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5 Best Animated Movies Made by DreamWorksDefending O.J. Simpson during the 1990s, during his murder trial. Then in 2007 a sex tape involving Kim Kardashian and then-boyfriend Ray J leaked which might have helped Kardashian’s long-term career though unfortunate. Though Kim was busy being a model when Kourtney started the show and Khloe was busy running their Dash and Smooch clothing stores which was their main focus at the time.

As their name grew, so did their popularity

The Kardashians would never have been as popular as they are today. But their show continued to refresh itself and all the drama inside their large family held interested viewers. The women began to gain popularity in the world of celebrities and gained more and more money from various job modelling and promotions. But as their name grew, so did their popularity, which meant that more money could be invested in their clothing stores. The stores eventually focused on different spinoff series like Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami and DASH Dolls.

In 2018, the women closed all of their Dash stores

Although the stores themselves were successful, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the sisters to continue to work together. Even though they were still very close they all had entirely different lives and their own families decided to close their Dash brand. The shops were their original reason even to want a show but the show ended up taking over their lives in a way that none of them could ever have predicted.

Although the stores were sisters with absolute love, they probably won’t get involved again in the retail business simply because of the attention it needs. It is likely that they will start something new as they get older and take a step back from all the fame. But now with Kourtney running Poosh Khloe running Revenge Body and Kim running KKW Beauty they’ve got their plates too full of fresh (and new babies) opportunities to take on another retail business.