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How to use a hair mask on curly hair? Do you think it is a difficult task for curly hair? You are wrong. Read this article, clear your thought within 5 minutes.


How to use a hair mask on curly hair

Curly hair has a tendency to be riskier to frizz or damage. But a little more giving care can be it a long way. Happily, applying the perfect hair mask for the curly hair can be worked wonderfully. A hair mask will also work as a superhero to save the hair from future damage.


Now you maybe are thinking how to use a hair mask on curly hair? Can it easy for you or not?


Applying hair mask on curly hair isn’t a complicated task at all. Take the patient and follow a few steps, then you will see magic on your dull hair.


Let’s jump into the dive.


What is the hair mask?

The hair mask is not just intended for hair issues. The mask is versatile for hair treatments to repair and nourish the hair. A hair mask will be able to help your hair healthy and completely untreated.

A hair mask works as a deep conditioning treatment for the curly or any types of hair because it is rich with nutrients and oils to nourish and moisturize the hair.

The benefits of the hair mask

Are hair masks good for curly hair? The hair mask is useful not only for curly hair but also for any types of hair. There several benefits that maybe you are no introduced still now.

Hair masks well for:

  • Drop off friction
  • Get knots out of the hair
  • Minimize the fizzy condition
  • Develop combability
  • Decrease the hair damage
  • Hydrate hair
  • Seal the moisturizer
  • Shine the hair

How to apply the hair mask-4-steps

Step-1: Preparation before using the mask

1. Read out the instruction carefully

Most of the commercial hair mask products come in a particular direction with the products that you can see on the surface level of them. Before jumping applying the mask, you should read the instruction properly so that you can use the mask correctly and get the better result from it.

2. Wear old clothes before applying the mask

If you are thinking to use the selected hair mask now, you have to wear old clothe or t-shirt, and hand gloves. They can save your clothes and hands from the excess mask that may be dropping.

You also should wrapping yourself with a towel when you are applying. Take a hairstyling cape that you can use after applying the mask. It needs to save your hair from any dirt and dust.

3.  Wash and clean your hair

Before applying the hair mask, you have to wash your hair to clean any dirt. If any dirt or products remain into the hair, the hair mask won’t work well and correctly. They will make a blockade around the hair and absorb all nutrients and moisture of the mask.


Do you apply a hair mask to wet or dry hair? You should not apply the mask on the dry hair. Slightly wet hair is perfect to use a mask.


Wash your hair only using shampoo and lukewarm water. Don’t apply conditioner because it will absorb all nutrients and moisture while applying the mask. Let the hair air dry for a while.

Step-2 Apply the hair mask

1. Divide the hair into parts

To smoother the applying mask process, you should divide the whole hair into a few pieces. Roughly three to five sections will be perfect for dividing. But a few parts need to make front side, and some are the backside of the head. Close the sections using clips so that you can use the mask properly with no hazard.


If your hair longer or thicker, you need to make more sections. It mainly depends on the amount of hair. But for short hair sections are useless. Here, you can apply the mask just using your hands within a short time.


2.  Apply the hair mask from root to top

Start applying the mask from root to top. Try to use all the sections properly so that a single hair won’t skip from the mask. Try to cover the whole hair, and for this, you have to be patient and need to take sufficient time. Apply the hair mask gently and pay to keep your attention fully.


3. Cover the head with a shower cap

After applying the mask, you have to leave it for a particular duration. For this, you should wear shower cape so that using hair keep save from any dust. Next time you can wrap your head with a hot towel around the cape.


The main job of the cape is to work mask around whole hair even in the scalp, and it works well from the root to tip of the hair.

Step-3: Leave the mask to process

Leave the mask for the time being, but how long? Most of the time, it can be depended on the product because of it different from the homemade hair mask process. After all that there has a regular time that you can follow.

  • For take protein treatment, you should take 10 minutes
  • For take hydrating treatment, you should need five to ten minutes
  • For coconut oil hair mask, you should at least 25-30 minutes

Step-4: Wash the hair mask

After fixed time, it is time to remove the hair mask from the hair. For this, you have to wash your hair. Wash your hair using shampoo and cool water and then apply conditioner. Lukewarm water will help to seal the cuticles. Keep moisturize and give nourished for a long time.


Things should keep in mind

There are some tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind to maintain the hair mask as hair treatment properly.

  1. How often should I do a hair mask for curly hair? For curly hair, you should use a hair treatment mask at least once a week. But if your hair is so drier or damaged, you should apply the mask twice or even thrice a week.
  2. Do you use a hair mask before or after shampooing? You have to always ask the mask after shampooing. It is a good idea for the excellent working of the hair mask.
  3. Don’t rub the hair to dry with a towel.
  4. Always wash the hair with lukewarm water.
  5. Always try to use a wooden comb
  6. Select the suitable hair mask according to the hair types
  7. Try to use a protein hair mask all the time.


Wrap up

Now you have known how to use a hair mask on curly hair. And hope you will add this applying process into your regular hair treatment routine. So, follow the steps and nourish, strong and healthy your curly hair naturally.






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