Kevin Spacey – Biography of Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Fowler He was born in South Orange, New Jersey and was the youngest of three siblings, children of Thomas, a technical writer and Kathleen fowler, Secretary. His father’s work caused the fasmilia to move often, eventually settling in Southern California, where the little Spacey revealed his unruly character.

His parents then sent him to a military school; from where he was expelled after a few months. He then entered a school in the San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles. There Spacey he found himself at ease, as he performed in the school’s amateur theater.

He studied acting at the Juilliard School from New York, where he shared classrooms with Val kilmer. But after some time, he ended up dropping out of classes, to, in 1981, start in the theater with the play “Henry IV“(Enrique Cuarto) in the Shakespeare Festival from Central Park.

His Broadway stage debut would come with “Ghosts“, of Henrik Ibsen. In the New York theater he had the opportunity to share the scene with one of the actors most admired by Kevin, Jack Lemmon. Soon he saw that he should preferably dedicate himself to the cinema. Even so, Spacey has been performing regularly in the theater and won an award in 1991 Tony, the equivalent of Oscar in the theater.

In 1986 he obtained his first film success with a role in “The cake is over“, film by Mike nichols, with Jack Nicholson Y Meryl streep. After this brief film appearance, he landed a role for the TV series, “Wiseguy“.
Then in 1988 with “Woman weapons”I would collaborate again with Mike, playing a failed businessman, in the film starring Melanie Griffith, Sigourney weaver Y Harrison ford.

The first important role of his career would come in the film “My father”(1989), starring Jack Lemmon, your mentor.

Then, in the early 90’s he participated in small but significant roles such as “Henry and June“in 1990, with Fred ward Y Uma Thurman; “Glengarry Glen Ross: Success at Any Cost” with Al Pacino, Ed harris Y Alec baldwin Y “Double pairs“, with Kevin Kline; both shot in 1992.

But his great leap to fame and more importantly, the respect of Hollywood, came in the movie “The surprise factor“in 1994. With a brilliant performance he won the award“New York Critics”And marked the end of one era and the beginning of another in the life of Kevins Spacey.

In 1995 everything would be rosy for him. Starred “Outbreak“, with an important cast formed among others by Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Donald sutherland Y Patrick Dempsey; and with his memorable assassin role in “Capitals sins” with Morgan freeman) Y Brad Pitt. (Kevin did not want his name to appear in the credits, so as not to spoil the incredible ending of the film. Now you know: He was the murderer).

Also that same year he played Roger “Verbal” Kint in “Usual suspects“, with Gabriel byrne Y Benicio, the bull; that provided you with a Oscar as best supporting actor. The latter and “Usual suspects”Were recognized with dozens of awards by the most prestigious critics associations and academies.

After appearing in the file Al PacinoLooking for richard” (nineteen ninety six), Spacey made his directorial debut with “Albino Alligator“(1996), a critically acclaimed drama. Returning to acting, he won rave reviews for his role as the detective Jack Vincennes in “LA Confidential “ (1997) together with Russell crowe Y Guy Pearce; and was awarded for his role as Jim williams in the 1997 tape “Midnight in the garden of good and evil“, the film by Clint eastwood co-starring John cusack.

In addition to his acting career, in 1997 he founded Trigger Street Productions an entertainment production company in different media, whose first production was “The Iceman Cometh” from Eugene O’Neill with the company Almeida at the Old Vic theater in London.

Spacey is undoubtedly one of the great American character actors of our day. Has won two Oscar, one for best supporting actor and one for best leading actor, the latter for American Beauty in 1999, the four statuette winning film with a cast consisting of Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Mena suvari Y Chris cooper among others. Four days before the premiere of this latest movie, Spacey received his star in the Hollywood walk of fame.

In February 2003, Spacey was appointed artistic director of the theater Old vic in London, one of the most prestigious theaters in the English language. There he runs a new theater company, which acts for eight months a year, and of which Spacey is also an actor, as well as a director. Among other works, he premiered in London “Sewer“from the playwright Maria goos.

During those years, while he continued with his theatrical activity, Spacey He also appeared in several films such as “The life of David Gale“(2003) with Kate winslet; “Leland’s World“(2003);”City without law “(2005) with Morgan freeman; I play the villain Lex luthor in “Superman returns“(2006); already an MIT professor who recruits a group of brilliant students to earn money in Las Vegas, in his latest premiere”twenty-one“(2008), where he also acts Laurence Fishburne.

Among his next works, in different stages of production, are “Telstar“(2008), a biographical film about the musician Joe Meek; “Shrink“(2009) a drama co-starring Robin williams and the last movie of Steven SpielbergThe Trial of the Chicago 7“(2009), on the trial that followed seven protesters against the Vietnam War, in 1968, co-starring Will Smith.

As enigmatic as he is talented, Spacey he keeps the details of his personal life well guarded. As he himself explained in an interview to the London evening standard in 1998, “It is not that I want to create a mystery around my private life, simply that the less that is known about me, the easier it will be to convince the public that I am the character that appears on the screen. This allows the audience to believe that I am really that person that I interpret. ”