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More Articles February 27, 2020 Viewsome co-hosts leave to pursue new opportunities and others are not asked to come back. Several potential candidates attempted to become a permanent member of The View team during a staff shuffle in 2014. Political commentator S.E. of CNN. Cupp was a competitor and had previously shared a very exciting audition experience she had. 5/5.1259 5/5.1259

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As publisher of a number of books and contributor to outlets like Politico The Washington Post Daily Caller and The American Spectator Cupp covered the political space for many years. The journalist, joining CNN in 2013, knows how to keep up with the nonstop news cycle of today. “It’s just living 24/7 up there. Cupp told the Hollywood Reporter in 2016 that the line is never far from. “Always on the TV s. We are always on the news cycle; sometimes we watch the news that makes the news talk about the world. You don’t have to plan if you’ve been doing this for years … if you’re covering elections on a daily basis and you’re doing it for many election cycles that you’ve been planning for. You either know this stuff because you’ve been doing it for so long or you don’t and it’s very fast.” But the discussion didn’t go as Cupp planned when she expressed her thoughts on life. “Rosie’s going ballistically,” she said to Setoodah. As O’Donnell pressed Cupp to disclose if she had ever had an abortion directly, Cupp replied, “I don’t know why it’s important.” Obviously, O’Donnell’s response wasn’t correct. “What a lazy thing! “O’Donnell scolded Cupp then pointed to former conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck with whom she had witnessed notorious air battles. “You have to be able to tell your stories if you want to do this series. 5/5.1260 5/5.1260 Figure 2 Rosie O’Donnell Lou Rocco / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Cupp was surprised at the course her audition went. “It has been so intimate” announced Cupp. “In two seconds, it went from zero to an hundred. To run into a mad debate just isn’t my style. She was having a debate with me at the same time … but also talking to producers who had not been there. I’m like “Is this part of the discussion? Will I start debating if another Elisabeth will be yours? ” The aftermath Cupp had no idea how her success ranked after the explosive conversation. “Was it good or evil? “She was curious. “Do they want this kind of insanity, or not? If not, she is not me the problem. “Cupp said O’Donnell approached her as she was leaving. “She is like ‘Look I will be perfectly honest. If you want to do this interview, you’re going to have to tell your secrets. ‘ “Once O’Donnell asked Cupp if she already had a job and the CNN host said she admitted she worked O’Donnell realized the journalist didn’t necessarily need the seat at the table and moved on to the other candidates. Display this post from Instagram A shared post from S.E. Cupp (@secupp) said to Setoodah on 23 October 2019 at 9:42am PDT “It was f****** crazy.” “Those were bananas. She’s not a stable person. “Although she wasn’t landing the co-hosting gig at the time when Cupp’s name was recently bandied to take Huntsman’s left chair. No news yet on top candidates on The View for the next co-host but Cupp is obviously doing well on her CNN seat. Scientology is a religion created by L.