45 High Tops Haircuts

Banana Yellow Zero Fade Haircut

Banana Yellow is another color that has recently been on the increase. With platinum blonde or white, this neon color works wonderfully well. They’ll make you look fresh, extra, and very up-to-date together.

Big Daddy Kane Haircut

Hip hop legend Big Daddy Kane launched another late version of the classic haircut. Big Daddy Kane, an icon ahead of his time, flaunted a high top hairstyle with shaved designs before many even thought of the concept.

Blonde High Top Fade

The way to go is to diversify tones whenever you want to change your image. Something as easy as tinting the top of your hair can have a huge effect on your general appearance. Blonde is an outstanding idea to boost contrast for a dark foundation.

Blue High Top

Do you prefer cool hair color tones? Consider experimenting with hues from the second portion of the rainbow that derive inspiration. Blue, green, or violet are all outstanding hairstyle options for people thinking out of the box.

Box Braids High Top

Specifically, box braids currently dominate hairstyle trends graphs. You can use them in a single haircut that complements your character to blend fresh school and old school vibes. Plus, you will have the ideal canvas ready for a flat top whenever you decide to remove the braids.

Casual Zero Fade Haircut

One of the finest things about zero fade with a top of brief to medium length is that you need minimal maintenance. It all depends on how quickly your hair grows, of course, but the average person will only need to visit the barber once a month or so.

Cool Zero Fade Haircut

It must be one of the coolest zero fades we’ve ever seen. All go together so well to highlight this look. The tattoo on the throat looks modern and fresh, the blonde platinum is contemporary, and the hair design is exceptional.

Creative haircut with designs

These days hair tattoos are particularly common among children. They are essentially atypical designs that are shaved into the haircut of the overall hair-great boys.

High Top Cropped

Even the tiniest top can operate for a high-fade murderer. In all honesty, with shorter hair, some people really look better. If you are one of them, do not hesitate with your barber to attempt a cropped technique. The findings will certainly blow you away.

Curly High Top Fade

Textured curls are the basis of any top fade haircut. Regardless of length, for any and every face shape curly hair will always be flattering. If you are not sure how long or short you should go, it is recommended that you start with mid-length curls and work your way from there.

High Top Haircut Disconnected

Like undercuts, high top fades can be either gradual or separated. Add a shaved line around the base of your flat top to generate even more contrast. As a consequence, you’re going to have the top portion separated and fade and shine all alone.

Freeform Dreads High Top Fade

There are several methods to sport top fade dreads. Another concept is to combine your haircut base with freeform dreadlocks, also known as dreads of negligence. All you need to do is let them shape naturally and choose your favorite style of fade to go with them.

Gelled Mohawk Hair Design

This is a gelled mohawk hair tattoo and a zero fade hair. If your little kid wants this haircut, he will certainly look like the coolest man in college. But make sure he gets the first permission.

Gelled Zero Fade Haircut

All you need to do is store on hair gel to copy this look. It’s also called the moist look because it will look like you’ve just come out of the shower once you’ve used enough hair gel. For males with a lot of volume to their locks, it’s ideal.

Ginger Zero Fade Haircut

Whether you alreadyhave ginger hair or need to get it out of a bottle, we strongly recommend that you attempt it at least once. For every person out there who believes himself a trendsetter, it’s one of the’ it’ colors this year.

High and short fade

Of all the military haircuts we’ve been talking about, the high and tight one certainly stands out as one of the most wearables. It’s not technically what you’d imagine a high top fade to be like because of the super brief length. However, the rules are created to be broken when it comes to style.

High Fade Top Hairstyle

The longer the curls are, the better for some boys. Indeed, if you have a remarkably high top, maintenance becomes difficult. Nevertheless, the findings look so nice that every minute is worth the additional styling effort. Also the chin strap beard balances with finesse the elevated fade with lengthy hair on top hairstyle.

High Fade Short Top

To get an impressive high fade you don’t need a -inch afro. In reality, to get the shape you’re looking for, you scarcely need that much length at all. You can always work with what you’ve got, even if in your case it’s a short top. It’s all about the method and the flavor that you introduce to the look.

High Fade with Top Knot

Yep, buns of man and top knots are still as trendy as ever. If you have long hair and don’t want to sacrifice it for a top, use a hair tie to expose your hairstyle’s faded portion. Without resorting to the scissors, you will get the best of both worlds.

High Top and Dreads Hairstyle

It is now apparent that dreadlock is never going to go out of fashion. For males with longer hair, both practical and esthetically pleasing, dreads are the go-to answer. Moreover, with heavy fade haircuts, they go hand in hand. What else are you going to want?

High Top Bald Fade

For the lower part of your hairstyle, the fade portion of your high top does not have to follow a standard full-on bald fade and then pair it with a beard. If you get a summer haircut, it’s definitely an alternative to maintain in mind.

High Top Braid Out

We have a picture-perfect concept for you if you’ve been wearing a complete braid head and it’s time to take it out. Rather than allowing your curls to go wild, form them into a haircut that complements your facial structure.

High Top Braids Haircut

Men’s braids have come back to the spotlight in latest years and are here to remain. When it comes to braid styles that you can pair with a strong fade, the options are unlimited. Try the crown braid style pictured below for a straightforward yet efficient result.

High Top Drop Fade

You are ensured to be the focus of attention wherever you go. In contrast to the rigidity of a heavy fade, we suggest it as a subtle option for your flat top foundation. Throw in the mix some color and don’t go unnoticed!

