Joseph S. Lacob Networth

Joseph S. Lacob Networth

Joseph S Lacob

Joseph S. Lacob Owns $3 trillion Joseph S. Lacob is an approximate American businessman and entrepreneur. With 30 percent of Golden States Warriors ‘ stakes, he mainly earns his wealth as the primary owner. In 2010 he and his investment team purchased the majority stock of Chris Cohen’s Golden State Warriors from NBA for $450 million, and now the team is worth about $3.5 billion.

American businessman Joseph S. Lacob Net Worth: wage profit

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His lavish lifestyle and widespread real estate is enjoyed by an American billionaire Joe Lacob. Joe recently purchased a beach house in Malibu for $29 million in September 2019. He is currently living in his house in Atherton. His house spreads over 14,000 square feet that he purchased back in 2007 for $19.8 million. The house is located down the street from the $100 million house for Whatsapp founder Jan Koum and across the street from the $180 million home for Google creator Sergey Brin. Figure 2 Joseph S. Lacob purchased a $29 million beach house in Malibu


A resident of Atherton is currently liable to pay about 9.25% of his monthly salary and income as a total tax to the government. He charges in millions for his NBA team and players ‘ insurance premium contributions and his insurance payments.

Some charitable works also include Lacob. He and his wife made a donation to about 32 organisations of more than $1 million. He contributed $175,000 to the Good Tidings Fund from his charitable foundation The Warriors Community Organization in order to fix the basketball courts. In the annual Charity Poker Tournament, Lacob himself paid $10,000 and another $5,000 for a demonstration and mini poker tournament. He gave Olin Business School $1 million back in 2014 to help fund a new sports management programme. Similarly, the Warriors Community Foundation contributed $10,000 to $50,000 to give each organization a sufficient amount to build a basketball court. In turn, Learn Fresh Education Co. and low-income families in the counties of Alameda and San Francisco earned a generous $50 thousand. Similarly back in 2014 about $441 thousand was allocated from his name and his business to eight groups that share the money in the Bay Area with underserved youth.

Joseph S. Lacob or Joseph Steven Lacob or Joe Lacob was born in New Bedford Massachusetts on January 10, 1956. He was born to Sidney Lacob and Marlene Lacob’s mother. He and his sister grew up in Anaheim, California; David Lacob’s uncle. Joe Lacob is married to Nicole Curran at the moment. When Curran bent over BeyoncĂ© to speak to Jay-Z during the NBA Finals, his wife caught media attention. Figure 3 Joe Lacob and his wife Nicole Curran He was married to Laurie Kraus concerning his past relationship. Two sons Kirk Lacob Kent Lacob, two daughters Kelly Lacob and Kayci Lacob are blessed with her.


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