Langley Kirkwood – Biography of Langley Kirkwood

Langley Kirkwood was born in 1973 in England.

Kirkwood is an actor primarily known for having played the Sgt. Steven Lovell in the miniseries of HBO Generation Kill”.

He began his career before the cameras in 1997 when he participated in an episode of “Natural Rythm”. Since then, it could be seen in other programs such as “Isidingo“,”Snitch“,”The Triangle“,”Wild at Heart“,”Hard copy” Y “The Prisoner“, Where he was a guest actor, and also had regular appearances in the aforementioned”Generation Kill”, In which he was during 2008, and prior to this, in 2005, he could be seen in the role of Ren porter on “Charlie jade”.

Kirkwood He has also participated in several films, most of them English, such as “Berserker“,”Final Solution“,”Citizen Verdict“,”Consequence“,”Desert predators“,”A country in Africa“, with Samuel L. Jackson Y Brendan gleeson, “Blast“,”The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island” Y “Endgame“, starring William hurt Y Chiwetel Ejiofor; and it could also be seen in telefilms “Die Spesenritter“,”King Solomon’s Mines” Y “Der kranichmann“, among others.