Larry Flynt Net Worth 2020 Career and Marital Life Imo Nyong January 15, 2020 Celebrity Profile Larry Flynt Net Worth 2020 Career and Marital Life. Net Worth 2020 – Larry Flynt, the American publisher and owner of the adult entertainment company Larry Flynt Publications, is one of the biggest names in the industry with an estimated net worth of $400 million.

After being shot by a gunman, he survived an assassination attempt in which he was paralyzed and had to succumb to life in a wheelchair.

In Lakeville Magoffin County Kentucky was born Larry Claxton Flynt Jr. His father, Larry Claxton Flynt Sr., was a veteran of the Second World War and a sharecropper; his mother, Edith, was a homemaker. He grew up under the care of his mother and maternal grandmother until he was three, because his father was absent because of his service in the army. He had Judy, a younger sister and Jimmy Ray Flynt, a younger brother. He lost his sister Judy to leukemia in 1951. His parents soon started having problems and his parents split the next year. He and his mum moved to Hamlet Indiana. He went to Magoffin County High School but eloped at age 15, using a bogus certificate to join the United States Army. During this phase of his life he became a passionate about poker.


In 1965, he used his $1800 savings to buy Keewee’s mother’s bar in Dayton Ohio. The company was a success, and he was beginning to earn $1000 a week.He published the first edition of Hustler pornographic magazine in July 1974. The magazine did not do well in the beginning but within a year it started selling well helping him to pay off his debts. Hustler released his first illustration of pink shots in November 1974. With each release he had to face several problems as many distribution companies considered the material he released directly. He released nude images of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in August 1975, while she was sunbathing on a vaation. He had bought the paparazzi photos for $18,000. He founded the Larry Flynt Publications in 1976, which specializes in adult entertainment output. With this he expanded his business and launched many other adult magazines. Larry Flynt Publications started to undertake more of the mainstream projects as of 1986. The company eventually started producing adult films through the film studio of Hustler Video. He has married five times.

Marital Life

His first three marriages had resulted in a divorce, namely with Mary Flynt Peggy Flynt and Kathy Flynt. He married Althea Leasure, his fourth wife, in 1976; she died at 33. He we d Elizabeth Berrios in 1998. The couple are staying in their Hollywood Hills home. Net Worth

As of January 2020 Larry Flynt has a net worth valued at more than $550 million. This fortune comes from his successful entrepreneurial career.



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