These are the best cooking oilsAmid the breakup news, reports that Scott was reportedly caught cheating again this time with a woman named Rojean Kar (YungSweetRo) surfaced. She pushed back on the claims however. It’s just the internet that creates a false narrative she said on Instagram, none of these reports are real. Stop spreading lies, please, leave him alone because it affects real life. Thank you. Thank you. Scott also took Instagram to set the record straight [ It’s ] that really affects when you see false stuff being said about you [ sic ]. Such false stories of cheating me are simply not true yet again. At this moment, concentrating on the music of life and the family is what’s true. View this post every day on Instagram Happy Bday Wifey I watch u grow into this incredible superhero everyday is the best day with u here God will continue to shine upon you. Merry fcking love of Bday you!!! Jenner is reportedly pleased with the way things are at the moment Notwithstanding their failed romance, the reality star is reportedly satisfied with how things unfold. On October 4, a source told Entertainment Tonight that everything she’s been through helped her develop and she ultimately got just what she’s always wanted: a child. “This was an extremely large year for Kylie to be appointed the youngest billionaire to end her relationship with [ Jordyn Woods ] and ups and downs with Travis,” explained the source. “But Kylie is grateful for everything she’s been through and it really made her grow up as a woman.” “Kylie has exactly what she’s always wanted: a child and being a young mother,” the source added. “Even though she hopes things will work out with Travis, she knows she’s going to be OK if they don’t.” Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi 1?4ï, our relationship and our daughter is a priority. Only time will tell Jenner and Scott what the future holds for him.


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