70+ Layered Hair Ideas

Ripple layers

This is a straight hair for medium length. It provides the hair a beautiful texture that describes each layer well with a ripple effect almost the same as the layered V-cut.

Sandy Warm Lights

Tinseltown / Shutterstock Many brunette actresses aren’t out of their brunette area because they’re scared of alterations or limits. The reality is that the color palette of the brown hair is so vast and the color choices are so infinite that there is always space for amazing experiments. Here you can see Natalie Portman with smooth sandy highlights kissing her locks sporting her new and crispy light brown hair color. She not only went a brunette shade brighter to illuminate her eyes and reflection but also finished the fresh color with bright accents. She merely breathed a fresh life into her dark brown mane in this manner, adding to it more dimension and motion.

Scattered Bronde Highlights

rafaelbertolucci Would you like to maintain your hair color guessing? Is it red-brown hair light? Or a blonde of gold? Ask for light brown hair with blonde highlights in hot brown light, pale auburn, golden blonde shades and just a hint of blonde buttery tones. The final look is going to be full of texture and depth. Style your hair for a sexy and carefree atmosphere in smooth beach waves. Be sure to spray your wavy tresses with a generous quantity of sea salt and enable them to air dry. Scrunch them a little for a fun and flirting mildly chaotic atmosphere. Your light brown curly hair is now prepared to rock!

Sexy Modern Shag for

Several decades ago the shag haircut was in the sun, but this contemporary version is worth a throwback. The face-framing layers begin with lengthy bangs divided down the center, while the longer choppy layers with loose waves maintain the cut fresh and contemporary. Look at the inparison before the image, too. They didn’t add too much color, just by adding layers they turned her hair!

Shaggy light-brown

This is a fabulously fashionable and easy-care hairstyle for medium or fine hair females of all ages! And the soft light brown color, which looks natural, is also very trendy. It’s also an easy-to-maintain hair color design as the lovely blonde ombré gets shorter just as you’ve trimmed your hair. But the really eye-catching characteristic is the beautiful, allled layers and degraded tips that are tapered. To create surface patterns and fantastic additional volume, they add so much appealing texture and -D color. So good and shaggier hair feels a lot thicker!

Haircut Short Curly

Short and adorable, at the same moment, this hairstyle can say “classy” and “fun;” the mood depends on your outfit. This hairstyle is another excellent choice for you if you have natural curly hair.

Shoulder Length Hair

This is a excellent hair and curly hair cut. The cut of the shoulder-length is long enough to have sufficient weight to prevent it from getting puffy. There are a few brief layers around the face, then from the bottom the remainder of the cut has razor-cut choppy layers about inches. This style will offer a pleasant shape to the cut, whether it is curly, wavy, or straight work.

Side Layered Haircut For Short Hair:

This is the most probable medium-length hairstyle available today. The brief cut has an absolute fab factor that is a excellent way to begin any event where you are the focus of attention most definitely. This is the oval shape face’s easiest layer cut hairstyle.


Side Swept Blonde Long Layered Hair

Silky Shoulder Long Layers

If you like a little bit of your long hair on the shorter side, this is a fantastic cut for you! For those with naturally straight hair, this style will work best. From front to back, there are uniformly cut pieces that are as short as the chin length and as long as the shoulders. Styled away from the face (as you can see in the picture the symmetry of these layers.

Silver pixie cut with purple tones

Contrasting colors add texture to this beautifully styled pixie cut for medium or fine hair. Dark roots under silver-blonde add -D color depth that makes good hair appear thicker.

This look is elegant and easy. Long parts of face-framing are mixed in the back into long layers. A blowout is the best way for this kind of cut to rock. With a cut like this, it’s simple and always lovely to get your styling routine down.

Simply Pretty Shoulder Length Layers

This adorable simple hairstyle could operate well on medium or fine hair texture (dense hairy gals might want to take a pass on this one as it might be too dense. A subtle c-shaped bottom is cut just below the hips with brief layers all around the bottom to break the ends and lend a small bottom to the bottom.

