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When you share a friendship with a famous name and popularity symbol, your work in the industry becomes even more appreciated. Today we’ll talk about the similar star that only rose to fame after the reports of the link-ups. If you wonder who we’re talking about, she’s nothing but Ingrid Rinck. After she and Tyrus the popular American wrestler and actor began dating, Rinck stole the limelight. Ingrid loves to keep her personal details to herself so no details about her date of birth and early life are known to date. However, on February 21, 1973, her boyfriend Tyrus was born as George Murdoch in Massachusetts the Usa. Figure 1 Image: Ingrid Rinck modeling for the magazine So excited just got another award for being a top female in business! When I was divorced by several s, I was told that I wasn’t a professional woman, because I was a personal trainer and had no college degree! It stuck with me because I sacrificed those things to have a family, so now the fact it I earn numerous annual professional women’s awards and recognitions is such a triumph not only for me, but for all the moms who sacrificed themselves for their children. Hmmmmm maybe I need to position my vision board with an honorary doctorate from a college It means she is a businesswoman and a producer. On the other hand her boyfriend George Murdoch began his 2006 wrestling career with World Wrestling Entertainment (Wwe). Ingrid Rinck Personal Life: Husband Kids Like Kate Luyben Ingrid, her husband also has yet to get married. A number of fans and followers of Rinck are looking forward to hearing about her husband and married life. However, it’s the truth that the pair hasn’t decided to get married. Figure 2 Image: George Murdoch with his girlfriend Although Tyrus frequently seems to share pictures with many females he has never declared them his wife. Murdoch currently lives a happy life and is very faithful to his current girlfriend i.e. Ingrid Rinck, that is. The couple are sharing together a boy. Stalking via Ingrid’s Instagram account revealed she’s the mother of three children. Yet her children are not given details. Ingrid Rinck Income Net Worth As said before Rinck has just left her personal life up to her own. On the other hand, though, her boyfriend Tyrus has an incredible net worth of $2 million, close to the net worth of another popular American actor James Rallison and Kelly LeBrock. George Murdoch, actor political commentator and professional wrestler, accumulates extraordinary revenue from his multi-professional background.