Dryness must be the biggest problem for women with curly and kinky hair. A tight curl pattern makes it difficult for sebum (an oily substance formed by the glands of your skin) to make its way down the shaft, unlike straight hair. No one wants damaged fibers, which is why it is so important to compensate for this lack of moisture. The answer is hair oils. They have the power to repair the locks that are the driest. Each has its own special bonus points, but Jamaican black castor oil has become a favorite natural hair due to its extra-strong power to feed and protect.

What is Oil or JBCO Jamaican Black Castor?

The oil comes from castor oil plant nuts, similar to regular castor oil. However, this type is made by roasting the nuts or seeds of the plant, manually grinding them, then boiling them in water and extracting the oil. What are you going to get? A dark and viscous oil from the roasted beans with added ash ready to bring life to your hair and skin. Traditionally, this method of oil processing is found in Jamaicahence the name.

Is Clear Castor Oil different?

In their production processes the key difference between the two lies. Clear castor oil is simply cold-pressed, while its Jamaican counterpart is more difficult to manufacture as it is done by hand. The Caribbean roasting method creates ash from the black Jamaican castor oil that is not filtered. That gives her a deep amber color. It’s pale yellow, standard castor oil. Not only does the ash found in JBCO give it a darker color, it is also responsible for the slightly higher pH balance of the oil, resulting in better cleaning (exfoliating) and penetrating properties. Also, JBCO is a little warmer than regular castor oil and thus more pleasant when applied to dry hair and scalp. It’s just another quality that gives it a leg on the castor oil of plain ol.

What other benefits are there?

A better question is what the benefits are not. JBCO is made up largely of Ricinoleic acid. It is a fatty acid known for its properties that are anti-inflammatory and pain-killing. That combined with the above-mentioned cleaning capabilities means a itchy inflamed or dry scalp becomes soothing. However, the oil is very thick and viscous, making it great for extra-dry doors. They are saturated with nourishment and moisture that supplies the necessary vitamins and proteins to the hair shafts. Some think JBCO can even accelerate hair growth and thicken the strands. I say yes and no to those claims. It’s both true, but with a twist. It is arguable whether or not Jamaican black castor oil is good for hair growth. The oil itself has yet to be connected to accelerated growth scientifically. Nevertheless, the act of massaging the scalp helps because it strengthens the hair follicles. The thick oil coats the fibers and makes them less vulnerable to breakage, preserving and moisturizing them. Therefore it grows strong and healthy when your hair grows from the practice of massaging it. Even though all the reports of black castor oil in Jamaica suggest it does work. You’re only going to have to try for yourself, because it couldn’t hurt. As for the theory of thicker locksbecause once you apply it, the oil is so thick and dark, it simply makes the strands look fuller. When your hair grows out of your head, the fibers can’t get physically thicker irrespective of the items you’re using. So when you want to conquer your fine tresses, using JBCO is the next best thing.

Ways to use it

) With this magic potion, there are so many skin uses. It is highly recommended for thinning hair as a spot treatment. Just apply a dime-size amount to your finger tips and massage it a couple of times a week into your problem areas. In a matter of months after I wore box braids that were too close, you can see how it helped restore my own edges. My hairline was short and thin, but since I began my JBCO program, it has been growing healthier. The findings in the pictures before and after are crystal clear.

) Another alternative is to do a hot oil or hair mask pre-shampoo treatment. Mix the JBCO in equal parts with olive oil and coconut oil. So heat up the mixture in one of two ways. In a bowl, you can pour hot water and place a jar or bottle containing the oil in it until the contents are heated up. You can also use a one-minute nuke carefully in a microwave-safe container. Then divide the hair into parts and add the oil liberally to each section. Place on a shower cap not only to seal the heat and fuel, but also to make it a little less messy. Let it sit and follow your usual shampoo and conditioner routine for at least minutes. Your mane will be moisturized and your frizz tamed. Would you like proof? Only look at the front photo of my hair with regular wash-n-go and how the hot-oil treatment looked after it. My curls are more shiny and less frizzy. ‘

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‘ * Attention! Although the oil may not feel too hot for your scalp’s hands, it is much more sensitive. ) Another swear by trick is to dip a spoolie brush into your JBCO and apply it to your eyelashes like mascara to promote growth. For Kardashian-like lashes, who wouldn’t do anything? Am I correct? ) In addition to hair, dry patches or eczema can also be used throughout the body. It will give the touch a gentle feeling for your skin relaxation and butter. Where are you able to find it?

Where is this miracle oil to buy? Don’t worry; you’re not going to Jamaica all the way. Although it is not as common as castor oil every day, it is still easy to find. Shops providing beauty are a good place to check. Amazon also carries it that is perfect because of its competitive prices and thousands of detailed reviews in order to inform you of the amazing properties of this brand. I prefer the Tropic Isle Living brand but it will work the same with any simple formula. You can also find JBCO already mixed with shampoos and serums from brands such as Shea Moisture in deep conditioners. Jamaican black castor oil has a powerful smell of nutty and is very sticky. You get all the same benefits when it’s mixed with other products and then some more without the sticky mess. Shea Moisture is also easier to find in supermarkets and is typically shipped to locations such as Target CVS and Walgreens.

Is Jamaican castor oil working like that? One hundred percent yes. Do you have to invest in some? Of course, if you’ve got dry hair. What’s so unique about this brand is that from the castor oil nut it’s pure and simple. Your natural hair is worthy of natural products. Jamaican black castor oil is particularly good for cooler climates where your hair can dry out. Whether you want to prevent damaged hair or fight against it, this oil is the way to go. How Shampoo Everyday Is Bad and Cutting Down Tips A Skin-Care-Like Good Scalp and Hair Guide Are Hemp and CBD Hair Products Worth the Hype? Do you make your shampoo fat? Sleeping How to Wash Your Hair To Get Perfect Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration from hair style. No matter what your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019

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