This shadow fade is ideal if you have medium brown hair color and want to give it a pleasant natural color burst. Highlighted light brown hair is so girly and chic. Start with dark brown origins and for a sexy and demure look, slowly fade into a pale blonde.

Soft Highlights For Toffee Brown

Nothing can be combined with a color combination of two comparable colors, and Jessica Alba understands that like no other. She goes for soft light brown highlights over her toffee brown hair color for a more alive look complete of natural luster. Together, these incredible shades produce a well-balanced, totally harmonious ensemble that can accommodate any thought and bring any sort of hair to the next level.

Stacked bob haircut

Having them cut into stacked layers is another type of bob haircut. This is to look more sleek with a sharp structure and shape. This would go well with front side-swept bangs over the shoulder-length hair.

Sun Kissed Layers and Highlights

This cut is an excellent “recovery” style if coloring and styling left your hair dry and needed some TLC. The all-over layering begins on the face and sweeps gently back to the ends. This can allow you to cut damaged ends and give your hair a natural shape that does not require day-in and day-out heat styling strictly.

Sunkissed Brunette

Many of us dream of being kissed by the sun. It’s high time to stop dreaming and begin to act! Ask your hairstylist to highlight your dark brown locks with a combination of various shaded sun rays and appreciate the eternal summer wherever you go!

Swoopy neck bob layers

Bob haircut is the latest trend in the city and is the perfect cut for shoulder-long hair. Adding more volume to the hair in some layers and a very contemporary look to the face.

Textured Bob

Bob can be an instrument to make your hair look larger and more voluminous. Like this hairstyle, with a textured bob cut, you can look more mature and classy.

Aniston Signature Layered Cut Hairstyle:

This is one of the layer-cut hairstyles that all females preferred early and mid-sized sports. It is likely one of the medium-length hair’s best displays. The hair looks so vibrant and is so well split that nearly all women out there are prepared to sport on their heads. Rock some blonde highlights and you’re going to begin to look like Jennifer. This layer cutting hairstyle is one of those looks that will make you look like an utter carefree girl and wherever you go you can create your own mark.

The appropriate type of face and hair: medium-length hair, type facing small & medium.

Casual Summer Hairstyle For Toned Faces:

If you have the necessary face type, this is one of the finest layered hairstyles to match your face type. The pattern that this layer with the distinct layers cutting hairstyle sports is quite spectacular and can immediately impress people. If you only carry a nice hairstyle for that purpose, it’s going to be the correct thing for you. The hairstyle is straightforward and easy to maintain. It does not involve a great deal of maintenance. It will be okay to have good hair quality to sport this hairstyle.


Choppy Layered Hairstyle:

This sort of layered hairstyle is very attractive and simple to perform; anywhere. This hairstyle has many choppy layers. It looks intelligent and attracts attention quite effectively. The hairstyle is completely new and can immediately impress all spectators. A small brown color applied to this hair makes it look incredible and very classy. The pattern this hairstyle means with the hair of medium length is something you’re not likely to see every day. If you go to a party, it can be one of those things that can make you look very attractive.

The Group of Ideal Age: Women.

Perfect opportunity: every time.

Best Trial Season: Summers.

Matching dress: wears both occidental and casual.

Appropriate types of face and hair: medium-length hair, type facing small & medium.

Highlighted Layered Hairstyle:

Latest Layered Hairstyle:

This is a fairly good-looking layered haircut which is now out and is sported out by most females. If you have blonde hair naturally, then this hairstyle layer cut will be one of the best looking for you.

Best Trial Season: Summers.


Long Blonde Layered Hairstyle:

This is another beautiful Jennifer Aniston hairstyle cut layer. The color is one of this hairstyle’s most attractive characteristics. The hair is well spread and well preserved in two distinct areas. If you have dense quality hair, you can attempt this look on your hair without any worries. The pattern performed on it is quite attractive and at almost all times and activities will be appropriate for sporting. It’s definitely one of the best-looking hairstyles for all females who enjoy the hair layering process.


