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Kelly Lebrock Details Information Kelly Lebrock’s body and relationship status Married How many children do Kelly Lebrock have? 3 Who marries Kelly Lebrock to? Fred Steck Husband In marriage to Kelly Lebrock? 2007 What’s Kelly Lebrock’s Height? 173 InchesFigure 1 Image: Kelly Lebrock in her young age There are no more details about her early life though she surely had a very prosperous childhood growing up into a wealthy family. There is no detail about her background in education and her parents, too.

Kelly Lebrock Personal Life: Husband Kids

A female model with a career progressing at the pace of lightLebrock met and fell in love with the then-aspiring Franco-American film producer Victor Drai. We tied a knot in 1984 when Kelly was just 24. Later on, her then-husband Drai added restaurateur to his repertoire. Figure 2 Image: Kelly Lebrock and her first husband Victor Drai She went with Drai to Paris where they fell in love and watched several French movies together. One of those films inspired Drai to conceive of the idea for Kelly Lebrock’s film The Woman in Red. The film may have been a huge success for Drai but it sadly cost him his wife. Kelly Lebrock began to become a symbol of sex, attracting attention from countless males. Distracted by the continued attention, her relationship with Drai began to suffer, and in 1986, after only two years of marriage, the two divorced themselves.

She was completely struck by the action star Steven Seagal, who became her number two husband among all the men who came to Lebrock’s attention. They met in Japan in 1986 where Lebrock made a 24-page article for American Vogue and Seagal visited his former wife Miyako Fujitani who had yet to grant him a divorce. Figure 3 Image: Kelly Lebrock introduced them to each other with her second husband Steven Seagal The Lebrock publicist Dick Gutman, and quickly a romantic relationship began between the couple. In September 1987, Seagal married Lebrock after finalizing his divorce from his ex-wife. Sadly what at first seemed like the perfect marriage ended in a tragedy. Lebrock later revealed she suffered a lot of trauma in the marriage for the sake of her children. She last applied for a divorce in 1994 citing irreconcilable differences. They then finalized their divorce in 1996. Who is Kelly Lebrock Current Love Interest

A decade later a former investment banker Lebrock found love once more in Fred Steck. They have been living as married couples since 2007 without any kind of speculation and controversy. The pair often go together for a vacation and spend quality time together.

Kelly Lebrock Kids Kelly Lebrock has three kids with Steven Seagal all from her second marriage. These include daughter Annaliza Seagal born in June 1990 in 1987 son Dominic Seagal and another daughter Arissa Seagal born in 1993. In an attempt to raise her kids away from Hollywood because of her horrific divorce from her father’s heir Lebrock moved to a ranch in Santa Barbara where she raised her kids without television for more than two decades. Figure 4 Image: Kelly Lebrock has recently attracted attention with her model daughter Arissa Arissa, Lebrock’s youngest daughter due to her interest in modeling despite her mother not wanting her to choose career path. As for now, Kelly is appearing on the Growing Up Supermodel Lifetime series which debuted with her aspiring plus-size model daughter on August 2017.

Doesn’t it?As of 2019 Kelly’s age is 59. Likewise Lebrock is 5 ft. 8 inches tall and weighs around 59 kg. Likewise Kelly has blue eyes and dark brown hair which makes her stand out even in the crowded room. Her bra has a size of 34B and a body length of 34-23-36 inches of bust waist and hips. The shoe size is 9(Us) and its dress size is 6(Us). Even due to its appealing atmosphere, she is the heartthrob of many Americans.

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That’s the only reason she kept away from the handle of social media. However, on her own name, her daughter Arissa Seagal owns her Instagram account.