Jason Calacanis Net Worth 2020

Jason Calacanis Net Worth 2020Godswill Emmanuel January 13 Jason Calacanis Net Worth 2020 Education and Career. His first company was part of thedot-comera in New York and his second ventureWeblogs Inc. was a publishing company he co-founded withBrian Alvey, which capitalized on the growth of the blogs before being sold toAOL.

On 24 September 2003, Calacanis co-founded the blog network Weblogs Inc. with Brian Alvey, backed by a Mark Cuban angel fund. The Weblogs Inc. blogs business generated $1000 a day just from AdSense two years after its inception. Time Warner’sAmerica Online agreed in October 2005 to buy Weblogs Inc. for $2530 million. The biggest success of Calacanis so far is Weblogs Inc., which was sold toAOLin 2005. Until they form Weblogs Inc. Calacanis was the founder and CEO of the media company Rising Tide Studios, which distributed both print and online publications. Calacanis was involved in New York’s Silicon Alleycommunity during the dot-com boom, and started producing the Silicon Alley Reporter in 1996. Socializing Calacanis earned him a reputation as the Silicon Alley community’s Yearbook publisher. The business has held conferences in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco focused on the Internet and New Media. With the conclusion of theDot-com bubbleSilicon Alley Reporterfailed and a private equity firm sold the company out of bankruptcy. TechCrunch announced on November 16, 2006 that Calacanis had resigned from his position as CEO of Weblogs Inc. and as Netscape’s general manager. That was later confirmed by Calacanis on his blog and the Gillmor Gangpodcast. He launched the Mahalo site portal, which raised $20 million in venture capital from investors including Sequoia CapitalNews CorpCBSMark Cuban and Elon Musk. The business reached a peak of 15 million unique visitors a month and achieved profitability in 2011 but experienced a sharp decline in traffic that year from the upgrade and shut down of theGoogle Pandasearch algorithm in 2014. Net Worth

Jason Calacanis has a net value of US$ 100 million.