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Over 400 YouTube Channels Removed Amid Pedophilia ControversyFigure 1 Photo Courtesy of Qz Despite widespread criticism, action has been taken by YouTube against inappropriate child content. More than 400 channels have been shut down which host pedophiliac material. A number of comments have been recorded to federal authorities to ensure that appropriate action against the individuals is taken. YouTube deleted tens of millions of comments and this week, amid the recent controversy surrounding the platform’s content, removed over 400 channels. It was found that the video-sharing site is unsuccessful in protecting children and eliminating content that attracts pedophiles. Multiple companies also had their advertisements shown in offensive videos. Update: @YouTube@Ytcreators has left a comment and received an update on what they have done in the last 48 hours to combat bad people on the site. Tldr: Comments disabled on tens of millions of videos. Around 400 channels terminated. Unlawful remarks reported to law enforcement. / zFhffkX9Fd — Philip DeFranco (@PhillyD) 21 February 2019 Before the problem became so widely discussed, YouTube defended the algorithms saying that the system works more than 90% of the time. But Google took immediate action after marketers including Epic Games and Disney removed advertising from the website. Even with sophisticated algorithms, uploaders find ways to manipulate the program not to detect inappropriate images, and they also get a free pass and gain from monetization. YouTube has been criticized by a significant number of internet users and news outlets but the website also has content creators who have defended the site. Philip DeFranco, who is one of the most influential creators and known for his commentary-style videos, revealed that YouTube has long been battling against inappropriate content.