Some Taylor Swift Fans Thought Her Big News Would Be That She’s Gay or Bisexual Kelsey Goeres More Stories April 27, 2019 For the week Swift debuted her latest single ME as the clock struck midnight! Along with music video for the song. Swifties have been viewed like late to a catchy pop song followed by a color universe very much in line with Swift’s Instagram aesthetic. Figure 1 Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift Karwai Tang / WireImage The Swifties are taking what they can get at this stage. In addition to delaying the release of the full album, it just means more enjoyable countdowns and detective work.

Many fans thought that Taylor Swift should come out on April 26

Then there’s an internet corner that thought Swift’s big announcement had less to do with music and more to do with her sexuality. Her streams have been packed with all rainbow things lately and some fans have started reading the latest aesthetic in the pop star.


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