Is Erin Lim Married to Boyfriend Lamorne Morrisv- Extra Marital Affair net worth

Sun Sep 15 2019 Tue Jan 07 2020 Erin Lim is a stunning television personality and the actor Lamorne Morris made major headlines back in 2016. Lim is The Rundown host on E! News although Morris is popular on Fox sitcom ‘ New Girl ‘ for his part.

Who is she Dating Now?

With E! The news editor actually has a relationship with Joshua Rhodes, a graphic designer. Scrolling via Lim’s Instagram we can see pictures of them visiting various places together.

Erin Lim Dated Lamorne Morris previously in 2016

Lim is known for its partnership with E! Media as it is reporter. Her notable work includes hosting The Rundown, a popular Snapchat show. The sexy Tv host was swift to gain a huge fan following. Therefore when she announced in 2017 her relationship with an actor Lamorne Morris, fans went wild to learn about it.

In what way did Erin Lim and Lamorne Morris meet?

The 29-year-old Erin Lim and the 36-year-old Morris kept a low profile when they began dating in 2016. There are no specifics about Lim’s past affairs but Morris was actually signed in 2015 for online dating. Across social accounts Morris announced that he was searching for a woman. Thus they were brought together by an online dating app. Married Reports

Back in 2018, reports of Erin’s secret marriage to Morris went viral on the internet. She uploaded a photo of them on her Instagram vacationing together in France. Yet she took that picture off later. Like a married couple, Lim and Morris attended festival in Cannes. So, people assumed the Knot had already been tied. The claims, however, turned out to be false so they are not married as of now.