How and When Robert Downey Jr. Will Return to the MCUChris Reed More Articles Catching the average gamer’s brief attention isn’t an easy task and marketers often go to great lengths to get their games noticed. This sometimes results in stunts that were actually t great ideas in retrospect. Some occasions the findings are just scandalous or bizarre. Talked about something to get the game right? Here are five crazy publicity stunts you could very well have done for video games.

1. Win an island in Just Cause 3

Who would not want an island of their own? While the vision of many is typically only achievable by the super rich getting a private island. Realizing the vision is exactly the pledge made by Square Enix when it published a game about saving an island from a tyrannical ruler, Just Cause 3. To be the winner all you had to do in the first three months of its release was rack up more Chaos Points than anyone else. The catch, right? Let’s leave it to Square Enix to set them out: the poor farm animal had actually come from a local butcher though they called it a goat sacrifice and it was killed for meat rather than sacrifice purposes. It’s probably a bad idea to still carry a headless goat to even the most debauched party in town. As you can imagine Sony took lots of flack for the lapse in judgment from animal rights groups. 4. Body parts strewn for Resident Evil 5 in London Who doesn’t love chancelling on a disembodied limb when you go out for a stroll? That’s the situation that Capcom generated when it hid realistic-looking parts of the body around Trafalgar Square in London. The idea was to win a vacation to Africa where the game is set which fan collected the most body parts. The only concern was that all of the body parts were not accounted for when the contest ended. The body parts are very natural, and we don’t want people to be scared by them, according to a statement from Capcom. We were all taken from their original positions, but we don’t know where they are now. If you have them please either return them or dispose of them carefully and responsibly. In fact, chicken livers have been used for extra blood, and they can be deadly uncooked. 5. Hitman: Absolution Facebook app to kill your friends Some of us want to kill our mates from time to time right when you get down to it? To coincide with Hitman’s release: Absolution Square Enix launched a Facebook app that allows you to threaten doing just that. The app will send a message to a friend of your choosing that they’ve been marked with death. You might also explain why you wanted them dead, and mark them with stuff like her hairy legs or her tiny tits to the bald assassin. The message will come across with the text I’ve just hired Agent 47 to reach you. To see if you reach your end, click here.” What could go wrong? A ton of stuff that’s just painfully obvious. Only hours after going up the device was deleted and the news stories about it were widespread. Come to think it probably went exactly as the marketing gurus wanted by Square Enix. @ ChrislreedThe Facebook cheat sheet! The 10 Best Xbox One Exclusive Games Released So Far The 7 Best PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games Released So Far The 10 Best Wii U Video Games Released So Far


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