Long layered hairstyle:

This is one of the layered hairstyles that will give you the look of a diva. The pattern in the center part of this hairstyle sports is very spectacular. With medium-length hair, it also looks pretty nice. If you’ve got an oblong or correctly toned face, you should be sporting this season. The hairstyle layers have the capacity to make a female look immediately attractive. If you go to a party, this hairstyle is going to go hand in hand with elegant clothing.

Ideal Group of Ages: + Women.

Best Season to Try: Go all season long.


Long straight layers:

For a formal event, long straight layers are the best way to go if you need a good hairstyle to match the formal attire. You can hold it incredibly long or go for the medium cut which both looks good when combined with a beautiful white dress or party attire. It takes a bit of product to keep this hairstyle clean and healthy all the time you spend outside. This is one of the most lovely hairstyles for straight layered hair.

Best Trial Season: Summer.

The Group of Ideal Age: Teens and Women.

Perfect opportunity: shows and parties for the night.

Matching dress: gowns and clothes deep in the throat.

Appropriate type of face and hair: straight & curly hair, slim-faced type small & large.

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Layered Medium Look:

This can be said to be one of the finest ways to style your hair if you have medium length hair. It will look attractive and you will be able to impress all people quite readily with the assistance of this style. This is definitely one of the best looks for all females with their medium-length hair who want to look their best. It is also regarded by all females with oblong faces to be one of the most romantic looks.


Very Long Cut with All Over Layers

This is a lovely, natural look that utilizes long layers for the hair.

This glossy sun-kissed light brown is another excellent look for highlights and lowlights for light brown hair. The combination of dark brown, light brown and smooth brown shades will leave you with a beautiful shade of light brown hair with highlights of caramel. The smooth combination of hues has a rippling impact on your light brown tresses, which will surely capture the eye of everybody.

Warm Light Caramel

Whatever Jessica Biel’s experiments jump into, she is always looking for naturalness in every manner. She has a perfectly balanced skin tone that brunette and blonde shades will be beautifully applied. That’s why the actress never stops impressing us with her ever-changing, effortless hair color combinations. Here she slays cameras running over the light brown foundation with a hot light caramel hue. The best thing about this colorwork is that the hotter tone blends with the primary seamlessly while still standing out with its natural shine and dynamics.

Warm Vibes For Any Season

Try this look with light brown hair with blonde highlights if you want to go light but don’t want to go straight up blonde. On the slightly richer base, the golden blonde shades will offer your hair a sun-kissed glow that looks like you’re on the beach all day. And with beachy waves, it looks fantastic like the ones shown here.

Wavy Long Haircut with Bangs

Wavy, Lovely Long Layers Haircut

This look is soft and romantic and just beautiful. Nearly waist-length hair is brought to life with long(-inch wispy layers. Cutting texture is ultra-feminine and styling it with a smooth curl provides it bounce and motion.

What color to pick and avoid

for your tone

What Light Brown Colors Look Good?

hairby chrissy Light brown hair color is highly common because it provides you with middle ground, so you can often see it on your favourite brunette actresses. It’s not too light and not too dark and can look great with a broad range of colors when used with versatility. The first thing you need to do is consult a color chart of light brown hair. Because it is counted among the neutrals, a few main and secondary colors itbine very well.

Light brown hair color is very good in different colors of red, blue, green and purple. On the other side, only pale yellow colors should be used. Evite black as it brings out the dark tones in light brown and you’ll end up darkening the shade.

Considering the light brown hair color dye you are using is also a good idea. Light brown shades may vary based on the dye. For instance: some may give easy light brown while others may offer more range including medium light brown, light brown and other transitional brown shades falling within the light brown label. Light brown is one of the most versatile colors used in creativity that can deepen to delicious brown chocolate and lighten to gold honey.


is a sexy and elegant chin-length blunt wavy bob. With a vibrant color like a radiant red or platinum blonde, it looks good. And some tones of balayage can add warmth and texture.

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, merely add your favorite scrunching item and use a diffuser to blow-dry. If you have straight hair, however, you should use your fingers to create a slightly off-center portion and blow-dry. Then use a bigger curling iron in parts to curl your hair. Next, use your fingers to split the waves softly. Finally, flick the bottom parts with a flat iron and generate a flip. To generate motion, finish with a medium hold spray.