Hot Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

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Prev1 Are you looking for a way to tame your unruly hair and turn your heads into admiration? If the answer is yes, then in your life you need cornerstone braids. A hairstyle dating back to ancient cornrow patterns in Africa is commonly used and modified throughout the world by modern-day stylists. We are in absolute awe of these various kinds of cornrows and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Cornrows, why choose?

Cornrows not only look amazing, but they’re also a perfect way to make hair style that’s a little naughty. Normally, this type of hair requires more taming, which means investing tons of time each day. Okay, with cornrows you can neglect to devote long hours every morning to shaping unruly hair. Your hair is finished (and looks fantastic!) every day when you wake up! Okay, for up to weeks at least, which is about how long you will keep them in. Plus it’s one of the most common protective hair women opting for styling and regular wear and tear tohelp natural hair rest. Cornrows are a perfect way to make a break for your hair. Ready for the most beautiful hairstyles of cornrow that you’ve ever seen? Let’s just go!

Feed-In Braids with Cuff Beads

There is hardly anything more elegant than cuff beads – and when they are attached to beautiful feed-in braids with a cool pattern looks like top points! Feed-in braids are a way to create an impression of long cornerstone braids without the need for hair extensions. First you use your natural hair to make a starter braid – then incorporate artificial braiding hair to create a long cornstone that still looks natural.

Creative Halo Braid

If you’re a braiding enthusiast looking to take your cornrows to the next stage you’ve achieved your hair> halo braid is stunning, stylish and creative – even if it’s a little bit more difficult to achieve. You’re not going to regret a visit to the stylist when you want to do what you’ve done with this fantastic hairdo?

LargeFeed-In Cornrows

Probably our favorite of hairstyles with thick cornrows – and why not? To fall in love with it is so easy! All in one go, these big-feed-in cornrowsachieve classy feminine and quirky. The most lustful element after the look is the gold string that has been inserted into some of the braids. The specifics are all about it! ‘

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‘ Beautiful Cornwall Ponytail’

‘ We’ve always had a light obsession with ombré – but ombrécornrows tied in a ponytail? It’s almost too good to be true. Lighter on the edges, these adorable cornrowswill go well with any summer outfit – and when the time comes to say goodbye, you’ll probably shed a few tears.

Simple Ghana Braids

One of the most popular African hairs> Ghana braids are here to steal your heart. Also often called ‘ invisible cornrows ‘ they create an incredibly awesome look and are very low-maintenance. Summer is the perfect time to try this sassy hairstyle – especially for its protective qualities that will keep your hair healthy for longer!

Half Box Braids Half Cornrows

Half Box Braids Half Cornrows

Half Box Braids Half Cornrows will surely stand out from the crowd!

Skinny Braids in aPonytail

How nice do these skinny braids look?! We really love them – and if you’re someone who wants to use braids as a base for different hairstyles (a ponytail two buns a bun two buns). Use some braids to create a hairband illusion (and hide the bobby pins or an elastic that you used to secretly fix it). Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell anyone!

Custom Braided Updo

Enthusiasts of custom braiding – this is the hairstyle you’ve been waiting for! How about a beautiful and unique half-head cornrow style that allows you to exhibit some of the natural hair’s lushness? So you certainly won’t see anybody else’s precisely the same hairstyle (always a bonus!).

Side Cornrows and Curls

If you haven’t considered this look yet, you should consider it completely. This side cornrows hairstyle is for someone who would love to experiment with cornrows but would love to simultaneously display their natural voluptuous curls. Double victory!

Every year hair styling gurus come up with new and exciting ways to braid hair and for that we feel eternally grateful. But the braids of the cornrow are simply irreplaceable. Braiding your hair into beautiful cornrows will not only save you hours of valuable time spent on your hair styling, but will inevitably receive praise wherever you go. Would you like to be the first to know your tips and tricks on styling? Connect on Facebook and Instagram with us and you’ll never miss it! Cute and creative ideas for Short Faux Locs Crochet Braids Hair Fabulous Funky Ways to Pull Off Faux Locs Hottest Flat Twist Hair Fabulous Ways to Short Weave Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration for hair style. Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles.