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Full Name Jade Log First NameLast Name Log Ethnicity White Birth CityBirth Nation United States Father Name Donal Log Family ProfessionMother Name Kasey Walker Parent Profession Actress Gender Identity Marriage Date Who is Jade Logue?

Jade Log is a granddaughter of American celebrities. She is well known for being an actor Donal Logue’s daughter. She made headlines when she went missing in the summer of 2017. Then, she was found in North Carolina after a week. So what was missing out on the mystery behind Logue? She’s transgender? How old is she then? We know that you too have all these things forming in your mind so if you are interested in learning about her personal and professional life then read the full article.

Jade Logue was born in the United States on 25th March 2001. She was born Aries with the sun sign. Likewise she grew up in New York, Brooklyn. She is a daughter of Kasey Walker (Mother) and Father Donal Logue. She has one Finn Logue brother too. Read Related: Katie Wee Born as a boy named Arlo Logue Jade Logue is best known as the transgender daughter of Hollywood actor Donal Logue from a popular Gotham Series called Detective Harvey Bullock. Jade became an inspiration to many people as of 2019, after she came out as a transgender.Jade Logue got a sudden media attention after she was lost and eventually found; As a star child to a famous actor who ran away from home, she could have made a huge wave on the internet and after revealing that she was scared if people were going to harass her for her sexuality, she made a huge media storm. Read More: Shanna Riley But now it seems balanced with cool parents and a loving brother who has no problem accepting who she is and is away from quiet media lime light a long time. Jade Logue’s Jade Logue Body Measurement has kept her body healthy, and is now a fine lady. Likewise, she stands with the average height and has equivalent weight. The Net Worth of Jade Logue The 18-year Jade Logue enjoys a luxurious life with her family. Well her father Donal Lague is a famous actor who as of 2019 has a net worth of about $3 Billion. He is best known for his role in Grounded for Life television sitcom, as well as for his recent film and Law Order Work: Svu. Stay tuned to Marriedceleb for more fun posts from your favorite stars!!!