High Top Fade for Straight Hair

If you don’t want to risk looking like Vanilla Ice on a poor day, belief about tweaking your high top fade if you’re hairless. Soften the look by integrating and styling some layers into the haircut. Perhaps you’d better adapt the concept to satisfy your private characteristics.

Pump more attitude into your hair mohawk inspiration. The top portion is somewhat comparable to any high top fade, but the back and sides really make the haircut shine. Consider opting for a burst fade strategy rather than getting the same transition all around.

High Top Fade White Guy Hairstyle

At a hair notably dense hair and a nice quantity of product, try your luck to nail a flat top. In the end, it may turn out to be rad.

High Top Fade with Beard

Whether you are a facial hair enthusiast or not, the return and high top haircut can satisfy all your styling requirements. By wearing it with a beard, you can generate an attractive visual equilibrium thanks to the good fade integrated in the haircut.

High Top Fade with a portion

Incorporating a portion into a high top fade haircut is kind of difficult. It’s not impossible, though, particularly if you want to test your imagination. Barbers often add a sleek tough portion to the mix, either totally one side down or curved around the head.

High Top Fade with Waves

Waves are the ultimate indication of a man’s textured hair classification. You can merge them with different kinds of fades like the skin fade shown here as a high top. When describing their effect, clean-cut would be an understatement.

High Top Juice Fade

Recall what we said about the iconic appearance of Tupac in the Juice film? Well, it was the point of departure for numerous fans ‘ haircut adaptations. Juice fade is one of the best ways to distinguish you with a distinctive hairstyle from the crowd.

Always aim for equilibrium in your hairstyles? A mid-fade may just be your finest haircut option. The fade isn’t large enough to leave most of your head bare, nor is it too small to be seen as meaningless. It will also work for any kind of scenario, whether in the workplace or out and about in the town.

High Top Taper Fade

Would you like less stress on styling? In your life, you need a taper fade haircut. With high tops, taper fades go fantastically well, no matter how broad the gradient is. You’re going to save a ton of time getting ready for the day while keeping a new atmosphere.

High Top Temp Fade

Temp fade haircut is one of the most prized options for some reason in the natural hair society. Regardless of the form of the forehead or other characteristics, almost anyone seems to flatter the shape of the box!

High Top Twist Haircut

Twists are an absolute must when you grow your hair. Not only do they look fantastic, but if you want a faded undercut, they’re also practical. Just make sure you follow the hair care tips of your barber to maintain your coils growing.

High Top, Slick Back Hairstyle

Another helpful concept is the sliced back hair for Caucasian people looking for a high top fade. It’s an exceptional option from where we stand for guys who don’t have dense or textured hair. Rather than struggling in a classic flat top to style your locks upwards, grow them out and smooth them back!


Jaden Smith High Top Fade

Will Smith’s boy, Jaden, today is just as big as his father was back in the s. Although Jaden nowadays sports shorter locks, in his Karate Kid era he pulled a high-fade murderer.

Kendrick Lamar High Fade

A number of Golden Age rappers have been commended for their high top fads, but what about those presently active? Kendrick Lamar, commonly considered one of his time’s most respected emcees, is a good illustration of how a contemporary haircut version should turn out.

Child High Top Fade

Do you want your little guy to feel like a champion? We bet that with a haircut like the one below, he will be the coolest cat in his school. The distinction will be in the details, so bear in mind that to finish your kid’s hairstyle you can add a difficult portion or shaved design.

Layered Zero Fade Haircut

For males with thin hair, a layered haircut is always a good idea. Layers should be your go – to solution as they offer the illusion of volume and thickness where none of that actually exists.

Low High Top Fade

We’ve talked about the variation of fade hair for males that you can choose from before. The same applies to elevated haircuts. Although most people choose an equally elevated fade, with a low fade haircut, others look much better.

Mini High Top Fade Haircut

Not all top fades must be luxuriously heavy. If you’re just beginning to let your natural hair grow, feel free to rock one. Think about using information like shaved lines to spice it up. Thus, for your private style, you will create your mini flat top even more representative.

Nappy High Top Fade

No matter how frizzy they are, anybody should sport their natural locks with pride. Textured curls are a great way to express at the same moment your culture, character, and roots. We would definitely classify this year’s afro hair that you can play around.

Pretty Zero Fade Haircut

You can also adopt the minimalist style just like Zayn Malik. Go on the sides for a skin fade and maintain your hair on top short. Sometimes, as they claim, less is actually more. You can make more dramatic accessories in this manner.

Psych High Top Fade Out

Who can forget Psych, one of the s’s most famous television series? In fact, one of our favorite episodes in our debate takes its name from the haircut. The groovy haircuts of the boys are sufficient to inspire us for years to come. Discuss a big double throwback!

Red High Top Fade with Dye

Do not be scared to take your haircut for an extra mile. Use your hairstyle as a way to express it if you have a powerful character! For some, this may imply bringing a splash of candy red to life with their high top. Is this for you the private touch?

Rounded Top High Fade

In general, the contour of the haircut is similar to a box. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with all kinds of shapes and sizes, however. For instance, take this rounded version. For males who want to soften a stern look otherwise, it is the perfect option.

s High Top Fade

If we wind the tape back to the start, the top fade really started in the early s. This haircut is now a declaration for old school heads around the globe thanks to the unforgettable hip hop duo Kid’n Play (Christopher Kid Reid described above).