High Fade Haircuts for Men

Fade haircut Prev1 is a popular men’s cut in which the hair length gradually decreases from the parietal ridge towaa. One of its most common variants is high fade. Highly common among African-American and Caucasian men transcending race and age high fade cuts. They are inherently cool high fades have been spotted back in the day on Old Hollywood stars and now young hip men are rocking them.

Different Fade Types

Let’s first introduce you to some of the most popular fade haircut styles Whether you’re a White Asian Black or Latino fade guy will always be a good choice. Just choose the style that works for you. For example, low fades look great with facial hair for oblong triangular and diamond head shapes. High fades will only look good on scalps without lumps and bumps to match square and round face shapes. For specific head shapes, scissor fade cuts are a great option. Let’s move on for guys to fresh, high-fade haircuts!

High Fade Where Classic Meets Cool

Fade haircuts from classic tapers have evolved. But nowadays the trend has become more diverse than ever with men rocking longer (even curly) hair with contrasting shaved sides on the top of the head. In other words, in a multitude of different ways the style can be worn.

Longer Hair High Cut

Once reserved for hipsters only, fading haircuts with long hair on top are now becoming more popular. It’s an extremely flattering look that helps elongate the face and accentuate an array of masculine chiseled features.

Classic Low Fade Haircut

This zero fade comb over cut is a true classic of low fade haircut with a discreet (but sexy) pompadour over the forehead. Brush the hair back with a wide-toothed comb that includes a modest amount of holding gel or extra hold spray.

Shadow Fade Haircut

Shadow fade haircut is a softer version of regular fade that is subtle and provides a more natural contrast between hair lengths. You can sometimes read that this kind of fade is for curly hair. Definitely yes but it can be done by people with straight hair. Especially for those who have sensitive skin and want to skip weekly trimmers, it is generally a great fit for any guy.

Messy Blonde Fade Haircut

Although it is most common to see longer hair with a high fade haircut sliced back into a pompadour, the trend is rapidly splitting into a mohawk edgy. Use plenty of textured pomade to keep it messy yet under control if you want to perfect your blonde fade haircut.

Fauxhawk with Side Part

Some of the best starter models for this type of look are those with minimal balding no designs and plenty of hair on the top of the head that you can brush smooth backwards or spike up into a fauxhawk forwards.

Forward-Combed Style

Of course not all fading looks need to be reversed (their most popular form). Alternatively, some of the most fashionable men’s styles are now being combed almost in a Caesar-like face.

Wild Pompadour Fade Cut

Assume all high fade haircut> pompadour and accurate line up to add drama. Use a strong hold gel for extra safety.

Pompadour with Shaved Design

Don’t be afraid to shake things up (quite literally) try a fade haircut with long hair on top and shaved designs on the sides.

Side Fade Haircut

Just because you’re wearing a faded haircut doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a side part either. Indeed, hair divided to the side can create a unique variation in the traditional style of pumping that you often see.

Undercut Fade with Braids and Bun

You can rock them too, guys hear us out braids. For a fresh punk rock style, braided hair can be worn with a high top undercut fade. What’s the best part? You’re not going to have to worry every day about styling the longer section.

Flipped Up Buzz

Too many looks are possible with faded hairstyles. One of the most visible is a forward-combed short cut crop with flipped ends over the forehead. This adds some edge to a clean and simple cut otherwise.

Fade with Curls

This cut on Nba players has certainly been seen. Curly hair blends with an afro top combining all natural black curls and smooth sides and edges are an incredibly hot look right now. ‘

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‘ Straight High Top’

‘ The closer the top to the sky the better when it comes to dramatic fades. And while it seems almost impossible to re-create this particular style, don’t fear the major heights. Just be sure to use a round brush to master hair-drying and store in advance on gels and hairsprays.

Bun Style Dreadlocks

One of the biggest features of high and tight fades is that the options for wearing on top of your head are virtually limitless. If you want a bold and showy thing to go with your dreads. Secure your braids with an elastic shaping of a stylish man bun at the top of your head.

Taper Fade with Part

This part fade taper is clean and perfectly sculpted to make it incredibly sexy. Although it can be difficult to> a comb over which looks incredibly stylish and neat when paired with a line up.

Extra Short High Bald Fade

Short sweet and directly to the point this high fade haircut with a chiseled beard is a very popular style for men looking for low maintenance.

Long Hair Fade Cut

Long hair fade means your sides are very short (often trimmed to 0) and the top section is very long. Wear them in a bun ponytail or half a pony to tame your locks. Honeing your braiding skills would be a good idea too.

Scissor Fade Cut

Scissor fade as described above is selected when customized cut shape is needed. It can be any kind of fade slice, but produced using non-clipper scissors. What’s a customer getting? Definitely longer hair on the arms, but the fading effect of the cut is still tapered.

Temple Fade

Temple fade cut is the best choice if you want to try to fade but fear major changes in appearance. Only the sideburns are shaved off (partly or entirely) in temp fades. Sometimes a small area is trimmed by the ears as well. ‘

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‘ Hi-Top Fade’

‘ is a cool flatop fade haircut variation. The curly top is left very long and has the flat geometric shape as you see the sides are trimmed quite short. It looks really interesting!

Does your girlfriend want to be in love with a criminal? Then the fade uptown is for you! Jokes. Jokes. But this cut is definitely sexy and masculine!

High Fade with Textured Top

The> skin fade cut and long, well-groomed beard. In addition, steal the idea of spiking the textured top with hair wax.

Box Fade Haircut

Box fade is more appropriate for people with very curly and kinky hair. This looks like a normal fade on both sides.
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