Hairstyles with Four-Strand Braids

Looking for that pretty complicated braid you’ve seen but can’t quite decipher? We’ve got you covered. The four-strand braid though intricate is super easy to do once you get the feel of it. It’s also surprisingly easy and has a rounded 3D effect compared to the flat braid. And we can’t fail to note the four-strand braid in France and its Dutch reverse variant. They’re for pros, but they’re great for action. Be patient, and in a while you will also be able to try them.

How to Do a Four Strand Braid

In order not to frighten you we will leave the Dutch and French complicated braids for dessert and start from>a tutorial of a simple flat plait with strands. Piece of cake just follow the step-by-step guide carefully! Step

Brush your hair first. Since it is a four strand plait split it into equal sections. Step

Take strand bring it under strand. Step

Then place it over strand. Step

Bring strand over the new strand. Do not switch sides. Step

After taking strand over the new strand place it under strand. Repeat steps-take strand place it under strand and over strand then place strand over strand and under strand. Watch the video below for a better understanding how you can master different types of a -strand braid After you practice with the pattern for a while you’ll probably want to try to include your strand braid into a new hairstyle. Here are ideas for you.

Unique Flat Braid

Because this>loose side ponytail separate out hair for the pony wrap make a simple thin accent braid and actually complete a braid out of four strands (one of which is already braided).

Elegantly Accented Updo

This braid is a beautiful headband accent for a full twisted bun. Pull some strands out of the hairline to create the braid. The first wave moves over the sand and under the water. The fourth strand goes under the sand and over the water. Only consider and repeat below then below. Perhaps our favorite side braid ever.

Stunning Side Braid

Don’t joke! So here’s the trick to get the accent braid right in the middle. When you make and secure your tiny standard braid, be sure to place it as the main braid’s line.

Creative Four Beach Braids with Twist

With strands you can still do a lot of your favorite beach fancy hair>medium length hair or if you want your hair down.

Four Beach Waterfall Braid

A four beach braid is heavenly when mixed with other types of braids.

Headband Accent Braids

If you’re still struggling with how to do a four-strand braid, it might be easy to start small, so you’re not worried about the whole head of your hair. So make two flat side braids and use a messy low bun to finish your hairstyle.

Flowing Four Strand Waterfall

Very quick to build this beautiful version. The hard part is just getting the right pressure, and it takes practice. Beaches and are very loosely fanned out while strands are kept tight so they look more like a rope or string.

Four Strand Dutch Braid

You can also create a Dutch> French braid that pops up. The technique is a little different. You’ll want to cross the strand under a strand over a strand and then under a strand. Pulling from the other side you’ll also cross under (instead of alternating the direction of each start). 251.953.jpg” />

Florette and Side Braid

If a strand braid is not enough for you then all go out by adding a floret created by pulling on a loose braid so that it curves. You have to divide and conquer for this look.

Tucked Under Braided Updo

First make the accent braid then the complete> long braid and then the floret.

Tucked Under Braided Updo

Four stranded updos can be as quirky or stylish as you like. This look is perfect for a formal night out. Optional is the bun.

Low Headband Braid

It’s very easy to create this hairstyle with braid plaiting. Part hair in the center or a shallow part of the side. Then create two braids with four strands pulling from the hairline. Proceed one at a time to the nape and then lock it together.

Four Strand Messy Updo

You will need to braid hair across the nape to get the beautiful updo you see in this picture. Start at one ear with four large hair sections, then braid over and continue to add in large hair sections all the way around. To ensure that the look stays braid with a tight tension and then pull the loops to fan them out.

Side Headband Braid and Messy Bun

This pretty> messy side bun shows off face-framing highlights with a four-strand braid. The accent is made of a standard three-strand braid so make sure to create the first one and put it as the second strand in your strand plait. You can then keep the tension loose with the other three sections while you braid.