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The audition process

Talented hopefuls will apply for the series by appearing at an open call or submitting their performance footage. Experts recommend that acts try to perform at one of the in-person screening sites, because producers want to see the talent in person. Like other reality talent shows actors don’t find out if they’re going on on their audition day. Alternatively, they’ve got to wait a few months to find out if they’ve done it in the next round. Only then will they have the stage audition in front of the panel of judges, as you see on TV.

The ‘ Got Talent in America ‘ judges

Acts who make it through the first round of auditions pass to the ‘ Judges ‘ Auditions. ‘ We are then given only 90-seconds for the judges and a live audience to perform their act. They get a bit of input or criticism from the judges at the end of their act and then the judges vote to see who goes on to the next point. If they do not get majority vote at this time, contestants are disqualified.

The Golden Buzzer Magic

The Golden Buzzer was introduced after several American Got Talent seasons. Now a judge has the ability to randomly send a contestant to the live shows during an audition even if the other judges disagree. The judges are only allowed to use their golden buzzer once a season. The series host will also use the Golden Buzzer if they have an act that they would like to save. Judges have provided the Golden Buzzer all sorts of performances in recent seasons. An example of this is Angelica Hale who twice won the Golden Buzzer. View this post on Instagram @howiemandel couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for @itsjosephallen on live competition

! A post shared by America’s Got Talent – AGT (@agt) on 5 June 2019 at 6:00 a.m. PDT Judges will then see each participant give a brand new presentation of their act during a ‘ performance segment. ‘ Judges give them their positive and negative reviews and then the audience has a fixed time to vote for their favorite performers (as long as an act hasn’t been stopped by the buzzers). Voting results are given during a separate episode of “results,” and the top contestants move on to the next stage of the contest. The final round The end of the season is where the contestants battle against each other for the most public votes and a very big cash prize. Final competitions take multiple episodes, and usually competitors are required to do more than perform. The winning act wins a million dollar bonus, and as a result of winning, also gets to headline a concert. Robert Yaniz Jr. This ‘ America’s Got Talent ‘ season. More Articles December 05 2019 Film reboots are difficult to pull off especially when you’re dealing with a devoted fan base. So it’s a wonder Rise of the Planet of the Apes reinvented the Planet of the Apes franchise and cleverly in 2011. The film deconstructed the show as much as it rebooted it by telling the story of the original ape uprising. Of course the film directed by Rupert Wyatt has had the luxury of using motion-capture technology to bring to life its simian characters. In Andy Serkis the ape visionary Caesar delivered outstanding performances. Disney is now preparing a new film in the franchise Planet of the Apes. Figure 1 Andy Serkis at the New York premiere of ‘ Battle for the Planet Of The Apes ‘ Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

The producer of ‘ Maze Runner ‘ will take over

With the purchase of Fox by Disney The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Planet of the Apes will be Disney’s first big Fox property dusted off and retooled. Aside from Fox’s involvement with Ball, no other information about the film have been released. So we don’t know if the next Planet of the Apes will follow the original films of the 1970s or continue the trilogy of the 2010s or start a new story altogether. After all, the franchise has over the years been something of a mixed bag.

The spotty story of ‘ Planet of the Apes ‘

The original 1968 film, starring Charlton Heston as an astronaut crashing into the titular world, was a cultural phenomenon. Its incisive social commentary and mind-blowing twist ending helped shape science fiction for the next few decades. It also spawned four sequels which were all successes in box office. Then, in 2001, the “reimagining” of Tim Burton reached theatres. Although the movie was a success box office it was not warmly received by fans or critics who both found it the final nail in the coffin of the show. That was the case before Rise stunned everyone a decade later by revitalizing the franchise.

Why the current story is best to continue

While Disney / Fox has not made any announcements, it would be easier for the studio to pick up the story from Matt Reeves ‘ 2017 release War for the Planet of the Aps. That movie not only left a real world of new possibilities but also provided a clean break for shifting the focus of the plot. Sure Fox might roll the dice again but simply there is no need to do so. Make a significant time jump after the war, and allow Ball the freedom from that point on to put his stamp on the franchise. Anything else risks squandering all of the Apes ‘ goodwill audience the Earth has built up over the last decade. That is one twist that nobody wants to see.


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