Lemonade Braids Glass!

by Andrea PaymeBraids named after a summer drink updated on December 2018? What’s all this about? We believe we know! Just like their life spokes-icon Beyonce lemonade braids are refreshing and tasty tart and sweet, quenching the thirst of thousands of women who put a ring on the look.

What are the braids of Lemonade?

Lemonade braids are named after Beyonce’s Lemonade album in which she always rocked a side cornrow> Fulani a dash of Goddess braids and a lot of laid edges and feed-ins. Almost anything goes for lemonade braids but there is one sacred Lemonade Rule which definitely shouldn’t be broken tresses that have to be braided to the side. Check out the best ideas below!

Purple Passion Chunky Braids

Look no further if you’re on a mission to find those awesome colored lemonade braids! Thick, curvy metallic purple goddess-style braids wrap around the scalp in the shape of a royal crown before cascading like a veil to one side.

Classic Style Lemonade Braids

This is what we imagine Bey had in mind when she asked her faithful hairstylist to create a new look for her visual album Lemonade. Since then, they have been a simple and straightforward example of classic lemonade braids!

Thick Wheel-Pattern Braids

She goes round and round where nobody thinks she can stop! These large lemonade braids are shaped in a complex wheel pattern that extends outward from a hub center and frames the scalp in a cyclical crown. The face is framed by laid edges and two peek-a-boo braids.

Blue Sunset Skinny Braids

Small cobalt braids grow slightly thicker as they spread outwards and create an eye-catching effect that reminds us of the sunset at night. The splash of bright blue extensions and the flat curled laid edges give the jet-black braids a great contrast.

Complete Scalp Patterned Side Braids

The multitude of braids twisting and turning in each direction seems to have left no part of the scalp behind. Pewter-tone metal hair clips decorate just a few of the many braids and two over – the-ear surprise tresses on both sides balance the hairstyle.

Topknot Ponytail Braids

An interesting twist on the standard side-swept style is a braided lemonade ponytail made in deep metallic purple. Small, thin braids are split between thick curved braids that feed into a whimsical topknot with long, shiny braids that sprout from the center of the bun.

Bead and wrap braids

On these wine-colored Beyonce lemonade braids, super-long extensions are enhanced with white hair strings on just a few of the braids. All but two of the thin braids are swept to one side, leaving two plated braids decorated with wooden beads and a single shell over the other ear.

Forward Hair Wrap Braids

Everything about this lemonade-inspired goddess-braid style is thick, including the individual braid width and curly edges. It’s a look that we think works best for younger girls or teens because it’s easy to keep and quick to put in and take out. French/201.716.jpg” />

Wrap-Around Triangular Braids

After being neatly divided into symmetrical triangular sections, four jumbo braids snake around the head on one side and four additional jumbo braids drop straight down on the other side. It’s an extraordinary sporty and trim hairstyle.

Thick and thin braids

Can’t decide whether your lemonade braids should be thick or thin? No need if you choose a hair>extensions!

Golden Swirl Lemonade Braids

Sleek and simple lemonade braids are beautifully enhanced when woven into golden extensions. Gently curving around the head’s crown, the braid pattern is elegant and sophisticated (and relatively easy to put in!) Braid cuffs and laid edges provide the final touches.

Diamond Goddess-Lemonade Braids

Take the thickness of a goddess braid to divide the scalp into a diamond pattern and add some mini-cornrous accent braids and you have an Aztec-inspired side braid style. It’s the best way to make geometric designs using nothing but beautifully braided hair.

Back and Forth Thin Braids

Half back and half back lemonade braids are very pretty and perfect for a woman who prefers thin braids over chunky braids. A hairstyle like the one shown here can work with any braid length and with or without braid wraps or other accessories can be recreated.

If you are a woman who enjoys creatively and stylishly showing off your hair then lemonade braids should be high on your bucket list. Practical and attractive these braids are also a hot and trendy option to give a break from the constant stresses of harsh processing to your overworked hair. The lemonade braids come in all shapes and sizes from micro-braids to cornrows to thick goddess braids. You can dress them up with beads and baubles jewels of vibrant colors and string and unique hair cuffs. One thing is certain that there are more than enough stylish and flexible hairstyles of lemonade braids to fill up a huge refreshing pitcher! Related Super Hot Cornrow Braid Hair Best Black Braided Hair Amazing Fulani Braids for Women of All Ages Braids with Beads Hair Eye-Catching Ways to Exquisite Box Braids Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Get inspiration from the hair style. Regardless of your hair type, we will help you find the perfect hairstyles The Perfect Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeAgeOlder Women