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Classic Film Streaming Service Struck To Close Next MonthIn a statement via its Faqs, the platform announced that “all levels of the FilmStruck service are being discontinued. This includes the FilmStruck Only Monthly package, the FilmStruck+Criterion Monthly package, the FilmStruck+Criterion Annual package and the Student FilmStruck+Criterion package. “The service was launched in November 2016 and is part of the Turner Broadcasting Network. FilmStruck was the first streaming service launched by Turner and gave access to classics from the company’s lineup of legendary movies. Users also had access to content from both the Criterion Collection and Warner Bros. At this time, there were no official statements from At T or Warner Bros. and we do not know what the future holds for fans of classic films with no great options to replace the closed website. At T is currently owned by FilmStruck, and it is unclear if it will be making a comeback later. At T there is a rumor that we are working on a subscription package that puts all of the Warner Bros. content under one roof and as part of the upcoming streaming bundle we may still be able to access the classic movies. With famous K-drama streaming service DramaFever shutting down earlier this month, it is not the first streaming service to be sacked as well.