Lea Thompson – Lea Thompson Biography

Lea Thompson is a well-known film and television actress of American origin, famous for having worked in successful films of the late ’80s and for her series “Caroline in the city”.

Lea Katherine Thompson He was born on May 31, 1961 in the city of Rochester, located within the state of Minnesota in the United States of America.

Her first steps in show business were totally alien to the cameras, since she practiced classical dance from a very young age. At the age of eight she began with ballet and by fourteen she was already a professional.

Her great ability led her to win important awards, such as scholarships for him. American Ballet Theater and the San Francisco Ballet. From that moment on, it was included in several companies, among which stand out the Minnesota Dance Threatre, the Pennsylvania Ballet Company and the Ballet Repertory.

Unfortunately, upon reaching the peak of his career, the dancer Baryshnikov told him that he lacked fluency. This strong comment from a dance star led her away from the stage, although some minor injuries also played a role.

Without a fixed course Read He decided to move to New York City when he was just 20 years old. There she wanted to start a career in acting and was lucky enough to be chosen by the directors of Burger King for some advertisements.

He immediately jumped into the film industry, acting alongside Dennis Quaid on “Jaws 3”(Shark 3). Even so, it did not become recognized until 1983, when it was the protagonist of “All the Right Moves”(All correct movements), next to Tom cruise Y Chris penn.

From there he had the opportunity to join the cast of the series “The wild life”(Wild Life), which she shot throughout 1984. Her growing fame made her the actress who Steven Spielberg wanted for his next film.

Back to the Future”(Return to the future) led her to embody the mother of Marty McFly, interpreted by Michael J. Fox. In the movie, Fox travels to the past and finds himself in the moment when his supposed father, Crispin glover, he was going to be hit by his mother’s car.

Later, Read returned to play the role of Lorraine, accompanied by Elisabeth shue, with whom he had shared his first notices in Burger King. However, this was not until 1989, when it was released “Back to the Future 2”(Back to the future II).

In 1986, he performed with Joaquin phoenix in the film “SpaceCamp“(Space Camp) and later starred in”Howard the Duck”(Howard Duck), based on the famous character from Marvel comics. The person in charge of the special effects was Lucasfilm, the company of George Lucas.

The third installment of “Return to the future”Was released in 1990, reaching total earnings of more than 230 million dollars. Steven Spielberg was very enthusiastic about preserving the original cast, composed of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd Y Elisabeth shue.

In 1993 she became the mother of Daniel the terrible, again sharing some scenes with Christopher Lloyd, same year in which he also shot “The Beverly Hillbillies”(Los Beverlyricos).

For 1995 she returned to television being the protagonist of her own series “Caroline in the city”(Caroline in the city). It aired on September 21 and ended its broadcast only on May 11, 1999.

Strong competition with series like “Friends” (with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney cox, Lisa kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew perry Y David schwimmer) or “Seinfeld” (from Jerry seinfeld), forced her to end this facet in her life.

From this moment, Read she kept working on low-budget movies and appearing on series as a guest. Unfortunately, it has not returned to a notable success, although it is awaiting the premiere of some feature films.

Exit Speed”Is still in post production and will have Fred ward, while “Balancing the Books”He still has some dates to complete his filming.