Icy Silver Hair Transformation

Kylie again set the cool tones for the year with a style that makes iciness look hotsilver hair. This hue’s trend is coming in as fast as a blizzard, and we don’t blame anyone for trying these icy silver locks to brave the cold. It’s been spotted on Kylie Jenner Evan Rachel Wood Jourdan Dunn and many other celebrities follow their lead. It’s a style we’re sure you’re going to want to freeze your locks in right away.

Grey Hair Tip Perfect for All Color Enthusiast Levels

View this post on Instagram at 31pm PDT on October 2016 Whether you’re ready to go all out with this color or just add a splash of it to your life, there’s not one level you’re limited to. From somewhere you are comfortable with, you can always start and build the intensity if you want. So icy hot you can be, there are no limits. Balayage A perfect starting point with the balayage style is to add a different color to your hair. It’s a technique that involves adding to your natural hair cool warm or bright tones in a way that makes them almost melt. Together, this creates a perfect balance between trying out a new hair color and going full force. It’s an easy way to keep up with a fun theme without altering the whole fashion routine as well. View this post on Instagram at 09pm PST Ombre on February 2017 The shadow style can go from dark to light or light to darkyou can add a cool or smoldering transformation with gray tones. Our favorite person? Dark roots to mid-gray and ending with an icy gray to us it channels an alter ego that lives cocktails craft for the nights and loves pairing her new do with out – of-the-box lip shades like purple or blue. We’re sure that Rihanna’s going to look all over. Icy Description All you need is sometimes a little bit of sparkle to add to it a little more energy. Which better way to do this than to dip the tips in the ice? With a gray tone that complements your natural hair, go as light as you can. It’s a fun, simple way to play with a color that you’ve never tried before; and if you really love it, you can move on to a scanner or even a full color! The small details are going to help you decide. View this post on Instagram All-Over Color Dark mid-tone or icywhen moving on with your hair to a complete brown, your preference is how far you want to go. Take a gray tone that comes off as a bit blue for something else that shouts the theme of the street. Be an ice queen with shimmering silver locks turning every head in the room when you’re going in. No matter how you choose to dye your hair and step into the gray trend, we are positive that for as long as you can, it’s something you want to keep. Or at least until it takes its place for the next big hair trend. View this post on Instagram Gender Neutral We really mean it when we say that there is no limit to gray hair. It’s a unisex trend we’ve seen on women’s and men’s heads. Everyone was seen wearing the style from Zayn Malik to Perrie Edwards; it looks like gray locks captivated almost everybody. Who can blame them? It’s the must-try color of 2019 that keeps the momentum we swear on someone new every day. So whether you’re a gal or a guy, take a step towards the dark … or a light side with a gray tone that’s nothing but an exaggerated trend. View this post on Instagram Grey Hair Takes Major T.L.C A vibrant color like that definitely needs to be maintained. It requires a commitment because once brassiness settles in the look, it can go wrong quickly and, like all bright colors, it can easily wash out and fade if you overuse shampoo or use the wrong formula for your color. Shampooing your hair every day with a violet tone shampoo like Fudge Clean Blonde Violet-Toning Shampoo or a shampoo made for silver hair like Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo is recommended if you want to cut down on your salon visits. Check out more dark purple shampoos for icy-silver hair that can be used. We strongly recommend a deep conditioner when it comes to conditioning because it will have some additional damage effects with hair as light as this. It is a must to choose a conditioner that offers plenty of moisture and shine. To keep your gray locks luxurious and beautiful, we love the Clear Intense Hydration Mask and AG Hair Color Care Sterling Silver Toning Conditioner. No matter what we hope you choose to be a silver fox and we know that you can own this trend! A small hair risk can be a positive change you’ll loveand the compliments are just an added bonus. Long Silver Hair Ideas and My Journey to Embrace Gray Locks Shades of the Grey Hair Trend Gorgeous Gray Hair Best Styling Tools for Damaged Hair Tried and Tested How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps Gray Hair Communities to Support and Inspire Silver Sisters Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration for hair style. Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeTips and Tricks