Joey Ramone – Biography of Joey Ramone

Joey ramone He was born in Forest Hills, New York, on May 19, 1951. He is known worldwide for being the singer, and at the same time the visible face, of one of the most popular rock bands.tos important in history, The Ramones.

From a very young age he had influences on the side of art and music, since his mother, Charlotte lesher, from the first years of the musician’s life inspired him to perform in what he finally did.

His first brush with music was when he began to play drums in glam bands, until in 1974 he co-founded the band The Ramones, which was undoubtedly a band that inspired most of the rock bands. current, with its influences of musical simplicity. It was the first band of punk rock history, although many claim that the punk It took place in England in the late 70’s with bands like the Sex Pistols.

Joey He was a member of this band from its foundation until his death (1976-1996).
At first he played the drums, but the same members of the band convinced him to do something in which he really excelled, sing. He had a very particular voice, admired by great singers who admit to being fans of him.

This celebrity had left-wing political thoughts. In his youth he was a hippie and over time he turned this form of expression into his own fashion with a more personal touch. It consisted of: leather jacket, tight pants, long hair that covered a large part of his face and his dark glasses. In addition to his natural physical characteristic of being a very tall and skinny man.

On stage he remained static in his place throughout the recital, putting his signature to that way of expressing his music.

For 20 years, he did not speak to Jonhy Ramone because the latter stayed with the one who had been the girlfriend of Joey previously, Cute, with which Johnny he subsequently married. But apart from women, neither Joey neither Jonhy they agreed on their tastes. Beyond CuteBoth reflected a marked musical and political difference.

In 1994, Joey, created the group called “Sibling Rivalry” with his brother Mickey leigh, band with which they released the EP “In a Family Way EP“.

He also had his solo career; editing some singles like Merry Christmas “(I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight) (2001), Don’t Worry About Me (2002), Christmas Spirit … In My House (2002) and Ramones: Leathers from New York “ (1997).

His life ended on April 15, 2001, in the New York-Presbyterian Hospital , due to lymphatic cancer that he maintained for some years, until finally the disease defeated him.

In 2002, after the death of Joey, placed the Ramones in the Rock Hall of Fame. Carrying out what he once dreamed would happen.

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