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Will Instagram Have Facebook or Twitter’s Staying Power? Instagram Direct helps the social network to compete with other ephemeral and private messaging services. Whether it’s a prank picture connect or just a thought, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) have allowed users to share anything with others. Yet increasing demand for more private ways to share messages and images has given rise to services such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook as well. Instagram Direct was Instagram’s answer to the phenomenon, and a blog post announcing the app clarified how it would make the service more flexible for users: “From a snapshot of your daily coffee to a shared sunrise from the top of a mountain hike every Instagram moment includes something that you consider unique — something that you transmit to your followers when you tap ‘ share. ‘ Instagram Direct lets you share these moments. “Instagram notes on its own website that its service has a monthly active usersaverage of 3.7 hours per month on Instagram that exceeds the amount of time Twitter users spend in-app every month according to Nielsen. The fact that Instagram Direct is catching on makes it clear that for some people at least, the app is a sensible addition. And whether users rely heavily on Instagram Direct may depend on which service their primary social network is considered. Some users prefer long-established platforms such as Twitter or Facebook that are also more user friendly to exchange text and links. Instagram Direct is of limited utility for those who don’t use Instagram as their primary network. But a simpler way to communicate is for many younger users who turn away from the Facebook clutter to use Instagram as their primary social network Direct. After all, if all of your friends are on Instagram, then using Instagram Direct makes much more sense than using Facebook. TechCrunch’s Josh Constine reports that an Instagram executive told him that Direct was gaining momentum in use by small groups like those springing up around shared interests or just groups of friends who want to make sure they see each other’s posts since it can be hard to keep track of people if you follow a lot of different accounts. Photo-based messaging is an environment currently dominated by Snapchat; most people who download Instagram use it to build and share a public feed for sending direct messages, rather than explicitly. That raises the question of how users can equate Instagram with other services that they can use. It’s not in direct competition with chat apps, but images are still key to Instagram communication. When social media space divides and leaders like Facebook turn to multi-app approaches to give users the unique features they want, it’s clear that users are preferring simple apps right now that easily and efficiently fulfill one feature. Snapchat is a great example of Instagram Competitor and Ephemeral Messaging service. Will Snapchat users want the one feature that the app currently performs to be linked to a public feed? Possibly not because Snapchat users are trying to share photos and videos privately and not publicly — making Instagram’s social network a true messaging service. But Instagram still doesn’t have enough functionality to allow multiple apps and maybe it’s that inherent simplicity that will see more people develop their social networks and spend more time with them. But Instagram still isn’t asking why people are using its service. Rather it’s focused on improving the quality of the service. As Unlike some of its competitors in social media, Instagram does not raise philosophical questions about the nature of its own appeal. Snapchat recruited Nathan Jurgenson, a social media expert, to research why people take disappearing images. Facebook is partnering with psychologists to explore status updates psychology. Instagram, by comparison, hands out the stickers. The organization has a team of nine who promote culture. It maintains Instagram’s corporate blog which is just as much an industry rag as it is a tool to report the occasional business update. “Kevin Systrom and the founders of Mike Krieger Instagram who continue to manage the company as it operates autonomously under Facebook are focused primarily on making Instagram a fast-reliable communications platform. The simplicity and pace not only make it entertaining, but also useful to keep users involved and engaged. Part of the strategy for attracting and retaining users by Systrom and Krieger is to respond to changes in the way people use social networking sites, and the movement towards sharing one-on – one or in smaller groups sees Instagram adjusting to remain central to the behaviors of photo sharing users. Also in carrying out ads with Fortune coverage, Instagram has been careful that Systrom personally reviews every ad that is built for Instagram. Both Instagram Direct additions and ads lead to the growth of Instagram as its own self-contained social network reflecting a slight shift away from its early ideology of doing one thing — photos — fastly and efficiently. The added video sharing and privately sharing functionality diversifies the usefulness of Instagram for power users. But the issue determining the success of Instagram will be whether the company will be able to grow its loyal user base and increase the number of people who make it their primary social network. Instagram Direct gets the momentum. Even though its launch was less than brilliant, there are still an impressive number of 45 million users. While Instagram continues to grow it is difficult to compete with true chat apps or even one-function apps such as Snapchat. Rather Instagram should aim to evolve into a social network such as its Facebook parent company and create staying power by providing the features users want. This means capitalizing on the trend towards private messaging apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp and integrating their features into a social app in the hopes of building a service that will be at the core of the photo-sharing habits of users whether they want to share a photo with one or thousands of people.

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