Apple Closes $600 M Deal with Dialog SemiconductorByNitish Singh-October 12, 2018.740 Apple is making a major investment from Dialog Semiconductor in the iPhone power management technology. Dialog will receive $300 million in cash for the deal and an additional $300 million for goods shipped to the tech giant. The business deal involves management production facilities which will be passed to the tech giant in Italy Germany and the U.K. Apple is expected to buy Dialog Semiconductor and gain access to assets and part of the current workforce. The shares of Dialog shot up 34 per cent after the launch, which is now their new peak since 2002. For the tech giant, the deal is a huge investment as it will gain access to dialog facilities in Europe. The deal will close as early as the first half of 2019 depending on regulatory approval. Dialog revealed last year that Apple had developed the technology to create its own power management chips, and would no longer require support from the chipmaker. The announcement caused the company’s shares to plunge. Dialog is responsible for the designs that are used in the power management chips seen in iPads and other devices currently produced by iPhones. The tech giant was the largest customer of Dialog and accounted for nearly 75 per cent of the chipmaker’s sales in 2016.The organization claims to have introduced additional security measures that will effectively prevent future Apt attacks. Many questions are still unanswered, because Asus did not want the incident to go public anyway. Following yesterday’s news about “ShadowHammer Operation has replied with a supportive message. The malicious attackers targeted a very small and unique user group, according to the Taiwanese firm, leaving regular customers unaffected so that based on that reality their decision not to report the incident. Asus further claims to have patched the Live Update program that was used by the attackers as the payload wagon with version 3.6.8 solving all problems. Safe Devices for Asus Pc now! To ensure your computer is safe from any malicious programs, download the latest version of Live Update app. # cybersecurity#Asus#Asuslaptops — Asus (@Asus) March 26, 2019 Kaspersky Labs made the revelation after telling Asus of last year’s ShadowHammer activity, and waiting for them to do something about it for more than two months. It seems as if Asus did not plan to let their customers know about this as Zdnet claims that they even tried to get the Russian security researchers to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Fortunately Kaspersky behaved in an ethical manner and exposed the tale to the public opening the gates for regulatory agencies to investigate Asus. In the midst of all this are the loyal Asus customers who have lost their trust in the company and have a host of questions that remain unanswered. For example, does the Live Update 3.6.8 make you safe if a previous version of the tool has downloaded the malware into the system? Why did the hackers manage to access servers that patched Asus? Where did the people they wanted to target get their hands onto the Mac addresses? How many people actually have been affected during the attacks in 2018?

Netflix Ceo Not Concerned About Big Spending

Figure 1 Picture Courtesy Reporter Hollywood Netflix Ceo Reed Hastings thinks the streaming giant is not spending enough. Netflix is about to spend $8 billion on new, exclusive content as well as profitable original series renewals in 2018. Hastings claims the company needs to spend more on continuing to contend against Amazon and Disney. Making original content is a high priority for Netflix as the streaming behemoth is all set to spend more than $8 billion in original content for 2018. Under the Netflix umbrella, the investment will be used to develop new and original content and renew successful series. Netflix Ceo Reed Hastings suggests the company needs to spend even more in order to remain competitive in the fight. “There are so many great shows on other networks so we’ve got a long way to go,” said Hastings clarifying the money wasn’t really that big deal as it’s “spread globally so it’s not as much as it sounds.” .. 743.743 Figure 2 Image Courtesy Netflix Hastings added Netflix has no plans to increase the number of original shows produced significantly. We are keen to continue to focus on consistency and are metacognitive about it. The company is trying to bring the viewer more variety into the menu. They also want to compete with big-name brands like Hbo and Disney to continue to produce high-quality shows and films. Netflix takes measures to ensure that the money is spent in the right places. Netflix has an algorithm designed to collect consumer data to help the company decide what it needs to produce next. Netflix schedules new content based on user consumption habits, rather than just viewers ratings. Netflix shunned Cannes Film Festival recently because of France’s streaming laws that restrict content. The brand isn’t afraid to tackle Hollywood with big budget movies like Bright making it directly into the streaming service rather than hitting the silver screen.

iPhone 8 may include a ‘ Revolutionary ‘ 3D-Sensing front camera; Face recognition packs and more

Bleeding front camera tech bundled with 3D sensing and iris scanning is expected on iPhone 8. Figure 1 Picture Courtesy of Gizmodo Google finally released the much-awaited Android Messages web version for desktop users with full Gif support for smart link previews and more. All users can access the web interface but it includes an updated Android Messages app on your phone. All correspondence is encrypted, and when users do not sign in to the web interface, personal data is automatically deleted after 14 days. Google is rolling out an update for the Android Messages app today that allows for the much-anticipated web interface. After a one-time sign in, Android Messages allows users to access their Mobile Messages app right from a laptop. To access the web edition of Android messages, Google has already rolled out the update for all devices, and allows you to upgrade the mobile app to allow it. .751 Figure 2 Google Image Courtesy The mobile app has also received numerous updates whilst also adding web app support. Smart replies allow users to send emojis or quick texts without having to type anything out. Both the mobile app and the web app provide Ai-generated suggestions that you can tap to send to incoming messages as answers. Currently the Smart Replies function is available in English only support will be added soon for more languages. One-time passwords can now be copied directly from the notification for banking transactions or other protected websites with one tap, with the new update. The app also provides a small overview of any connections to the website you send or receive. The app also lacks the ability to view incoming call updates something other applications now deliver on their web apps. Grip. How to take an iPhone X screenshot?

