your picture is complete.

Long dark braided hair

Afro dreadlocks are the other way for people to wear long black hair. This contemporary version has more than the traditional straight hair profile of a wild shape.

Men’s long dark hair

This lengthy hair is prevalent to Asian men. Wear it as much as you can, it will certainly make you look like a samurai warrior, but you can also choose a natural look.

Mature Men’s lengthy hairstyles

The texture pattern operates for all hair lengths, from brief to medium to long. With the correct styling operation, long hair goes from advanced boring to make you look younger with guaranteed achievement.

Naturally, straight hair is obviously a blessing. And it might be the best thing you’ve ever done to decide to grow it out. Here’s a pro tip–invest in a conditioner of high performance to maintain your locks smooth and silky.

Long Thick Wavy Hair

If you have long wavy hair, don’t worry about relaxing it. To complement your jawline and highlight your eyes, it is best worn in its natural state along with a complete beard.

Man Bun and Sides Connected to Beard

Man bun pattern is going strong because wearing lengthy men’s hair is an simple and effective way. This cool version has lengthy hair and brief buzzedsides on top. Thissamurai bun’s contrast is distinctive.

Man Bun with Short Sides

Here is another look at a classic long hair bun. It looks like a natural-looking messycut when the hair is either worn down or fully revealed in a man-bun style.

Medium Older Men Dreadlocks

This unconventional style of dreadlocks is one of the most common lengthy hairstyles for men. This is a mixture of loose chaotic top and shoulder-length dreadlocks in relation to the traditional look.

Medium Length Blonde Hair

This is the best choice you can make if you can develop lengthy hair and complete beard. A fast mix of the sideburns contributes a smooth finish to the cut.

Medium Length Messy Hair

A born rebel might be less concerned about how it looks like his hair. The hair is just like his master, spread all over, with an effort to create a ponytail and maintain the hair in one location.

Medium length side

Men’s shoulder length hairstyles are simple to mix and our steady design requires. Asimple side-swept appearance enables your hair to fall naturally. Evite anything that takes away the natural look.

Messy Caught UpHair

Create an elf-shaped high and tight braided ponytail. It also provides you a fresh world view in addition to maintaining your hair out of your face.

Messy Long Blonde Hair

Also look good with chaotic waves, the same sliced back and all styles that work with straight hair. Keep your hair from your face and eyes, adding wavy volume by messing it up.

Messy Low Bun

You get a natural, casual look from the messy ponytail. Making it’s simple and it saves you a lot of time. It’s ideal when you’re in a hurry for early mornings.

Middle Parted Blonde Hair

If you’re in grunge music, it’s the look that’s best for you. Messy and it’s simple to appreciate with a center portion when there’s no need for design but the wind.

Perfectly sliced back

For any formal event, lengthy men’s hairstyles take a long sliced back hairstyle that is often selected. It is possible to wear casually or professionally sliced back hair.

Ponytail and Full Grown Beard

Simple male ponytail is the most prevalent style for long-haired individuals. It’s a must for someone with lengthy hair at some stage. This could be the initial way to handle hair because it’s so simple to produce.

Side Bangs Ponytail

Make some effort to maintain your hair smooth and soft. Keep it controlled with balm or wax if you have thin messy hair and make sure your hair becomes organized chaos.

Shaggy Layers

Keeping it natural and tidy is the primary thing to remember. It’s completely appropriate to keep your hair loose, just use a little item to tame any rebel hair.

Long Dreadlocks Shaved Sides

Keep your hair out of your manner with this classic mixture of heavy fade and guy bun. The dreadlocks add to your manly and exotic look, and when it comes to what distinguishes men from children, the beard is unquestionable. We have more fears for you here.

Structured Ponytail

It is clear that the Ponytail style is not only for females. You can also attempt to make a highly organized ponytail if you have lengthy hair.

Stylish long hair and wavy hair

Nothing can beat to let your hair grow. For males, long hairstyles can create a declaration. If they’re super straight, they can look a little blunt and if you choose this style, it’s better to add texture and waves to your locks.

Suave Long Hair

Messier textured styles are trendy for longer hairs as well. Only by using your hands can this be readily styled. To get that definition and quantity, the secret is salt spray, achieving a natural chaotic look.

Hank ge

Instagram Curly goodness that is the hair of Hanks may not be for everyone, but surely one thing, it’s something to look at. He can readily pull off the wild jungle kid look with hair like his, but he looks as dapper as possible with a few styling products. If you have curly hair, let it grow, throw him a follow-up and get the hearts of the women.


Instagram What a sleek haircut would be. He wears his hair like an accessory for fashion, which is why he deserves a position on this list.

Jay Alvarez

Instagram If you’ve been on social media for some moment, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Jay Alvarez. The born Hawaiian guy has become a symbol of a bold jet-set lifestyle and is one of the most important out there influencers.

As of now, on his channel, he has amazed several million supporters where he shares photos of his adventures. His hair is slightly curly but still simple enough to keep slipping back.

He’s the dream of many adolescent women out there with a boyish look.

Definitely, if you have curly hair, someone to look into and don’t want to grow it as long as Hank.

Jimmy Q

People in Instagram believe Jimmy Q is one of the hottest boys out there. That’s likely what his adherents believe, at least. You believe you’re looking at an ancient picture book when you first look at Jimmy’s Instagram Profile. He might come out of the s directly. Hair sliced back.

In his eyes, an old soul look, vintage-looking clothing but blended with his body almost completely covered in tattoos. With just enough vintage vibes, he produces a contemporary look to make you feel nostalgic.

Jimmy understands how to play with the style of the centuries and produces a distinctive look that someone else has yet to achieve.

Josh Mario John

Instagram Josh is a guy that many females are dreaming of. Tattoos, muscles, a blond beard and either a man bun or a wavy medium lengthy haircut that looks chaotic but at the same moment preserved, making him look wild yet romantic.

Welcome to his slightly curly hair, which completely supports his guy bun, adding even more volume to it. /


Here’s time for a little side note: being on Instagram nowadays it’s fast to understand that the days of the exceptionally short hair are almost gone.

The Social Media celebrity is now the favourite go to medium to long as it merely provides you more styling choices.

In the Instagram globe, making every image stand out is essential, one way to accomplish this is to rock on almost every image a distinct hairstyle.

You can carry it down, put it in a bun, or just half of it, and let the other half hang down by stating this if you have lengthy hair. While with short hair, it provides you an alternative, well you have short hair.

The modern man enjoys range and that’s precisely what you get from medium to lengthy hair.

Ryan Clark

Stephen James

Instagram Stephen James a.k.a who is Elijah is one of the largest paid male models on the scene and with millions of supporters he is one of the largest paid male models on the scene.

A lot of tattoos, a well-trained body and also his comparatively short hair cut with fading sides are featured in his signature look.

Now that you need powerful facial characteristics, the thing with haircuts like these. This haircut can definitely be pulled off by Stephen as he has a powerful male jawline that completely supports his short hair.

Toni Mahfud

Instagram Toni Mahfud respectively one of the greatest influencer names out there with millions of supporters showing off not only his crazy art and editing abilities but also his style looking for someone to compete with.