justin bieber haircuts


The Classic Undercut With Musketeer Mustache

Although Justin’s undercut can stick to the classic hairstyle outlines, his mustache gives this look a beautiful retro touch we’re just in love with.

The Slicked Back Undercut

Justin looks amazing because it brings out his more sophisticated side with this slicked back undercut hairstyle. All you need to do is use a bit of hair gel to slip your hair back all the way.

Messy Justin BieberHaircut

, Justin looks better than most men. That’s because of his natural looks and chiseled faces as well as his velvety soft brown eyes. Not to mention his own way of dressing and accessorizing.

Modern Quiff

looks always good, whether it’s for office styling or social styling!

Full visual chronology of Justin Bieber Hair

The hair styles of Justin Bieber are very different. The hair has grown into a family man buzz cut from the boy next door bowl cut, going through the stages of a trendy faux hawk, sleek slicked back and nonsensical dreadlocks. Whether you like him or not, his hairstyles are certainly worthy of attention. So, let’s dive into the evolution of the grooming Jb.

Messy Top Knot

Out of Bed Justin BieberHaircut

This out of bed hairstyle fits perfectly with Justin Bieber because it is his unique style. To young men who want to stand out as defiant and bold, this messy do is great.

The Upward Pompadour

One of Justin Bieber’s most popular haircuts is this upward pompadour. This served as an inspiration for clothing for both men and women who wanted to make their own the glamorous look of the Bieb.

Rebellious Dreadlock Hairstyle

This is Justin’s most defiant look over the years and we love it all. Such messy dreadlocks produce an edgy look that shows the wild side of the Bieb.

in search of better dread? We’ve filled you here with even more awful hairstyles!

Best Justin Bieber Hairstyles

We find tons of great inspiration for guys of all ages between Jb’s short and long hair. Check out the pictures below before you visit your local barbershop if you’re trying to pull off a Justin Bieber hairstyle.

Justin Bieber Bangs Hairstyles–How To Do The Hairstyle of Justin Bieber. He has been catapulting himself to instant stardom since he sang the first lines of One Time, and the ladies want him while the moms hope that one day their daughters will have a Justin for their daughters. On the other hand, guys stay on the sidelines, dreaming that they can also have the hairstyle of Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber hairstyle This hairstyle isn’t accepted by everyone. Because it is really messy. The hair tends to be covering the eyes. The good news is that managing and imitating is also very easy.

Classic Taper

cut on the sides fits with any hairstyle and complements it well with this thick style!

Brown Pompadour

Boys typically say they’re not Justin’s fans or his music and he’s definitely an artist who makes girls ‘ songs and albums. Nevertheless, fashion industry reports show that calling for the Bieber haircut, more boys step into salons and barber shops than ever before.

The Long Blonde Combover with Messy Top Knot

If you’ve got long hair and you’re looking for a combover style idea, turn to the Bieb for inspiration because his messy top knot / ponytail is beautifully edgy. In reality, the better is the messier.

Spiky Justin Bieber Haircut

except for some bad haircuts. Justin has had his share of bad hair decisions, but he has one of the company’s most stunning locks.

The Messy Side Comb

The messy side comb, regarded as one of Justin’s best cuts, is a great look for an adventurous artist. We like that his sleek side is brought out by the classic hand, while his messy long fading sides give the look a touch of rebellion.

Long Flowing Slicked Back Hair

JustinBieber’s Long Hair–The Bowl Cut

In, we got his first single, Baby — and it introduced us to Justin Bieber’s long hair as a bowl cut. No matter how hard he tries, it will always be Bieber’s hairstyle for a shirt. It doesn’t matter that it’s been almost seven years since he’s given the look, when someone so much as his name is mentioned, his collective mental picture is his -year-old self with an all-confident pubescent s shag doing.

Not even a year ago, and he changed it already. The plain, pressed-on cut of the bowl that he was supporting essentially turned into a mop top that had been allied. It wasn’t until he went for the full trim that it became very clear that Bieber was beginning to reroute stylistically. By, his career has been skyrocketing, and so has been Justin Bieber’s short hair fame.

at the end of the s

Side Part


Ash Blonde Short Cut

Justin Bieber took the world of fashion by storm when he changed his hair to the blonde ash. As you can see from the photo below, his long undercut with subtle fading sides looks fantastic even out of sleep. For a unique look,

Long Textured Brush Back


Layered Justin BieberHaircut

Justin married TV personality and Hailey Baldwin model to the dismay of many of his fans. In a very small and intimate ceremony, they got a secret marriage license and got married in faith.

Blunt BangsHaircut

Justin never shied away from wearing bangs when he was younger. They were, in truth, a staple of his look. After a while he stopped wearing them, but we still remember how cute he looked.

Feathery Justin Bieber Haircut

This look is another trip down the memory lane for all of us as it reminds us of the time when the Biebz was an innocent teenage boy with a fan army all over the world. Things were simpler, and all that counted was his art.

The Short Ash Blonde Justin Bieber Haircut

We love the wild side of Justin’s intense ash blonde. The contrast between his very blonde hair and dark eyebrows is amazing and we admire the confidence to choose such an audacious shade. This short messy side comb is a great look for the Bieb as it makes it look sleek and edgy.

The Long Quiff Hairstyle and Mustache

One of Bieb’s best hairstyling expressions was the long quiff hairstyle. This sophisticated look fits perfectly with his smooth mustache as it brings some shine to it.

Brushed Up Fringe

combine for a very stylish look with a brushed up fringe.

The Dark Side Part

The Right Punk Hairstyles For Guys To Match Your Lifestyle

The Autumn Justin Bieber Look

The Biebs is an accomplished musician who has taught himself how to play the piano, the drums, the trumpet and, of course, the guitar. In fact, he can solve the cube of a Rubik in less than two minutes. What’s it like?

