Juan Manuel Vargas – Biography of Juan Manuel Vargas

Juan Manuel Vargas placeholder image was born on October 5, 1983 in Lima, Peru.

At 12 years of age he joined the lower divisions of the University Sports Club from his native country.
By the recommendations of the Mr. Luis Salguaha, reached the ranks of the Cerro de Pasco Mines Union, led at the time by Roberto Mosquera.

He never traveled to the province, he always played with the youth of the CerreƱo team at the Fertisa facilities, deciding to withdraw from the provincial team due to the bad economy, for which his debut in the first division was postponed.

At times, Juan Manuel thought about leaving football and devoting himself to other matters, although he met Cesar Gonzales, who summoned him for the U-20 National Team that he would participate in Uruguay, for the place in the World Cup in that category.

In 2002 he returned to “OR”, with the goal of winning everything possible.
The first part of the year went unnoticed, as this team had several stars among its ranks.

With the arrival of Oswaldo piazza, the football life of Vargas had a course.
The “Bare” he wanted it for his team, although his debut on the courts was postponed again since his pass belonged to Union Minas.

Your situation with the “OR” It was quite complicated, both in terms of football and economics, and the professional players in that team decided to go on strike.

His debut finally took place in front of the Scienceno, in the Monumental Stadium, where they would be defeated 3-2.
In that match, Juan He showed grit and great personality, and also scored an excellent goal that was considered one of the best of the year.

After some pretty good seasons in which he scored some goals, the winger was bought by an Argentine club, Colon of Santa Fe, where he developed his ability to kick free kicks, and corner kicks.

After a year he was transferred to Calcium Catania from Italy, after declining a fairly large offer from Portsmouth FC


  • Sports University (Peru)
  • Colon of Santa Fe (Argentina)
  • Calcium Catania (Italy)