Jim Parsons – Jim Parsons Biography

Jim Parsons was born in 1973 in Houston, Texas, United States.

He graduated in Theater at the University of Houston.
In its early days, it worked for Microsoft Sidewalk In Houston. Later, Jim attended to The Old Globe Theater Thanks to a scholarship, and after obtaining his doctorate, he moved to New York to continue his acting career.

While studying at the university, he helped create the Infernal Bridegroom Productions, which was a non-profit theater company, which closed in July 2007 due to financial problems after 14 years and a long list of awards.

In its early days, it only had offers for low-budget Broadway shows and various commercials.
After a while, he got a small role in the series “Ed“and an appearance in the dramatic comedy”Something in common“(2004).
He also performed for fifteen series pilots that were never released. He later had a recurring role on the series “Judging Amy” from CBS.

Jim acted in some movies without much diffusion like “Heights“(2005),”On the Road with Judas“(2007),”Gardener of eden“(2007),”10 Items or Less“(2007) and”School for Scoundrels“(2006).

His best known role is that of Sheldon Cooper, an obsessive compulsive theoretical physicist, egomaniac, with mild autistic features and social ineptitude, and one of the main characters in the television seriesThe Big Bang Theory“.

At the moment Parsons lives in Brooklyn, New York.