ByNovak Bozovic-November 4 2017.752 We all agree that it is very important to take a screenshot on a smartphone. You’ve used the conventional way of capturing a screenshot on iOs devices so far. At the same time you have had to press the home button and the side button. This is still true of a wide range of devices such as iPhones iPad and iPod Touch models. You’ve heard the iPhone X has no home button though. So how to take a screenshot on iPhone X? Let’s show you just how.

Just like many newly released iPhone X-related things, you have to teach yourself new ways to perform ‘ old ‘ commands. One of those concerns the capture of screenshots on this platform. Here’s a quick and easy guide to TechNadu: make sure the device or screen you want to catch is working first; press and hold the Side button on your new iPhone X now. As you will see, you need to press the button on the right side of the phone; now, at the exact same time, click the Volume Up button. As you’ll see the Volume Up button acts as the Home Button when it comes to many operations; That’s it! The screenshot is generated and shown at the bottom right corner. If you need to edit or annotate on its preview the screenshot tap.

Take A Screenshotvia Assistive Touch

There’s also another way to take a screenshot on the newly released iPhone, using the Assistive Touch functionality. Read on to learn more:


Make sure to press and hold the right-positioned Side button and the Volume Up button to take a screenshot on iPhone X. Note or leave the screenshot as it is. Interesting note: You can expect the screenshots to reflect the top-placed ‘ notch ‘ that is noticeable on the screen of your camera. That won’t be the case however. You will get a screenshot that is fully visible and can be easily shared. Why Dna Technology Affects Your Privacy


Make sure to press and hold the right-positioned Side button and the Volume Up button to take a screenshot on iPhone X. Note or leave the screenshot as it is. Interesting note: You can expect the screenshots to reflect the top-placed ‘ notch ‘ that is noticeable on the screen of your camera. That won’t be the case however. You will get a screenshot that is fully visible and can be easily shared. Why Dna Technology Affects Your Privacy

BySydney Butler-October 16, 2019.755 Unless you’ve got a twin (or clone) your Dna is 100% original. In fact, there are potentially privacy issues in some context! When we talk about “Dna technology,” it’s referring to the whole technology scope that helps us analyze modifying and understanding life’s source code. One thing that must be clear is that there is no going away from these technologies. There’s too much potential and strength in Dna technology to do that. Which means the best way to do things is to be aware of the specific weaknesses in privacy that Dna technologies are bringing into our lives. It is then up to the citizens and the legislators who account for them. Dna Technologies Promise

.756.756 Why do we think so much about Dna? There are many terrible diseases that are genetic in origin for one thing. If we understand our genes, we can predict if and how these diseases will occur. Fixing faulty genes is even becoming possible with gene therapy. A young man with a genetic disorder recently underwent a ground-breaking experiment in which an engineered virus replaced defective genes in his brain. Our Dna is the key to human life and is an interesting one in a world where we mastered Dna technology. No disease new enhanced abilities higher intelligence lives longer and just about anything else you can imagine is part of the Utopian vision offered by Dna technology. There is however an equally nasty nightmare for every dream powered by Dna tech. I’m not going to dive into genetic engineering ethics here although that’s a major one instead I’m referring to Dna technology as a form of invasion of privacy. Which businesses want your Dna

Why are private firms demanding a copy of your Dna? The response is how important the knowledge might be in the future. Medical research is a huge one with everyone rushing to crack the code for different diseases and treatments using Dna technology. Today, Dna knowledge could be extracted from you only to pay off in the future for the many years. Your Dna in digital form can be a trillion-dollar treasure aggregated with millions of other people. Certain types of companies like insurance companies might want data from Dna to reduce the risk. In some nations, anti-discrimination laws already exist in the books that would forbid somebody being refused life insurance based on Dna sequencing for example. While the reasons private companies may want your Dna to be respectable you need to remember how many data breaches occur. It’s one thing to hack your password or even a bank account number but you are your Dna sequence and it’s not an option to change that. Even.

Why Governments Want Your Dna

.757.757 It’s easy to be cynical why a government wants its citizens ‘ Dna profiles on file. Newborns and individuals who are taken into custody to have their Dna tested and sequenced already have a drive in some parts of the world. For one thing if we can improve our Dna aspects how useful it will be as a form of identification? Alternatively what if a government decides to put information at birth into our Dna? In Dnanon-coding part of our Dna, it is already possible to store information, or anywhere it would make no difference to the organism. Both scenarios are a little alarming but before we know it, these stuff can in theory be true. Another odd idea is that you could one day use a Dna printer to make biological copies of your Dna from a digital file. Make planting your Dna somewhere dodgle. That could get the whole Dna identification definition moot!

Fast Dna Machines and Privacy

Dna has plummeted the cost of sequencing. What once cost millions now costs thousands of dollars, or even hundreds. Rapid Dna devices are available which are inexpensive enough for small police stations. This means the police will take samples of Dna from crime scenes and as a matter of course the individuals they are arresting. That, on the one hand, means police can get suspects back to a scene quickly. On the other side it opens up the potential for massive abuse. Especially because forensic Dna practices require careful justice process. Officers who use it as their new toy may not be the best on balance.

Public Dna Databases


A Power Balance

As I said at the beginning, Dna technology does not turn back the clock. That means we have to put some serious effort into balancing out these technologies ‘ potential and peril. How literally fundamental Dna is to our humanity is what distinguishes this question. More useful than a fingerprint, or password. We owe it to ourselves to have careful handling of this material.

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