Juliette Binoche – Biography of Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche was born in 1964 in Paris, France.

She’s daughter of Jean Marie Binoche, a director, actor and sculptor and of Monique stalens, a teacher, director and actress. His grandparents were prisoners of the German concentration camp Auschwitz, and his mother is of Polish descent. His parents divorced when he was four years old and with his sister Marion, was sent to a boarding school.

He began acting in amateur plays, and at age 17, he directed and starred in a student production of a play by Eugene Ionesco, call “Exit The King”. The following year, he studied drama at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art from Paris.

Through a friend, he got in touch with an agent and joined a theater group with which he toured France, Belgium, and Switzerland under the pseudonym “Juliette Adrienne“After giving up the Conservatory of Dramatic Art, began taking acting classes with the famous coach Vera gregh.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, she became a stage actress, occasionally taking small roles in French cinema films. His first screen role was a short character in the television movie “Dorothee, danseuse de corde”(1983) by Jacques fensten, which was followed by a similar role in another television film called “Fort Block“, from Pierrick guinnard.

After Juliette secured her first appearance in a large-scale film, which was called “Liberty Belle”Decided to pursue a career in film.

Her first films established her as a French star of some renown. The recurring themes of his films were about modern women discovering the directions of their lives and sexualities. The minor roles he got in movies like “les Nanas”(1985) and”Adieu Blaireau”(1985), led her to a more significant exhibition with productions such as“I greet you Maria”(1985) and“La Vie de Famille”(1985), in which she played the adolescent stepdaughter of Sami frey.

In 1985, he secured the lead role in “Quote” from Andre Techine. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival of that year, winning the award for best director. In 1986, she was nominated for her first award cease as best actress for that film.

His next performance was in the movie “Mon Beau Frere a tue ma soeur“, from Jacques rouffio, which was a critical and commercial failure. Later that year, he starred alongside Michel Piccoli Bad blood“, from Leos carax. This film was, unlike the previous one, a critical and critical success, leading it to be nominated for the second time for the award. cease.

In August 1986, he had the role of Tereza on “The Unbearable Lightness of Being“, from Philip kaufman and with Daniel day lewis, based on the novel by Milan kundera. This was the first interpretation of Juliette in English language and had international success both at the box office and in reviews. Despite the good results obtained with this film, he decided to return to France instead of seeking to develop internationally.

In 1988, he had the leading role in “A tour of Manege”, A film that was rarely seen in France. Later that year, he began working on “Lovers of Pont Neuf “. This film was delayed in its making due to problems and took three years to complete. Finally, when it was released in 1991, it was a critical success and Juliette won the award. European Film Award for best actress, as well as her third award nomination cease.

In 1992, Juliette settled in London for the production of Emily Bronte, “Wuthering Heights “, which I star in with Ralph fiennes, Y “Wound” what did he share with Jeremy irons Y Miranda richardson. For both, I earn a high international reputation.

In 1993, he appeared in “Three colors, blue “, again highlighted in his criticisms. This one, premiered at the venice film festival of that year and earned him an award at said festival, an award cease and a nomination for Golden globe. Following this success, she took a short sabbatical during which she had her first child, Raphael.

In 1995, he appeared in a big budget film called “The hussar on the roof “ with Olivier martinez, and that it was directed by Jean Paul Rappeneau. It was a worldwide fundraising success and Juliette was nominated again for the award Cease. This role of romantic heroine added the tint that she would show in several of her characters from the ’90s.

In 1996, he appeared in “Romance in New York” next to William hurt. The film was directed by Chantal Akerman and it was a failure.

However, that same year, he made “The English Patient”, Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name and directed by Anthony Minghella. It was co-starred by Ralph fiennes Y Willem dafoe and stood out around the world. He went on to win nine awards Oscar, including Best Supporting Actress for Juliette.

After this international hit, he returned to France and began working in “Lucie Aubrac” from Claude berri, but she was fired six weeks after filming began due to differences with the director about the authenticity of the script.

Later, I work again with Andre Techine, in order to “Alice and Martin“, Followed by”Intimate confessions of a woman “ (1999), in which he played the role of the 19th century French writer, George Sand.

In 2000, he found her in four successful but different performances. The first was “Saint Pierre’s widow” from Patrice leconte, for which she was nominated for the award cease as best actress. Then came “Unknown code“, from Michael Haneke, film that was made after the approach of the actress with the Austrian director.

This year he also made his debut in Broadway, with the work “Betrayal” from Harold Pinter, for which she was nominated for the award TonyBack on screen, she was the heroine of the movie Lasse Hallstrom,Chocolat ”, next to Johnny depp Y Carrie Anne Moss. For this, he won the award European Film Award and was nominated for an award Oscar already an award BAFTA.

Between 1995 and 2000, he was the face of the advertising of the cosmetic firm Lancome and its essence Poeme.

Following the success of Chocolat “, returned to France for a role alongside Jean Reno, in the film “Jet lag “ (2002), in which she played a cosmiatra. The film made a big splash in France and earned it another award nomination. cease.

In 2003, he was the figure of the chocolate commercial Ferrero rochers.

In 2004, he traveled to South Africa to shoot “A country in Africa” from the director John boorman and co-starring Samuel L. Jackson Y Brendan gleeson.

In 2005, Juliette he joined to Michael Haneke again, for “Hidden”, An immediately blockbuster film, winning the Cannes Film Festival to the best address.

His next appearance was alongside Richard Gere, on “The Footprint of Silence”(2005) and that same year, he was under the orders of Abel ferrara, on “Mary”, Co-starring Forest whitaker, Matthew modine Y Heather graham. The latter, won the Grand prix, in the Venice Film Festival of that year.

During 2006, he took a role in “Paris, Je t’aime”, Appearing in a section directed by Nobuhiro Suwa. That year, in the Venice Film Festival, Binoche He launched “Some days in September“, with John turturro, and later that month, he traveled to Toronto to present “Breaking and entering“, starring Jude Law Y Robin wright.

2007 was one of his busiest years. The Cannes film festival, premiered the premiere of “Le voyage du Ballon Rouge”By the Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao Hsien. This film was well received internationally.

Romantic comedy “Dan in Real Life”, which I star in with Steve Carell, was released in October of that year, becoming a commercial success.

In France, she was seen in the successful “Paris”, “L´heure D´ete” Y “Disengagement”, several of which are expected to be released in the course of 2008.

For autumn 2008, the premiere of the production is also expected “In-i” with Akram Khan, which will be seen in the National Theater from London, before appearing in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Paris.

For 2009, she will be seen in “Roonevesht baravar asl ast” and their participation in “Socialism” from Jean Luc Godard Y “RIng Liberty” from Juliet McKeon.

In his personal life, he has two children, Raphael, whose father is Andre Halle, Y Hanawhose father is the actor Benoit magimel.

Currently, she is in a relationship with the Argentine director Santiago Amigorena.

Juliette is involved in various charitable work, including being a patron of the organization Aspect helping in Cambodia and being the godmother of nine children from that country.