La Tariacuri – Biography of La Tariacuri

Amalia mendoza was born in the city Michoacana of San Juan Huetamo the July 23, 1923. Amalia had three brothers, Norberto, Eligio and Juan who belonged to a family of renowned musicians.
The brothers became known on the music scene as the Tariacuri trio , a Purepecha indigenous word used to address their king.

At first Amalia formed a duet called Las Taricuritas, with her sister Perla. Then in 1954 he began his solo career with his recording of Stab Trapper and he gained fame when his music was heard on Mexico’s main radio station, XEW.

Amalia was known as “The Tariacuri“and was one of the first successful women in the mariachi music genre.

La Tariacuri’s career spans more than 30 years and includes 36 albums recorded. His most famous songs are “Blame me” from José Ángel Espinoza “Ferrusquilla” Y “Bitter Christmas”, composed of the extraordinary Jose Alfredo Jimenez.

“I scream when I sing it because I have known sadness in my life,” he said in 1985. “I live what I sing!” They were his words while being applauded by his audience.

In 1996, a record was released where he shares credits with Lola beltran Y Fight Villa, which was called “The Three Ladies”, as a tribute to those who have undoubtedly been the three greatest interpreters of vernacular music in Mexico.

Amalia Mendoza passed away on June 11, 2001 of progressive lung disease.