The Bieber Pompadour

Justin Bieber introduced to the classic pompadour hairstyle a personal touch and the results are absolutely amazing, as you can see in the photo below. To get the Bieber pompadour, use only a splash of hairstyling mouse.

Justin Bieber Messy Undercut

Justin Bieber brought the undercut hairstyle to a completely new level with this messy blonde look of ash. You might look like the beautiful singer with a minimal effort in styling, so try it!


Short hair styles have won another unique take on a classic faux hawk thanks to Justin Bieber. Basically, this is one of our favorite Justin Bieber hairstyles with voluminous front bent at the tips to create a canopy and tapered sides. More about the past from

Justin Bieber Haircut

lifestyle. To find fun cuts and barbershop types!

Bieber’s ShortHair–The Slick Back and Quiff

With a fading pompadour reminiscent of James Dean, Justin Bieber was able to adapt to his fame just as quickly as he was to adapt to new trends and models. When he didn’t test a beard or grow his hair, he bleached it, a slight change from the classic blonde hair of Bieber.

Bieber never seemed interested in floating with the status quo after success took hold of him. At a young age, he knew well enough that he was a fashion icon, so if there were to be a haircut or hairstyle copying teenagers, it would have belonged first to him.

The slicked back hair of Justin Bieber finally came. Yet Bieber finally returned to his roots when that hairstyle seemed to lose his attention. The pop star said grunge-casual for classic-coif, opting for a cleaner, tighter look.

Whether you were a fan or not, there was no denying that this change to a more traditional and trendy hairstyle was a welcome one–one that added some prestige to the Justin Bieber brand. But this, of course, just held us over until eventually he unveiled the change that no one saw coming.

Long Justin Messy Hairstyle

Justin’s long hairstyle is sexy. This wild side comb is the perfect way to look glamorous with a touch of sparkle from Hollywood.

Justin Bieber Flower CrownHaircut

and his lifetime.

The Justin Bieber Haircut with a Quiff

showcasing his fantastic journey from a small town boy to one of the world’s biggest celebrities.

The Justin Bieber Upcomb

The upcomb signature of Justin Bieber is one of the decade’s hairstyles. You can get this incredible do with just a little styling click.

Preteen Justin BieberHaircut

Pretty Justin Bieber Haircut

is one of the most popular music uploads ever on YouTube. Such a feat has been performed by few artists.

The Eminem Also Cut Look

We love Justin’s blonde hairstyle take on the Eminem ash because it suits perfectly. With this short even cut, the Bieb looked fabulous and rocked the blonde look of the ash.

Shoulder Length Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin Bieber Asymmetrical Extravaganza

Justin’s asymmetrical cut is worth replicating as it lies beautifully. His musketeer goatee gives a distinctive twist to his daring look to complete the look.

As the singer is one of the most trendy stars of this generation, there are so many Justin Bieber style ideas out there. The Bieb is a genuine trendsetter and one of the loudest voices in fashion history, from his early trademark side bangs to his incredible ash blonde asymmetrical do. Interested in more hairstyles of celebrity? Find out the haircut to draw more insporation from Bryce Harper. Justin Bieber has achieved such a level of fame that his hair alone now has full Instagram and Twitter pages, Pinterest boards, and brings it into the news constantly. Whenever the Biebs get a new haircut, it is their sacred responsibility to show it to the world that all media outlets discover. And the world is listening. And what might be better than a haircut from Justin Bieber? For his odd hairstyles.

Short Justin BieberHaircut

Let’s start with a simple, traditional haircut wearing Biebs. In its natural light brown hair color, it is a very short and boyish crop. He is nowadays rarely seen wearing this shade, so enjoy this past blast.

The Edgy Bieber Asymmetrical Haircut

This edgy asymmetrical cut was his fashion target if you were curious about the look Justin was looking for while growing his hair. It’s beautifully messy, and polished to perfection, making it a great choice for daring men looking for a style change.

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The Long Side Bangs Justin Bieber Haircut

Another one of Justin’s iconic hairstyles has made him famous in his early days. You will need to use a sturdy hairstyling mouse to keep your bangs in place if you want to style your hair like Justin.

Childhood Justin Bieber Haircut

Cuteness overload as we take this image of Justin’s child holding a teddy bear down the memory lane. The bourgeoning oval face and beautiful brown eyes as well as his golden brown hair can only be seen.

The Early Boyish Bieb Cut

Justin’s first look was this early short bangs cut. It is a simple cut that can be tried by any child. The signature mark is the layered bangs that offer a very special edge to this hairstyle.

Boy Justin Bieber Haircut

That’s quite an achievement, and he hasn’t yet been detronized.


On Instagram stories, Justin Bieber’s latest haircut was seen as one of the ways to celebrate his new married relationship. A classic buzz cut seems to mean a new page in the life of Buzztin. After his Boy days, Justin Bieber hair has come a long way. This morphed from the cut of the boy’s bowl to the cut of the male buzz. While this homebody claims he’s settled down, something makes us believe we’re going to see a whole new twist in his grooming life soon. Gala Look

Gala Gala

. He wore a beautiful black suit with inventive and elegant golden embroidery for one of his appearances, making him look like a true iconic pop star.

Messy Textured Brush Up

helps guys to fashion a range of looks, including quiffs, pebbles and pompadours.

Justin Bieber Haircut with Bangs

There is no single haircut that can’t be pulled off by a guy that looks good. Justin is here with a set of gelled-up bangs replicating the wet look that we all love so much right now. We do love to see him from time to time flaunting his natural hair color.